Go Beyond Blackjack with These Popular Games at Ignition Casino

Let us set the scene for you. It’s a Friday night and you’re ready to blow off some steam. You head to the casino. You walk in, chips in hand and money in your pocket. You grab a cold drink from the friendly bartender and make a beeline for the tables. The vibe is electric, the excitement is palpable in the air. You hear the roar of fellow gamblers getting their thrills nearby, the bells and clinking coins. The casino is yours for the taking. So, where are you going first?Go Beyond Blackjack with These Popular Games at Ignition Casino

To the Blackjack table, of course. It’s the game that needs no introduction – and you’re the player who needs no introduction. As a seasoned player, there’s no need to count cards; you know the game like the back of your hand. You and the dealer are on a first-name basis. This is your home. Your happy place.

It’s no shock, really. Blackjack is usually the first game that gamblers play. And honestly, it’s pretty obvious why. For one thing, it’s ridiculously fun. It’s also quick and easy to learn. Since the odds are always in your favour, it’s easy to win. Plus, when you win, you win big – Blackjack payouts are known for being stellar.  

Blackjack is never a dull moment. But sometimes, you can’t help but wonder: “Is this all there is?”

Well, we’re here to answer that question for you: hell no! At Ignition Casino online, you’ll see that online gambling goes way beyond Blackjack. While we love our Ignition Blackjack, we want you to see the full scope of what we have to offer. 

Our games can rival and complement your Blackjack skills. Best of all, they’re just as exciting and potentially profitable. So, c’mon mate. It’s time to get outta that comfort zone and into the unfamiliar. Break free from your routine and throw the rulebook out the window. We’ll guide you through it every step of the way.

Here are some awesome games that will give you a much-needed break from traditional Ignition Blackjack. Who knows, you might just find your new favourite game!

Less Is More in Double Deck Ignition Blackjack

Okay, okay. We know what you’re thinking. We said we were giving you a break from Blackjack and yet we’re starting this list with a different version of it. Just stay with us. It’s like we said before: Blackjack is an iconic game. But you’ll appreciate it even more once you get to taste all the flavours of it. Less Is More in Double Deck Ignition Blackjack

Double Deck Blackjack tips the odds in your favour, with only two decks in the shoe. The rules are exactly the same: first to get to 21 without going over is the winner. But when you play with a double deck, the house edge is much lower. That means your chances of winning shoot right up. The chances of hitting a two-card 21 are way higher with fewer decks. 

At Ignition Casino online, our dealers are required to stand on a soft 17. This gives you even more options to build a killer hand. Double any two cards, split a hand per round, and when the dealer’s up-card is an ace, take insurance. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a 3:2 payout if you score a perfect hand of 21. Starting to see why Double Deck Blackjack topped this list, aren’t you?

Get your head in the Double Deck Blackjack game to test your luck and skill!

Ignition Pokies: A Game for Every Player

Okay, now we’re actually going to veer away from the Blackjack felt and into a different arena. Where are we taking you? To the Ignition pokies

Our pokies are in a league of their own and that league is enormous. Getting started might feel a little daunting, but don’t worry – Ignition pokies are so diverse that you’re sure to find a game you love. And we’ll start by helping you navigate them. Ignition Pokies: A Game for Every Player

Ignition pokies come in two flavours: five-reel and three-reel. Our five-reel pokies feature detailed storylines. On the other hand, the three-reel pokies are a little more basic and traditional. Can’t decide which one to go for? Ask yourself what you’re looking for in your online pokie session. Do you want a simple experience? Or do you want to venture into a specially themed world?

If you’re keen on a traditional experience, go for the three-reel Ignition pokies. With one to three pay lines, you won’t run the risk of getting lost in the noise. And let’s make one thing clear: just because three-reels are more basic doesn’t mean they’re boring. Many of these online pokies also feature cool themes tailored to different interests. 

Five-reel Ignition pokies have more bonus features and stimulating storylines. Paylines go from eight to 50, so it’s a little more complex. Some games also offer the popular any-way-pays format. This means that you score a payday when matching symbols land anywhere on consecutive reels; they don’t need to create a line to pay you out. It’s a big choice and it’s yours to make! Check out our handy hints and tricks here

Caribbean Stud Poker for Quick Action and Endless Excitement

Once you’ve experimented with the Ignition pokies, why not take things back to the table? Specifically, why not buckle in for a round or two of Caribbean Stud Poker? 

This game is nothing but action. It’s an all-or-nothing showdown between you and the dealer. Caribbean Stud Poker for Quick Action and Endless Excitement

Because it shares a progressive jackpot with Caribbean Draw Poker and Caribbean Hold’em, the prize pool in this game is huge. Take advantage of the jackpot bet and you’ll pocket some sweet cash when you get a good hand.  

You’ll follow the same rules and apply the same strategies here. Reckon you’ve got the best cards? Double your ante. Reckon the dealer’s got you beat? Fold and forfeit the ante. In order to win, you’ve gotta beat the dealer, who needs a hand containing an ace and a king (or better) to qualify. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, you get paid 1:1 on your ante, while your raise gets returned as a push. If the dealer does qualify but you still come out on top, you get paid on the ante and your raise. Pretty sweet, hey?

Pull up a chair and deal yourself in for a round of Caribbean Study Poker!

Tri Card Poker: Three Little Cards, One Big Payday

Who doesn’t love a good two-for-one? When you play Tri Card Poker, that’s exactly what you’ll get. You’ve got two ways to win: by beating the dealer or by how good your hand is. The one thing you need to do is make the best possible three-card hand.Tri Card Poker: Three Little Cards, One Big Payday

In this game, the odds are over 95% in your favour. We’re not mathematicians or anything, but even we know those are killer odds. Throw out an ante of $1, $5, $25, $100, or $500 and click the deal button to dive right in. 

Here’s how it goes: you get three cards facing up while the dealer gets three cards facing down. If you have a hunch that you can beat the dealer, raise those stakes. If you’re not so sure, fold and kick off a new round. Remember: the dealer needs a queen or better to qualify, while you need a straight or better to score an ante bonus.

After springing onto the scene into the mid-1990s, Tri Card Poker has become a cult favourite among online casinos. Of course, Ignition Casino online is no exception! Get your game on in a round of Tri Card Poker today!

Let the Chips Fall Where They May in Let ’Em Ride Poker 

As an experienced gambler, you’ve probably heard the expression “let it ride” called out in a casino. This is when a player has decided not to withdraw part of their wager in an effort to boost the pot. The original Let It Ride game was founded by John Breeding, who was trying to increase demand for his other invention, the Shuffle Master.Let the Chips Fall Where They May in Let ’Em Ride Poker 

At Ignition Casino online, we’ve always got a seat for you. No matter where you are and what time it is, you can jump on your mobile or desktop and get right into the action! As we said, you have no competitors in this game, which means you enjoy total control of the game’s pace. You get to choose if you raise or check. You get to choose how risky or safe you want to play. 

To win, you need a pair of 10s or higher. Every top-ranking hand gets you a certain portion of the bonus payout from the progressive jackpot. Just don’t forget to put that $1 chip on the side bet when the round starts ramping up. Strap in for an epic ride, mate. It’s time to play Let ‘Em Ride at Ignition Casino online.

More Chances to Win with Zappit Blackjack 

While we wanted to give you some alternatives to Blackjack, we’re not trying to turn you off it altogether. A life without Blackjack is something we can’t even bear to imagine, so we’d never encourage you to give it up!

But we’re always trying to make things more interesting here at Ignition Casino online. A great way to do that is to showcase different Blackjack styles, like Zappit Blackjack. It’s a unique twist on the classic game, but features the same goal: get the closest to 21 without going over. Simple, right?More Chances to Win with Zappit Blackjack 

The best part about Zappity Blackjack is its flexibility. Specifically, you get the power to get rid of undesirable hands. If you get a hard 15, 16 or 17, a Zappit button pops up, which allows you to discard and replace your cards with brand-new ones. Same structure as the original game, but with way more control. 

You play Zappit Blackjack with six decks, which get reshuffled after each hand. The dealer must hit on a soft 17 and you can split a maximum of three hands. That said, split aces only get one card and you can’t re-split aces. 

You’re looking at minimum bets of $1 and maximum bets of $500 – perfect for any budget. Before you know it, you might be playing Zappit Blackjack even more than traditional Blackjack. And if that’s the case, then we’ve done our job.