New Progressive Jackpots at Ignition Casino

Keen to win some huge progressive jackpots online? Duh! Who wouldn’t be? Spinning and winning at online pokies is heaps fun, but there’s nothing like the rush of scoring a progressive jackpot in a casino game. That’s where the real excitement (and money) is.

In this handy guide, we break down some of our favourite pokies with new progressive jackpots. Pull up a seat, pull the lever, and you may just have a six-figure payout hitting your bankroll!New Progressive Jackpots at Ignition Casino

At Ignition Casino, we’ve got the best online pokies with progressive jackpots online. And when we say progressive, we mean it. Like, pick-your-jaw-up-off-the-floor progressive. Your payout could be anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand. Yep, you read that right. At the time of this writing, for example, the new progressive jackpot for Food Fight is just over $860,000 – and still climbing! Not bad for a spin of the reels, hey?

That reminds us…

Reels & Wheels: Claim Your $87,000 Progressive Jackpot Online

Who doesn’t love a retro vibe? Diamonds, cherries, bars, lucky sevens – you’ll find all of it and more at Reels & Wheels, one of Ignition’s most beloved online pokies. Score a Bonus symbol on a winning line and you’ll get the chance to spin the Bonus Wheel for a multiplier. Some of them are massive, with multipliers of 100x, 250x, and even 500x. On that Bonus Wheel, you’ll also notice that one spot that pays out new progressive jackpots online. With a little optimism and a lot of luck, you could win the *$87,000 jackpot.

*At the time of this writing.

Cyberpunk City: Claim Your $55,000 Progressive Jackpot Online

Lose yourself in the neon lights and the sea of cybernetic faces in Cyberpunk City. Your aim in this game? To get a Cyber and Punk symbol on the right reels for free spins with a multiplier. You’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled for expanding wilds. This blood-pumping game gives you the chance to win our best new progressive jackpots online. 

Remember to look out for the girl with the guns and the pink mohawk (pretty hard to miss). She’s your ticket to getting out of the hacker slums and into the luxe penthouse with iconic views.Cyberpunk City: Claim Your $55,000 Progressive Jackpot Online

777 Deluxe: Claim Your $254,000 Progressive Jackpot Online

Simple but thrilling. That’s how we’d describe 777 Deluxe, one of our top online pokies at Ignition Casino. All you need to do is spin along and hunt for Bonus symbols. You’ll need three to launch the bonus game, which is where you gotta be for a chance at one of the best new progressive slots online. The bonus game is where the real action is. This is where you have a shot of winning a multiplier up to 250x. As the name suggests, though, what you want above all else is the Gold 777. Hit that in the bonus game and you’ll walk away with a whopping jackpot of more than *$250,000!

*At the time of this writing.

Mystic Elements: Claim Your $69,000 Progressive Jackpot Online

You’ll be in your element with Mystic Elements, a beloved online pokies game at Ignition Casino. This game centres around the four ancient elements: air, water, earth, and fire. To get more free spins, you’ll need three mystery symbols or more. But if you get five spinning white lights, that’s when you get to kick off the major celebrations. Landing this will help you walk away with one of our iconic new progressive jackpots online.

You better hope the stars align to land you a big jackpot win!Mystic Elements: Claim Your $69,000 Progressive Jackpot Online

Bulletproof Babes: Progressive Jackpots Online 

Let’s be clear: just because we’ve put this last on our list of top online pokies doesn’t mean it’s the least. In fact, it’s one of our favourites! Sure, we might be biased, but that’s not the point.

Sketched in anime style, Bulletproof Babes is all about chicks who love to kick ass – and are good at it, too! But if you’re on the hunt for bigger wins, keep an eye out for a moon symbol on the first reel and a temple symbol on the fifth reel. Those two will get you into the bonus round of this online pokies game. Choose your favourite girl and you’ll get heaps of free spins. Remember to keep your eyes planted on the screen. The progressive jackpot triggers at random, so your victory could pop up anytime. And that’s something you just don’t want to miss. 

Now’s the time to hit the online pokies and win one of our new progressive jackpots. Ready to level up your winnings? Head here and look for the drop-down menu. Once you find it, filter for “progressives.” This will show you the online pokies with the most progressive jackpots online. 

Good luck!