Online Casino Games for Real Money to Enjoy Post-Grand Final

September’s a busy month for Australian sport and there are few bigger events than the footy Grand Finals. Whether you’re into AFL or NRL – or both! – the Grand Final is the culmination of a year of brutal competition. And even if your team didn’t make the distance, it’s hard not to get caught up in all the excitement.

But once it’s all over and the premiership cup’s been lifted, there’s usually a bit of a comedown. It’s about 6 months until the footy kicks off again and you need to find something to fill the gap. But don’t worry, this year Ignition Casino’s got you sorted.

If you’re missing the excitement, suspense, and sense of competition, try our online casino games for real money. Whether you’re into casino classics, like playing online blackjack, or want something new, like virtual sports, we’ve got it all. And if you like to play pokies online, we’ve also got machines to suit every taste.

Play online blackjack the way you want

At Ignition Casino, we get why people like to play online blackjack. We also know that variety is the spice of life and that everyone loves a new spin on an old classic. That’s why we offer eight different ways to play online blackjack.

When you play with us, you can choose between two types of single-deck blackjack, a double-deck version, and two basic six-deck games. We also offer European blackjack, and two special blackjack games – Zappit and Perfect Pairs.

Play online blackjack the way you want

In blackjack, the fewer decks the dealer uses, the smaller the house edge. So, when you play our single-deck versions, you have a real shot at winning. You’ll also get to choose between two options: classic blackjack or a more streamlined game.

Our double-deck version is just as entertaining, and our dealers will always stand when they have a soft 17. And our other blackjack variations keep the action going while giving you plenty of opportunities to boost your winnings.

Ready to be dealt in? Play online blackjack with Ignition Casino today.

Win big playing virtual sports

As big sports fans ourselves, we get what sports lovers are after. In fact, our commitment to sports-based entertainment is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from the competition. As part of this, we offer ten different virtual sports games for you to get into.

Are you a soccer fan? We have virtual soccer games, virtual soccer betting, and virtual soccer leagues.

Like to punt on the ponies? Our virtual stables are open and running all day, every day. And the graphics are so good, you’ll swear it’s the real thing.

Over horses? Try our virtual greyhounds. Or maybe you want to get in on our virtual camel races – that’s sure to be a first!

If you prefer something with more horsepower, we have virtual supercars. These are running 24/7 and, with our high-quality simulations, you’ll feel like you’re standing in pit lane.

Want to see what virtual sports are all about? Check out our great selection of games.

Win big playing Gridiron Glory

Not ready for the high-stakes footy action to finish? Like to play pokies online? Gridiron Glory is the game for you.

This isn’t your average five-reel pokies machine. With the 243 pay lines and stacked wilds, you’ll have plenty of chances to win. And, if you jag at least three of the scatter symbols, you’ll earn yourself up to 15 free spins. From there, every time you have a collect, the cheerleader pompoms will show new symbols that could add more points to your score.

Sound like your kind of game? Give Gridiron Glory a go.

Play quick and win big when you Let ‘Em Ride

This is one of our most popular online casino games for real money. It’s a stripped back version of poker where you get three cards and there are two community cards. You then have a simple decision to make – check or raise.

From there, all you need is to find yourself with at least a pair of tens to win. But the higher your hand, the bigger your payout. And, if you get one of the best hands (a flush or better), you’ll get a special bonus payout. You could even land yourself a massive progressive jackpot if you place a bonus bet and get a Royal Flush.

Best of all, because it’s just you in the game, you get to set the pace of play. If you’re ready to try your luck, saddle up and let it ride.

Play quick and win big when you Let ‘Em Ride

Keep it simple with Ignition’s Video Poker

If you enjoy the strategic challenge of poker and the easy excitement of online pokies, Video Poker is for you. First becoming popular in the 70s, these games are known for their simplicity. They are also widely seen as a great way to flex – or refine – your poker skills.

If you’ve never played Video Poker for real money, it really couldn’t be easier here at Ignition Casino. We’ll help you get into the game, explain how to play it, and even show you some winning strategies. We’ll also share a bit about how the game came to be and its history.

If you’ve played a bit of online poker, our Video Poker games will probably feel fairly familiar. However, there is one important difference – the house edge.

For example, our Tri-Card Poker has a house edge of 3.37% when you have a solid playing strategy. But our Jacks or Better Video Poker game has a 0.46% house edge when played well. This is one of the smallest of any online casino game.

But to keep the house edge as low as possible, you really need to know what you’re doing. This is where Video Poker is particularly great because it allows you to hone your skills in your own time. And, once you’ve perfected your strategy, you can quickly start reaping the rewards.

Want your chance to win big while developing – or showing off – your poker skills? Try Ignition Casino’s Video Poker games.

The final verdict…

The fun doesn’t have to stop just because footy season is over. There’s action all year round here at Ignition Casino and we’re sure to have a game that’ll keep you entertained. From soccer to supercars, our online casino games for real money offer something for every taste.