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At Ignition Casino, we’re all about variety. It’s what gives life – and online gaming – its favour. That’s why we have a whole heap of online pokies available on our site, including sport pokies. You know what that means. If you’re gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday, playing Super Bowl pokies is the perfect way to prep. 

In this guide, we’ll describe our favourite sport pokies, including Super Bowl pokies. From football to basketball to hockey, we’ve got you sport fans covered.Play Sport Pokies Online for Super Bowl Sunday at Ignition Casino

An All-Time Favourite: Gridiron Glory

Now, we don’t normally like to play favourites. But in this case, we’ll make an exception. Gridiron Glory is probably our top favourite Super Bowl pokies game. Whether you’re playing with standard cash or with Bitcoin, you’ll get the full, action-packed experience. From the second you launch the game, the cheering crowd draws you right in. With the fans roaring, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a packed stadium on game day. Keen to take the experience one step further? Shell out $20 when you grab a beer from your fridge, spill some of it on yourself, and start a fight with the missus on your way to the toilet. That’ll really push the gameplaying experience over the top (and possibly end your marriage, so tread lightly). 

This 5-reel game is a beloved classic among our sport pokies players, thanks to the expanding wilds which help secure more wins. If you get three or more scatter football symbols, you’ll land yourself some free spins. Three scatter symbols will score you 15 free spins, giving you heaps of chances to rake in more money.

As you play pokies online with Gridiron Glory, you’ll notice that winning symbols get replaced with cheerleaders’ pom-poms. With these symbols gone, you have more room for more symbols to drop down and create winning combinations. Best of all, these can retrigger!

When it comes to sport pokies, Gridiron Glory is a fan favourite. That fun football feel combined with killer cash prizes? What more could you ask for?

Fun with Football: Pigskin Payout

Pigskin Payout is another one of our best Super Bowl pokies. It’s a bit more cartoony, which creates a fun vibe that will remind you of your childhood. Core football symbols, whistling referees, foam fingers – when it comes to sport pokies, it doesn’t get more realistic than this. Still learning to play pokies online? No dramas! This game is totally suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Score enough scatter symbols to land some free spins. All the while, you’ll have expanded cheerleader wilds cheering you on in the background, helping you secure more wins. Be sure to thank these lovely ladies for their fine work!Fun with Football: Pigskin Payout

Be the Next Street Ball Star

Sometimes, you need a break from football online pokies. We get it. As we said, we’re all about variety here at Ignition Casino. So, why not dribble on over to the basketball courts of New York City? Try your hand at Street Ball Star, an urban playground-themed online pokies game. You’ll find yourself in the heart of the Big Apple, facing off with fellow ballers. Hit enough scatter basketballs and you’ll get free spins. But keep in mind, there’s a twist: there’s a progressive multiplier on your wins in the bonus round.  

As you play pokies online and rack up winning lines, winning symbols get painted out, graffiti style. New symbols fall in to up your chances of getting more winning combinations. A progressive multiplier also applies if you get successive wins. These multipliers could be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and even a healthy 10x for the top prize. Old-school tunes play in the background as you play through and stack your cash. 

If you’re keen to play sport pokies with big personalities, this is a great starting point. Be the Next Street Ball Star

Football Frenzy

Ready to get back the Super Bowl pokies? Football Frenzy is one of our online pokies with a fresh feature: bonus reels on each side of the game to help you score more money. If you get a set of matching symbols in this sport pokies game, you’ll get that bonus on any base win you get on other reels during that round. If you’re lucky enough to get the field goal symbols on the bonus reels, you’ll win some sweet free spins. Get three scatter touchdown symbols and you’ll launch a bonus round with free spins. Our point? There are heaps of ways to take home some bonus cash.

To give yourself a competitive edge, check out our best tips for winning when you play pokies online. You never know, these tricks could be your ticket to your next big win in an online pokies session!

Take It to the Ice with Hockey Enforcers

Craving a good ole fashioned winter sport that’s perfect for Super Bowl season? Then it sounds like Hockey Enforcer is the online pokies game for you. Like many of the other sport pokies we’ve listed here, Hockey Enforcers eliminates winning symbols to make room for new symbols. In this game, the winning symbols shatter into ice. Pretty spot on, hey?

One of our favourite symbols, though, has to be the two hockey players fighting each other. The animation shows one player pounding the other to a pulp. Anyone who’s watched ice hockey knows that’s pretty much exactly how the real-life game goes. So, if that doesn’t awaken the hockey spirit in you, we don’t know what will! 

The red goal light symbol is wild. So, if you land that, you’ll have a much easier time scoring winning online pokies. If you hit three scatter pucks, you’ll enter the bonus round.

But the fun doesn’t end there. We’ve got so many other sport pokies available at Ignition Casino. All you need to do is head to our pokies section and browse away. With our wide selection, you’ll have no trouble finding a game to suit your mood.

It’s never too early to start prepping for the Super Bowl. In fact, we think the sooner, the better. What makes the Super Bowl season the best, though, is playing our Super Bowl pokies to complement the actual game. Bask in your love of sport and bring a little excitement to the table while you do it. 

Have fun, play smart, and cheer for your team like your life depends on it!