Real Money Online Pokies at Ignition Casino

It may not be something you learn about in school (though it totally should be), but the history of gaming is incredibly varied. 

Let’s travel back in time, shall we?

Before the Atari was on every kid’s wish list…
Before you ever ripped it up in Mario Kart on your Nintendo 64…
Before you were glued to your computer screen for hours on end playing Sims… 

There were casino games. 

Players would flock to the casinos and bet their hard-earned cash, throwing their chips down on the table without a second thought. You’d sit on the edge of your seat, waiting to see if your bet would pay off. Even if the game didn’t go your way, the iconic atmosphere made for a hell of a night out. Now, though, you can get the same gaming experience from the comfort of your own home by playing online pokies. Our real money online pokies are where convenience and freedom meet the excitement of traditional casinos. What more could you ask for? 

In this piece, we’ll go over some of our favourite online pokies with the top gameplay and style. Let’s get into it. Real Money Online Pokies at Ignition Casino

Gold Rush Gus

Calling all Minecraft buffs! Grab your pickaxe and try your hand at some of our real money online pokies with Gold Rush Gus. Here you’ll find emeralds and diamonds galore. The best part? They can score you some serious payouts. 

The online gaming action really kicks off when you get two scatter key symbols on the first and third reels. This calls your little mole buddy from the underground, who will pop up with a treasure chest. Inside the chest, you could find instant win gems or you could be thrown into a minecart for a bonus game. Sweet little gift if you ask us!

If you do head to the minecart bonus game, here’s the lowdown on what to expect: you’ll roll up and down through the mine track, collecting coins as you go. When you enter a green booster area, you’ll want to click your screen to speed up. The faster you go, the higher your bonus payout!

But the real pièce de resistance in this online pokies game? The chest with a diamond. This bad boy will win you Ignition Casino’s Gold Rush Gus progressive jackpot. How much is it, you ask? Buckle in, mate, because this will blow your hat right off: at the time of this writing, the jackpot sits at a whopping $44,000!

Cyberpunk City

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must’ve heard about the release of Cyberpunk 2077. Well, we happen to think that it’s important to stick to a theme. That’s why, when it comes to online pokies, Cyberpunk City is one of our top picks. It’s got that same futuristic and cybernetic feel that’s absolutely unbeatable.

New to the world of real money online pokies? Check out our pokies basics to get your game started on the right foot. If you’re an online pokies master, though, get ready to dive headfirst into the fun. Keep your eyes peeled for the jacked cyborg (like, so jacked he’s impossible to miss) and for the one special symbol that can transform into a wild. That could be your ticket to some major real money payouts.

When you see the Cyber and Punk symbol on the right reels or the chick with the pink mohawk, though? Oh baby, those are when you’ll get the best wins. The Cyber and Punk symbol lands you free spins with a multiplier. The girl with the pink hair scores you a random progressive jackpot win. So, grab a seat, soak up the futuristic setting, and start raking in the chips in the real money online pokies game.Cyberpunk City online

Fast & Sexy

We know an adrenaline junkie when we see one. That’s right, we’ve sussed you out, mate. That rush you get when you play a racing game? That thrill you feel when you watch the Fast & Furious movies? We get it – and we’ve got the game for you. Fast & Sexy is one of Ignition Casino’s favourite real money online pokies. The game features a turbocharged supercar that can satisfy anyone’s need for speed. Your reels are the spinning tires. As you power on, hot babes in racy ‘fits line the way, keen to help you celebrate your next big victory.

If you get three scattered Free Spins symbols, you’ll get extra spins (pretty obvious, but we had to say it). It also offers up a generous payout multiplier to bump up your bankroll. When you get three Bonus Game symbols, online gaming really starts to level up. In the bonus round, you choose between three exotic cars three times to land some sweet multipliers. These help you slide into a finish line payday that’ll excite both you and all the lovely ladies around you.

Keen on some big Ignition Casino bonuses? Duh, who wouldn’t be? Try playing our online pokies with Bitcoin to score some for yourself!

Diamond Dragon

In the world of online gaming, some of us are a little more traditional. Nothing wrong with that. We don’t judge here. In fact, we cater to all kinds of players with our wide range of online pokies. So, if you’re interested in a more traditional RPG game, Diamond Dragon could be your new go-to. When it comes to real money online pokies, this one is top tier. Potions, maidens, warriors – you’ll find all of this and so much more on your journey in this game. Land three or more shiny halberd symbols and you’ll get free spins. Land three diamonds and enjoy a little online gaming bonus payday. With the coins you earn, you can stock up on all the gear you need to get the maidens and slay the dragons IRL.

Gods of Luxor

The last of our real money online pokies is Gods of Luxor. Discover ancient ruins as you search for the lost treasure of the Gods. Land three ankhs and you’ll plunge deep into the temple to unlock free spins and a golden multiplier. Head to the Wheel of the Gods and score up to a 7x multiplier to boost your winnings. Step aside, people, there’s about to be a new rich pharaoh up in these ruins. 

Don’t miss another second of the action. Head to Ignition Casino now to embrace all the fun and freedom online pokies have to offer!