Earning and Using Ignition Free Spins on Ignition Online Pokies

If you’ve ever played traditional pokies, you know what it’s all about. Going to your local pub, grabbing a schooner, and hitting the pokies to line up your symbols and win the jackpot. Sure, some symbols aren’t worth much, but some are worth a lot. The ultimate goal for any pokies player, though, is to score a full line of matching symbols.

At Ignition, free spins are stellar. Every single one offers you the chance to win an unreal jackpot, earn bonuses, or win extra spins on a retrigger. Keen to learn more about free spins? We’ve got your back, mate. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about free spins: what they are, how to get ‘em, and how to work out the details of each Ignition online pokies game.

What Are Ignition Free Spins?

Ignition free spins are easy enough to understand. Usually, a player at Ignition online pokies must make a wager in order to get the virtual pokies’ reels spinning. If a player gets the right amount of the right symbols, they can earn free spins and enter a special bonus round. Talk about fancy and exclusive, hey? We’ll give you an example. In the Golden Gorilla Ignition online pokies game, you can win free spins if you get three golden gorilla symbols anywhere on your reels. This typically scores you 15 free spins no deposit bonus necessary.

From then on, the reels spin themselves. No need for extra wagers. No need for you to press the button or make any calls yourself. The reels spin automatically, taking all the legwork out of the equation for you. All you have to do is rake in the prizes depending on your spin. In the Golden Gorilla online pokies game, you can land yourself more free spins if you get three golden gorillas or more during a bonus round. This sweet move is known as a retrigger.

As long as you’ve got spins in the bank, the fun at Ignition online pokies is never-ending!What Are Ignition Free Spins?

How to Earn Ignition Free Spins

So, you want to know how to score yourself some sweet Ignition free spins. Can’t say we blame you. The first thing you need to know is that this practice varies from game to game. All Ignition online pokies have their own rules and their own ways to trigger bonuses. But not all online games boast this handy feature. If you want to understand which ones provide players with free spins, you’ve got to do your research. Check the short rules list for each game when you launch it. You can find this list on the left side of your browser window or mobile app. 

It’s super common to get bonus spins during a game. But it’s also super common to receive them as part of a promotion or a bonus. If you’re lucky enough to land free spins no deposit bonus necessary prizes, you’ll get a notification via email. You may also notice a notification in the Transactions section of your Ignition Casino account. If you get one of these Ignition online pokies bonuses, you can go to the games section and check under the “free spins” tag.How to Earn Ignition Free Spins

Now, there are a couple guidelines for Ignition free spins that you should know about. Firstly, you can’t change the bet amount. Secondly, you might reach a maximum win limit. That’s right, there’s actually a cap on how many times you can win. Once you hit that cap, the play goes back to normal. Skip a free spin and any winnings you earned from those bonuses will be lost.

Different Games, Different Ignition Free Spins

Every game is unique. Each one has its own set of rules, rewards, and of course, free spin regulations. Who doesn’t love a little variety, right? That’s what keeps the Ignition free spins so exciting. 

The majority of Ignition online pokies’ free spin rounds are triggered by landing three special symbols. On the other hand, certain games have different required numbers of special symbols. Before you spend your free spins no deposit bonus necessary, make sure you know what to expect. We’re all about living on the edge, but when it comes to online poker, you want to know what you’re getting yourself into.

How to Earn Free Spins: Read the Fine Print

The best – and possibly most obvious – advice we can give you? Check out the rules for each game ahead of time. Most Ignition online pokies already know the rules like the back of their hand. But newer players need to do their homework. You can get started by looking to the left side of any game you launch. This is where you’ll find a description of the game rules, as well as many other details. Some of these include the purpose of each symbol and how to trigger bonus rounds.

If you’re in the game and spinning away, you can score Ignition free spins no deposit bonus needed. But it’s important to remember what each game offers. Not all games have free spin features. So, proceed with caution before hitting that “max bet” button and start throwing your cash around like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll want to confirm that your game offers free spins.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget that many Ignition online pokies change slightly during free spin bonus rounds. For instance, you may notice more multipliers or the values of certain symbols might change. You may also play a “fill-in” game, such as Chillin Penguins, where the reels fill up throughout the bonus game. It’s not always about chasing down as many bonus spins as you can find. Don’t skip out on the details and you’ll have an unbeatable experience during your next session on the Ignition online pokies.

Speaking of which, we’ve got dozens of online pokies just waiting for you. So, come right this way, poker legend. We can’t wait to welcome you through our (virtual) doors.