Play the Way You Want with Our 8 Different Ignition Blackjack Versions

The game of blackjack has a long and storied history. Most agree that it was originally an offshoot of the popular (at the time!) French card game chemin de fer. This game was, in turn, based on the well-known Italian game, baccarat.

Known in the original French as vingt-et-un (in English, twenty-one), a version of the game we now know first appeared in around 1700. It soon became so popular that it’s said members of King Louis XV Royal Court enjoyed a few hands. Later in the 18th century, it made the leap from French casinos to the US, thanks to French colonists. 

Here the game grew and spread and in around 1820 it was legalised for play in gambling halls in New Orleans.8 Different Ignition Blackjack Versions

At about the same time, French immigrant, Eleanor Dumont opened the Vingt-et-Un gambling hall in Nevada City, California. She was a skilled dealer and players came from across the country to play her. This effectively making her one of the first blackjack pros.

Obviously, blackjack has come a long way since these early days. It’s now played widely throughout the world and is one of the most popular online casino games

Here at Ignition Casino, we completely get the appeal of blackjack. It’s easy to learn, fast to play, and has one of the best winning odds of any casino game. That’s why there are 8 different varieties of Ignition blackjack available to be played at Ignition Casino online or via the Ignition Casino mobile app.

Keep it simple with Single Deck Ignition Blackjack

The main rule with picking a blackjack variety is, the fewer deck the dealer uses, the smaller the house edge. As such, if you want to maximise your winning chances, Single Deck Ignition Blackjack is the game for you.

As the name suggests, in this version the dealer uses one deck, which they shuffle after each hand. You’ll have all the standard options – Stand, Hit, Double – and the dealer will always hit on soft 17. The payouts for this version are 3:2 for a natural (21 off the deal) and 1:1 for any other win. 

Experienced blackjack players love the single deck version because a good strategy usually nets a healthy return. Keep it simple with Single Deck Ignition Blackjack

Level the playing field with Double Deck Ignition Blackjack 

While adding another deck would usually make things a little trickier, we do things a little differently here at Ignition. To offset the extra difficulty introduced by the second deck, our dealers will now stand on soft 17. This should open up a few extra opportunities for the astute player.

In this version, you still have all the same standard options. You can also take out insurance to minimise the potential damage if the dealer is showing an Ace. And you can always split your cards anytime you’re dealt a pair. Bets for Double Deck Ignition Blackjack start from $1 and range all the way up to $250 a hand. To make your wager, simply drag and drop the required chips or tap the chip then the betting area. You can also add another chip of the same value by tapping a chip already in the betting rectangle.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with European Blackjack

If you’re only familiar with the standard American games, European Blackjack will be a bit of a novelty. It’s played with 6 decks, shuffled after each hand, and there are a few subtle, but important, differences in the rules.

One of the biggest is that the dealer doesn’t peek at their cards at the start of the hand. This means you run the risk of doubling down when the dealer has a natural. However, this is somewhat restricted, as you can only double on hard 9 – 11. 

Other key differences include the dealer not receiving their second card until after you’ve made your moves. There is also no Surrender (folding and getting half your bet back) option and you can split twice (giving you 3 hands). However, if you split Aces, you will only receive one more card.

When you play European Blackjack at Ignition Casino online or via the Ignition Casino mobile app you can also bet up to $500 a hand.

Avoid rubbish hands with Zappit Blackjack

This version puts a twist on the standard Ignition blackjack game. It’s another one played with 6 decks, shuffled after each hand, and includes a fun new feature. Instead of having to tough out rubbish hands, you can Zappit, and grab yourself some new cards.

That’s right, if you find yourself with hard 15 – 17, you can toss your cards and get a new hand! Because why should you have to settle for second best and hope for a miracle to make something out of nothing? 

Beyond that, this is a fairly standard blackjack version, with the dealer hitting on soft 17 and bets of up to $500. You can also split twice, though Aces will only get one more card and you can’t re-split them (if you get another Ace).

Score yourself a sweet bonus with Perfect Pairs

In this unique game, you could be a winner right out of the blocks. It’s played with 6 decks, shuffled after each hand, and comes with a big added bonus. It gives you the option of placing an additional side bet, which pays out if you’re dealt a pair. 

While a mixed pair will earn you a return, the more similar the pair, the more you win. And if you land a Perfect Pair (same rank and suit), the payout will be 25:1. That’s well worth the punt!Score yourself a sweet bonus with Perfect Pairs