Level Up Your Online Casino Betting with these Popular Ignition Casino Pokies

This may sound shallow, but there’s a lot to be said for popularity. It can give you a sense of how something (or someone!) is received and what it might be like. And while it definitely shouldn’t be the only thing influencing your decisions, it’s often a good measure of quality.

At least that’s what we think here at Ignition Casino. 

That’s why we take such great pride in the immense popularity of our Ignition Casino pokies. We know there are plenty of ways to play pokies online so really appreciate that people are choosing to play with us. We also believe this proves we offer some of the highest quality, most entertaining – and rewarding! – games currently available.

To us, the trick is nailing the basics. When people play pokies online, they’re usually after a couple of things – light entertainment and the chance to win big. Add in a fun theme, some funky music, and a few flashing lights, and you’ve got a recipe for success!

While some Ignition Casino pokies keep it simple, most build on this base by adding extra bonuses and features. This adds complexity to the game and can make playing it much more compelling. In fact, many of the most popular Ignition Casino pokies are packed with creative ways to keep the excitement rolling.

But with so many different games and ways to play on offer, it can be hard to know where to start. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the top Ignition Casino pokies. If you’re new to playing pokies online or looking for something new, give these games a try.

Reels & Wheels

Reels & Wheels Online Pokie

Reels & Wheels is the definition of a modern classic. It celebrates everything that made the old school pokies great, while putting a cool modern spin on things. And, best of all, the payouts can be huge!

This one keeps it super simple, with 3 reels and a single pay line. This makes it really easy to keep on top of how you’re going and almost impossible to miss a win. As such, it’s a great option for those just starting to play pokies online.

Keep an eye out for the bonus symbol that’s floating around. Catch this one on your line and you’ll unlock the bonus wheel. Given that a spin and you could be in for a payout worth many times your bet.

And to sweeten the deal even more, there’s also the jackpot wheel. This is like the bonus wheel, but much better because it gives you a chance to win our massive progressive jackpot

Reels & Wheels XL

Reels & Wheels XL online pokie

Reels & Wheels XL takes everything you love about Reels & Wheels and supersizes it. This starts by blowing your play screen out to 5 reels and 20 pay lines. That means more ways to win and more chances for you to build a big collect.

The bonuses are also taken to the next level, with the chance to win 12 Free Spins. Each of these will be accompanied by a spin of the bonus wheel, which will deliver a handy win multiplier. With a little luck, a 10x will roll your way just as you hit the perfect high paying line!

On top of that, the jackpot wheel is back, offering you a shot at 5 different jackpot levels. 

Larry’s Lucky Tavern

Larry's Lucky Tavern online pokie

Larry’s Lucky Tavern is a great place to wet your whistle and have a crack at landing a big win. After all, the Irish are notorious for their luck – and pots of gold!

This is a simple 5 reel game, with 3 symbols on each, making it extra easy to follow along. There are also many on-theme symbols, like the fiddle, the pipe, and the horseshoe. Larry himself also gets into the spirit, playing you a little jig every time you score a big win.

Land 3 free spin symbols and you’ll really have something to celebrate. This will score you 10 free spins, where all wins are tripled. And, to make things even sweeter, all wilds will expand across the reel to help further build your payout.

There’s also the fun bonus feature, that takes you on a taste test of some of Larry’s finest. Simply match three beers of the same kind and the tab you rack up in the process is yours!

Monster Manor

Monster Manor Online Pokie

Monster Manor is one of the newest Ignition Casino pokies and takes you on a tour of a spooky haunted house. Here you’ll run into a few familiar ghouls – like Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster. But, if you can keep it together, you could be in for a major payday.

This is another 5 reel machine, this time with 50 pay lines. It also features the handy expanding wilds, which creep out across the reel to help build you a bigger win.

Want some free spins? Bag yourself 3 bats to unlock 10 free spins, with all wins multiplied 3x. 

There’s also an extra bonus feature that takes you down to the Mansion’s hidden lab. Here you’ll need to find 3 potions of a matching colour to earn yourself a big multiple of your bet.

A Night with Cleo

A Night with Cleo mature online pokie

A Night with Cleo has a really obvious appeal – and it’s one we’re sure you’re going to really enjoy. Because online casino betting and beautiful women are really a match made in heaven.

We all know the story of Cleopatra, Egypt’s notoriously beautiful queen and the exotic seductress that won over Julius Caesar. This game captures the myth (and allure!) perfectly, giving you the chance to try your luck with one of history’s most enchanting figures.

This 5 reel machine has 20 pay lines and is anything but ordinary. The unique “Pick Me” feature is the clear highlight, giving you a chance to double your winnings. And, if you pick right, you’ll get much more than a big payout…

Cleo loves a winner and isn’t afraid to show it. Every time you pick right, she’ll reward you by removing an item of clothing. Guess right 5 times in a row for the maximum payout boost (32x) and to see Cleo in all her glory.

Golden Buffalo

Golden Buffalo online pokie

Golden Buffalo is the ultimate big game for those who play pokies online. Just like their namesake, they roam the great plains and are a feast for any brave hunter that can take one down. But don’t underestimate them – they are elusive, and you’ll need to be on your game to catch them.

This machine is bigger than most other Ignition Casino pokies, with 6 reels, each with 4 symbols. It also gives you up to 4,096 to win, making it one of the best options for maximising your winning chances. This is made even better by the special sunsets, which substitute for most other symbols and can multiply your win.

All this really comes together when you track down 3 golden buffalo and earn yourself the free spins. This gives the sunsets new meaning, turning every one of them into a multiplier. And, if you string 5 of them together, you could get one of the biggest bet multipliers available, boosting your win 3,125x!

777 Deluxe

777 Deluxe online pokie

777 Deluxe takes us back to where pokies first began. Back then, most pokies featured fruit symbols, like lemons and cherries, as well as the all-important “7” symbol. This machine taps into all that nostalgia, bringing the design of those initial machines right into the 21st century. 

All the familiar symbols are here, combining across 5 reels and 10 pay lines to deliver you a collect. Impressively, unlike most other Ignition Casino pokies, this machine counts winning combinations starting on all but the winning wheel.  

There’s also a new mystery symbol to help spice things up and keep you guessing. This could sub in for other symbols to help deliver you a win. Or three could come together to score you entry into the epic 777 bonus round. Here you’ll have the chance to win up to 250x your bet, or possibly even nab the progressive jackpot.