Kickstart Your Bitcoin Future with these Casino Games

Unlock Your Bitcoin Future with Ignition Casino

Considered by some to be one the greatest innovations of our time, Bitcoin is a total revolution. Created in 2008, this decentralised cryptocurrency can be exchanged through peer-to-peer networks. That means you don’t have to involve banks or administrators – you can buy Bitcoin online and trade freely with others as much as you want. Bitcoin’s value has come a long way – it started at just 30¢ and, more recently, has shot up to a peak of $50,000. Sure, it’s been a little volatile, but this crypto is set to skyrocket. Unlock Your Bitcoin Future with Ignition Casino

At Ignition Casino, we’ve seen the value of Bitcoin firsthand. That’s why we offer Bitcoin rewards to our players. Our online gamers who use crypto have the chance to land bigger jackpots and better bonuses. Who wouldn’t be into that?

If you’re thinking about experimenting with Bitcoin yourself, we’ve got some offers that’ll sweeten the deal for you. Every time you use Bitcoin at Ignition Casino, you’ll score a 25% casino match bonus to a max of $1,000. 

Yep, that’s right. Every. Single. Deposit. It’s not too good to be true – you’ve just come to the right place!

We also have a killer Tell-a-Friend bonus. It’s the quickest and easiest way to cash in with 200% of your friend’s first deposit (to a max of $100). When they make a deposit with Bitcoin, you’ll score an extra $25. Tell your friends, your friends’ friends, your neighbours, your postie – whoever you want. The more you spread the word, the more rewards you’ll get!

There’s no better way to boost your bankroll than using Bitcoin. To make sure you reap all these rewards, you need to know a few things. Check out our ultimate guide below to learn how to buy Bitcoin online, how to earn Bitcoin easy, and how to win online Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin Online and Deposit to Your Account

First thing’s first: you need to get your hands on some Bitcoin. Well, not your actual hands since it’s all virtual, but you know what we mean. 

Lucky for you, getting started is super simple. All it takes is four easy steps: 

  1. Create a free digital wallet on a crypto trading platform like
  2. Make an exchange account with a trusted provider listed on
  3. Buy Bitcoin online through your exchange account with traditional money
  4. Transfer your Bitcoin from your exchange account to your digital wallet

That’s it. No, seriously, it’s really that simple. 

Now you’re ready to get your gamble on at Ignition Casino. When you deposit Bitcoin into your Ignition Casino account, it will only take a few minutes before the funds are available for use. If you’re feeling a little extra adventurous, you can take advantage of our Bitcoin Match Bonus with your deposit. Depositing with Bitcoin means better bonuses and a bigger bankroll. 

Withdraw Your Bitcoin Winnings – It’s a Breeze!

What’s the first thing you’re gonna want to do after you win online Bitcoin? Withdraw it, of course! You played hard for those winnings, so it’s only right that you should get to spoil yourself with them.

Withdrawing your Bitcoin winnings is super easy. Head to your digital wallet and click the “Receive” button. Next, you’ll need to copy your digital wallet address. Return to the Ignition site and paste it in the “Your Wallet Address” section. Then, enter the amount of money you want to withdraw. 

Ready to count your rewards? Win online Bitcoin and withdraw anytime you want!Withdraw Your Bitcoin Winnings – It’s a Breeze!

You’ll receive your funds within 24 to 48 hours after we receive your withdrawal request. After that, you can send them to your exchange account and convert them into Aussie dollars (or whatever currency you prefer)!

So, now you know how to buy Bitcoin online and how to deposit it into your Ignition account. You also know how to take the money back out once you win online Bitcoin. Now, let’s take a look at some of our best online pokies and table games you can play to earn Bitcoin easy.

Go for Gold with Gold Rush Gus 

Want to hit the cryptocurrency motherlode? Then Gold Rush Gus is the game for you!

Of all online pokies, this is one of our personal faves. It mixes five reels with side-scrolling thrills. Jump into a cart and ride through the mines for Bonus Games, Instant Wins, and Free Spins. Go for Gold with Gold Rush Gus 

Land three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 to win free spins. You can score 5, 10, or 15 spins and a multiplier of x2, x3, or x4. You might even win free spins during a free spin game!

Lost a spin? Don’t stress. You can randomly trigger the volcano re-spin for a shot to win. Two scatter symbols can trigger anything from Instant Win or Bonus Game to a Mini or Progressive Jackpot.

What are you waiting for? Grab your pickaxe and let’s get digging. The gold awaits you! 

Score a Sweet Payout with 777 Deluxe

Tap into your nostalgic side with our fruit-themed pokie game, 777 Deluxe. Spin the lemons and cherries to line up matching symbols across the 10 paylines. Combos start on the left-side reel, the right-side reel, and on reels 2 and 4. But get this: the game gets a little more interesting with the help of Mystery symbols, which appear as question marks. They can take the form of any other symbol and launch the game’s bonus round. Here you’ll have a shot at winning a super progressive payout.Score a Sweet Payout with 777 Deluxe

You’ll trigger the 777 Bonus Round when you get three Mystery symbols anywhere on your reels. And if you score a special set of reels with only 7s? That’s when the real fun begins. You’ll have the chance to win a 250x multiplier or progressive jackpot. 

Pull up a chair and give this classic a whirl!

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour with Online Blackjack

Okay, maybe it’s not a full-on Hunger Games situation. But online Blackjack can still be pretty cutthroat. It’s all worth it, though, because it’s one of the most thrilling – and potentially profitable – ways to win real money. We’ve got two single-deck games, one double-deck, two basic six-deck games, European, Zappit, and Perfect Pairs.

If you want our two cents, we suggest playing single-deck Blackjack as much as possible. Fewer decks make for a lower house edge, which gives you more opportunities for big payouts.May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour with Online Blackjack

If you’re looking for something fun and easy to win, double-deck Blackjack is a solid option. Our dealer must stand on a soft 17, which gives you an even stronger edge. Our other variations are just as fast and fun, while still offering heaps of chances to win big. 

No matter your skill or experience level, you can get in on the fun of Blackjack. Let’s ante up and get started!

It’s a Win-Win in Caribbean Hold’em

If you can’t go the Caribbean, bring the Caribbean to you with Caribbean Hold’em. Sure, we can’t promise you a sandy beach or piña coladas, but we can promise you the same level of fun. 

Caribbean Hold’em is one of the high-paying variations of Texas Hold’em. Big hands land you big bonuses. At Ignition Casino, this the Caribbean Hold’em jackpot is shared with the Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Draw Poker jackpot. You know what that means, right? A mega-jackpot that’s yours for the taking!

Play the progressive jackpot bet and you’ll get paid when you score a perfect hand. A royal flush wins the pot, while a straight flush wins you 10%. If you get a regular flush or a full house, you’ll get $75 and $100, respectively. Land four of a kind and you’ll walk away with a cool $500 from the progressive pot. 

Short on time, but craving some betting action? Try a few rounds of Caribbean Stud Poker. Go head-to-head with the dealer and put your skills to the test. Like we said, this game shares a jackpot with Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Draw Poker, so you stand to make some sweet cash!

If you think you’ve got the better hand, go in hard by raising double your ante. To win, you need to beat the dealer and they must qualify with a hand that holds an ace and a king or better. Dealer didn’t qualify? Then you’ll get paid 1 to 1 on your ante and you’ll also get your raise back as a push. If the dealer did qualify but your hand still won, you’ll get paid 1 to 1 on your ante plus your raise. 

Make it summer all year round with Caribbean Poker. Save your spot at one of the Ignition Casino tables now!