Get Rewarded for playing Poker with Ignition Poker Bonus Codes

Playing your favourite games at an offline casino can quickly become an expensive exercise. Everything costs more than it should and even the ATMs try to sting you with extra fees. At Ignition Casino, we do things a little differently.

We know you have options when choosing where to play and we want to thank you for picking us. That’s why we offer a range of bonus payments to make playing your favourite games even more rewarding. After all, there’s nothing better than playing with a little house money!

This starts when you first sign up, with our Welcome Bonus. This is matched to your first deposit and will be based on the payment method you use. For example, you can get up to $2,000 for using a credit card or up to $3,000 for using Bitcoin.  

We also offer a range of other great bonuses for those that like to play Ignition poker online. Like our Texas Hold’em cash game bonus, which is worth 50x the big blind (up to $200). And our bad beat bonus, which pays 100x the big blind (up to $1,000) if you lose holding one of the strongest hands. There’s also our loyalty program, Ignition Rewards. Members earn Ignition Miles every time they play some of the most popular Ignition Casino games. These can then be exchanged for bonus cash or entry to poker tournaments with five and six figure prize pools. Here we look at how Ignition poker bonus codes work, including the best ways to earn and redeem them. 

How do I get an Ignition poker bonus code?

Ignition poker bonus codes are a reward for playing Ignition poker online. Sometimes, you will receive them via a promotional link, other times, they will be emailed to you. Either way, once you’ve collected your bonus code, it will be automatically added to your account.

There are also some special bonus codes that are exclusively given to our VIP players. We generally give these out randomly and they provide extra bonus cash and access to special tournaments. 

How do I use an Ignition poker bonus code?

Let’s start with our Welcome Bonus, half of which will be credited straight away. The other half you unlock by playing Ignition poker online and earning Ignition Miles over your first 30 days. During this time, you’ll unlock $1 of your bonus for every 30 Ignition Miles you earn playing poker.

Beyond that, we’re always running promotions and awarding our regular players with Ignition poker bonus codes. You can check out your available bonuses at any time by visiting your dashboard.How do I use an Ignition poker bonus code?

From here, click “Rewards” to find the Bonuses Tab.From here, click “Rewards” to find the Bonuses Tab.

If you have a cash bonus you would like to activate, just click “Claim.”If you have a cash bonus you would like to activate, just click “Claim.”

If you have a matched deposit bonus, just click “Deposit” to go to that section of your account. Then, once your payment has been processed, your bonus cash will be credited to you.If you have a matched deposit bonus, just click “Deposit”

If your Ignition poker bonus code was emailed to, just type it in and click “Redeem”.Ignition poker bonus code was emailed to, just type it in and click “Redeem”.

Whatever type of bonus you’re claiming, once it’s redeemed, it will appear in your “Active Bonuses” section.

If you score one of our social media bonuses, this will usually take 24 – 48 hours to be issued. If you haven’t received your bonus in this time, private message us on our socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Once we’ve confirmed everything, we’ll make sure your bonus is added to your account.

Still have questions? Check out this overview of the Ignition poker bonus code system.

Ignition poker bonus codes you can collect right now

The best way to earn a big bonus at Ignition Casino is to make your deposits with Bitcoin. Each time you do, we’ll match 25% of the amount (up to $1,000) with an Ignition poker bonus code. What more reason do you need to use one of the safest and most advanced currencies in the world?

While there’s nothing quite like landing a Royal Flush, it’s even sweeter when you play our Texas Hold’em cash games. Here, a Royal Flush will not only win you the pot, it’ll also score you a massive payout. This will be worth 50x the big blind amount (up to $200) and there’s no rollover requirement.

Ever found yourself with a killer poker hand that still pulls up short in the showdown? Hurts, doesn’t it? Our Bad Beat Bonus is designed to take a little of the sting out of this situation. Lose holding one of the highest ranked hands and you could get 100x the big blind (up to $1,000) in bonuses.

Finally, if you’re loving playing Ignition poker online, we’ll reward you for letting your mates know. Each time you Tell a Friend about Ignition, and they join up, we’ll give you a bonus. This will be worth 200% of their first deposit (up to $100) – and we’ll give you an extra $25 if they use Bitcoin.

How do Ignition poker bonus code rollovers work?

Many Ignition poker bonus codes come with a rollover requirement. This is the amount of money you need to bet to be able to withdraw your bonus cash. Rollover requirements also usually apply to any winnings you land with your bonus cash.

Each bonus code will have its own requirements, including which games count toward your rollover. Any bets placed on the qualified games will be included in your progress, regardless of whether you win or lose. And, if the bonus applies to more than one game, you can use more than one game to complete your rollover.

For example, if you have a Match Bonus code and deposit $100, you’ll get $100 in bonus cash. This might come with a rollover requirement of 5x poker points and 20x casino dollars. This would mean you need to earn 1,000 points playing poker or bet $4,000 on casino games – or a combination of both.

If you want to check your rollover progress, just go to your Dashboard.How do Ignition poker bonus code rollovers work?

From here, click “Rewards” to find your Bonuses tab.From here, click “Rewards” to find your Bonuses tab.

Any bonuses you’re currently using will be shown in the “Active Bonuses” section. Underneath the details of each bonus, you’ll see the Playthrough Progress bar.see the Playthrough Progress bar

If you want more details on the exact rollover requirement, hover over the information icon.details on the exact rollover requirement

Still not sure how Ignition Casino bonuses work? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions.