Mix It Up with Ignition Casino’s Real Money Blackjack

We love online poker, but it can really wear you out. Grinding through a long tournament takes mental and physical endurance and sometimes, afterward, you’re just a bit over it. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to leave the casino!

Next time you find yourself in one of those moods, give our real money blackjack a go!

Playing online blackjack for real money gives you similar stakes to real online poker, but at a much quicker pace. Best of all, here at Ignition Casino, we have a bunch of different online blackjack games to choose from. And, as each has its own unique rules, you’re sure to find a version that works for you – for example:

  • Single deck: Only one deck is used so there’s the absolute minimum house edge.
  • European: The dealer will stand on a soft 17 and won’t check for blackjack when they’re showing an Ace.
  • Zappit: There are certain hands you can discard (e.g. hard 15 – 17).
  • Perfect Pairs: You can make a side bet on whether you will be dealt a pair.

And, obviously, if you’re not keen to play blackjack for real money, we also have free online blackjack.blackjack for real money

Win Real Money Playing Online Blackjack

One of the biggest appeals of real money blackjack is its low house edge. In fact, Ignition Casino’s real money blackjack gives you some of the best winning odds you’ll ever find. And, if you play smart and have a solid strategy, you can reduce the house edge even further (to under 2%).

This can be a nice change after the hard-fought wins you’ll find on our online poker site. It also makes playing a little online blackjack for real money a great way to end your casino session. After all, there’s nothing like going out on the high of a few good wins!

What’s more, at Ignition Casino, our real money online blackjack games will contribute to your playthrough. This means they count toward the game time you need to collect the second half of your Welcome Bonus. They’ll also count toward the playthrough you need before you can cash out any big online poker wins.

If you’re new to the game, you might want to start with some free online blackjack. This takes the pressure off and allows you to get across how the game works, without risking your own money. It also gives you a chance to work out your strategy before you start playing online blackjack for real money. 

Easily Switch Between Online Poker and Online Blackjack Tables

When you play with Ignition Casino, the money in your account can be used on any of our games. There’s no need to make a new deposit, move money around, or register for a new game. So long as there’s cash in your account, you can play!

Want to play online blackjack for real money? Go ahead! Want to give our online pokies a go? Take your pick of our machines! Looking for something a little different? Try one of our more exotic table games, like Andar Behar or Baccarat!Easily Switch Between Online Poker and Online Blackjack Tables

Always Take Your Winnings with You

Had a big win at our online poker tables and want to try some real money blackjack? No worries! Simply switch tables and your winnings will automatically move with you.

As soon as your close out your online poker session, any winnings will be credited to your account. This can then be used for any of our other games that pique your interest. Just pick your preferred online blackjack version, take your seat, and your money will be there waiting for you.

Prefer the feel of real? Try a little live dealer action! Our tables are always open and there’ll always be a seat ready and waiting for you. 

Perfecting Your Online Blackjack Strategy

To make real money blackjack work for you, you need to have a clear playing strategy. If you haven’t really played before, our basic strategy charts are a good place to start. You can find them at the bottom of our real money blackjack page.

If this all seems a bit over the top, just having a few basic rules might suit you better. These should provide a rough guide on the moves you should make. They should also work for both free online blackjack and online blackjack for real money.

As an example, based on the hand you’re dealt, your rules could be:

  • 8 or lower: HIT 
  • 9 and dealer showing 3 – 6: DOUBLE DOWN
  • 9 and dealer showing 7+: HIT 
  • 10 and dealer showing 2 – 9: DOUBLE DOWN
  • 10 and dealer showing 10 / Ace: HIT 
  • 11 and dealer showing <10: DOUBLE DOWN
  • 11 and dealer showing Ace: HIT 
  • 12 and dealer showing 2, 3, or 7+: HIT
  • 12 and dealer showing 4 – 6: STAND
  • 13 – 16 and dealer showing 7+: HIT
  • 13 – 16 and dealer showing <7: STAND
  • 17 or more: STAND

But enough about the theory – time to get out there and test your skills! Our online blackjack tables are waiting!