The Special Features of Ignition Poker Software

A great online casino uses tons of innovative features that make playing online poker easier, more convenient and more fun. At Ignition Casino, we’ve got a bunch of things that keep the player experience awesome at our poker tables. Let’s check ‘em out!

1. Anonymous Tables

If you’re going to play and win at real online poker, you really don’t want your opponents tracking you during the game. To ensure that you’re always in “stealth mode,” Ignition Casino keeps you anonymous at your tables. It’s like showing up to a live casino game on vacation in a new town. Nobody knows who you are (and that’s a good thing).

2. Mobile Poker

What’s the point of having the best online poker software if you have to be at your computer to play it? We bring online poker games to you no matter where you are thanks to our mobile poker app. After a quick download, you can get in the game on the commuter train, during lunch, or even on the down low to make hour-long conference calls more tolerable. If you get caught, just say you “got hacked.”

learn mobile poker online

3. Zone Poker

Free online poker is fun, but what’s with all the downtime after hands each game? The poker chips have to be distributed, the cards collected, and new cards dealt, but should players have to wait for that to play out? We say no, with Zone Poker. As soon as play is over in a hand, you’re off for new games at a new table. New players, new cards, nonstop action. That’s the Ignition Casino way.

4. Quick Seat Feature

The only thing worse than waiting for hands to end and start again is waiting around before a poker game to get a seat when you want to play. That’s why the best online poker software offers the ability to get a quick seat without waiting in line. When you’re ready for action, you’ll be taken right to an available seat. If there isn’t one around, we’ll make a new table and start filling it.

We’re here to make things happen as fast as you want them to. The poker games never stop!

5. Quick Chat Feature

Typing during a poker game is too much trouble, especially when you’ve got four real online poker tables open at once. A simple emoji is good enough, and requires no translation. Of course, if you want to talk while you play, we also offer pre-written phrases that automatically appear in the chosen language for each of our players. Friendly banter has never been so simple!

Quick Chat poker Feature

6. All-In Percentage Feature

Who can calculate all those poker odds on the fly while an exciting game is going on? If you’re not Rain Man and you just want some free online poker action, Ignition Casino will show you the odds for each of the players when people go all-in during Texas Holdem. Now you’ll know when you’ve made the right call.

7. Customize Your Table

This ain’t someone else’s poker table – it’s yours! At Ignition Casino, all players can pick the color that they like best and enjoy a game that’s more comfortable. Or, you can pick your lucky color and get that competitive edge. Is this the best online poker software, or what?

8. Instant Heads-Up Rematch

Real online poker satisfaction comes from taking on the opponents and players you like best (and getting a win). If you just had a hot game of Texas Holdem heads up, you can instantly go another round with the Instant Heads-Up Rematch feature. Don’t wait, and don’t lose a great opponent!

Here, you get what you want.

Come hit the tables and play poker Ignition Casino style!