Indulge Your Inner Hunter-Gatherer with Ignition Casino’s Online Pokies

The earliest humans thrived on the thrill of the hunt. Their very survival depended on their ability to outwit and take down their prey. And if they failed to do so, their family went hungry.

In many ways, the modern human is not all that dissimilar. While the hunt may look a little different, we’re still driven by a desire to take down the biggest prey. This is particularly true when playing online pokies, where the promise of landing a big payout is a major motivation.

At Ignition Casino, we understand this and offer real money online pokies that suit every taste. This includes machines that will really speak to your inner hunter-gatherer. From the majestic Golden Buffalo to the exciting Viking Victories, our online pokies give you plenty to chase.

Hunt the Big Game with Golden Buffalo

Hunt the Big Game with Golden Buffalo

Native Americans have long known the massive payday that is landing a great plains buffalo. Standing over 6ft tall and weighing more than a tonne, they can be made into many meals. Bagging one also gets you their all-important pelt, which can be used to make everything from clothing to blankets.

Impressively, they could bring one of these massive beasts down with little more than a bow and arrow. Sure, they’d have to spend days stalking the herd first, but the payoff was definitely worth it.

To help protect their numbers, there are now many rules controlling the hunting of wild buffalo. However, you can still get into the spirit of the chase with one of our most popular online pokies, Golden Buffalo.

If you regularly play online pokies, the format of this machine will be pretty familiar. It’s a fairly standard 6-reel online pokies game, with 4 symbols showing up on each reel. And the good news is, all lines are in play, so each spin gives you have 4,096 chances to win.

Find those elusive golden buffalo and you’ll score yourself the free games. This is where it gets really interesting, with Wild Multipliers boosting your wins by up to 3,000x. Landing a beast like that is what playing online pokies for real money is all about!

Indulge Your Primal Instincts with Mystic Wolf

Indulge Your Primal Instincts with Mystic Wolf

Wolves have long been seen as strong, mysterious animals. They’re also known for their intelligence, working together to take down much bigger prey. This spirit is on full display in one of our favourite online pokies, Mystic Wolf.

This machine seems like one of your standard 5-reel online pokies, but it has a few secrets. As you watch the mystic symbols roll around, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the right combinations. Track down the perfect set and you’ll have caught yourself a massive payday.

There are also a few extra features you’ll want to be on the lookout for. During your normal spins, the Running Wolf will win you 5x your payout. Then there are the Mystic Wolf symbols, which will trap you up to 50 free spins.

If you’re up for the hunt, give Mystic Wolf a go today! 

Make a Name for Yourself with GoodFishes

Make a Name for Yourself with GoodFishes

When you play online pokies for real money, it’s all about getting your shot at hitting the big time. It’s also about having a little fun along the way. This one gives you both of these things in spades.

Set in the waters just off Brooklyn, GoodFishes is all about protecting the interests of the “family business”.  These bad boys run the town and they know how to deal with any fish that gets in their way. Help them take care of business and you could be rewarded handsomely.

On the surface, this is another one of our standard 5-reel online pokies. But there’s much more to this game than first meets the eye.

Take a trip to Frankie Butcher Shop and you’ll see what we mean. Here you’ll choose one of the fish hanging from the ceiling to decide which of six unique bonuses you win.

And, if you get yourself the Big Catch, the GoodFishes will show their appreciation by awarding you with free spins. These will go on until your four mobsters are back behind bars. And, with the added wild icon substitutes, there are plenty of chances to win big along the way.

Ready to be made an offer you can’t refuse? Play GoodFishes today!

Enjoy the Spoils of War with Vikings' Victory

Enjoy the Spoils of War with Vikings’ Victory

Norse history is full of stories of great adventures and massive wealth built on raiding and pillaging. Starting in southern Scandinavia, these industrious, seafaring people explored much of Europe and North America, collecting treasures along the way. They also established trade routes with many of the places they found, helping them reap rewards for years to come.

In many ways, the Viking spirit is something people who play online pokies can relate to. It’s all about playing big and taking what you want. And Vikings’ Victory really gets into that spirit.

A classic 5-reel machine with 25 pay lines, Vikings’ Victories gives you plenty of ways to win big. During the normal game, wilds and scatters can see you plundering a massive haul. Then, if you score yourself the free spins, the multipliers will kick in, boosting your payouts by up to 5,000x.

Collect Big Rewards with Wild Wild Spin

Collect Big Rewards with Wild Wild Spin

There’s a good reason Western themes are so popular with people that play online pokies – they’re all about the action! Wild Wild Spin is a great example of this, putting you in charge of cleaning up this one-horse town. Outlaws have overrun the place, robbing banks and terrorising locals, and only you can stop them.

As this is one of our classic 5-reels, 25 pay line online pokies, you’ll have ample opportunity to win. This is boosted by the line multipliers, which can increase your payout by up to 7x. Then there’s the free games and shootout bonus, where you can collect the biggest rewards.

If you’re ready to saddle up, mosey on over to Wild Wild Spin today.

To sum it up…

If you like to play online pokies for real money, you’re going to love it here at Ignition Casino. Among our many machines, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. So check out our online pokies section and get ready to start your next adventure!