Best Online Blackjack Games and Variations

Intro to Blackjack and History

There’s nothing sexier than making a killing at a blackjack table on a night out with your mates. Simple and easy to play, blackjack has consistently remained a crowd-pleaser in the casino world. The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity; it’s you and the dealer and all you have to do is get to 21. 

There aren’t too many decent casinos where you can play online blackjack with other players in Australia. Ignition Casino has the best online blackjack games and variations for Aussie players.  

The only thing better than playing online blackjack for real money is winning some major cash rewards on the felt. Online blackjack Australia remains as popular as tomato sauce on a meat pie. You just can’t have an online casino without the best online blackjack games and variations. 

The game of blackjack or 21 has been around since Russell Crowe was laying waste to his opposition gladiators in the coliseum in Rome. The Romans gave us the aqueduct, concrete and one of the greatest casino games in the world that have stood the test of time. The popularity of blackjack quickly spread and found a home in Nevada in the 1930s

Sin City played its part in the explosive popularity of blackjack in the US. The name ‘blackjack’ came from a player holding a combination of a black jack and the ace of spades; hence the name ‘blackjack’. Players were offered the juicy 10-1 odds for hand and the hype attracted fortune hunters from across the US. 

Before you jump on the felt, remember all seasoned blackjack pros had to start somewhere. While there are a truckload of books and sites that promise you the winning edge, it comes down to practice. At Ignition Casino you can learn from the best business by reading our online blackjack guide. You don’t always have to put your cash on the line when you can play free blackjack games for fun at Ignition Casino. A bit of time and effort will go a long way in helping you clean up at the blackjack tables. 

Best Online Blackjack Games and Variations

What Makes Online Blackjack Great?

You don’t need to throw on a jacket or spend your time queuing in-line getting into a casino. All you ever need is an internet connection and you are ready to sit down at a virtual blackjack table. So, when the moment strikes you can take on the dealer in your PJs. All you ever need is a decent internet connection and your phone. 

Unlike a physical casino, there are no limits in the online world and if you can move beyond the traditional blackjack options. You can practice a few hands on one of the many online blackjack simulators that allow you to play for fun, before trying many of the different types of blackjack games at Ignition Casino. 

Moving Beyond Traditional Blackjack

You don’t have to limit yourself to the classical form of blackjack at Ignition Casino, if you are after more sizzle for your steak there’s a wide selection of blackjack games on offer:

Perfect Pairs – This is a form of blackjack that opens up the game with side bets. Players have the option to make a side bet on the first two cards they’re dealt. Of course, the payouts increase with perfect pairs and coloured pairs offering bigger rewards. 

Zappit Blackjack – This is an interesting form of blackjack that allows players to zap cards from their hand, swapping them for two random cards. Zappit follows the same basic rules of traditional blackjack, with the exception of a player being able to zap their cards on totals 15,16,17 or 18.

European Blackjack – You’ll find this form of blackjack at the majority of casinos across the world. In this variation of blackjack, the dealer will only receive his hole card after a player completes his hand. A player is allowed to double down after a split and only when the total of their hand is 9,10 or 11. 

Double Deck Blackjack – As the name suggests this variation uses two decks of cards using the traditional rules of the game.  

Single Deck Blackjack – Every gaming scene you saw in the movies used this variation of the game. Its why college kids to B-grade actors thought they could beat the house by counting cards. This form of the game has the lowest house edge making it ideal for some major paydays and upping your blackjack IQ. 

Blackjack Rules 

– At Ignition Casino standard blackjack uses six decks and the dealer will hit on a soft 17. The dealer will stand for larger hand totals. 

– In any round of blackjack you can split up to three hands; if you split aces, you’ll only get one card that you can’t split again. 

– Ignition Casino offers 3:2 payout if you draw blackjack on your opening two cards. If you land a blackjack after splitting your cards, it’s an even-money payday.  

So there you go, you’ve had a peek behind the curtain and you’ve got a leg-up in the online blackjack world. Now its time for you to start winning some payouts at Ignition Casino