The Three Best Ways to Play Poker Online at Ignition Casino

Think of the Aussie poker greats. You know, the likes of Michael Addamo, Joe Hachem, Kahle Burns. You think they came outta the womb knowing how to play poker? Knowing how to bluff and stategise like professional spies? Of course not! Even the best poker players started exactly where you did – from Square 1. If you’re a novice, you might still be stuck on that stage even now. 

Well, mate, don’t stress it. Here at Ignition Casino, we’ll show you three awesome ways to play poker online. No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed a sweet starting point for your online poker career. 

Online Poker Method #1: Online Poker Cash Games 

When it comes to playing online poker for real money, cash games offer the simplest format. Let’s walk you through it: you sit at a table (well, a virtual table when you play online, of course) with at least one competitor. Both of you have a stack of poker chips in front of you, all of which feature face values of real money. You’ll use these chips to play. 

Here’s why cash games are really great for making real money in online poker: every single hand is its own event. In cash games, you join the game and leave it whenever you want. Only wanna play one hand? That’s your right. Wanna spend all day trying to reach 100 hands? We don’t judge. Once you exit, your chips get converted back into cash and are returned to your Ignition account.

Your competitors are real people, not computers. We go above and beyond to ensure that you aren’t playing with “bots” – we think it’s heaps more fun to face off with real, live humans. People from all walks of life, from all corners of the world – there’s no limit to the fun when you’re learning how to play online poker at Ignition Casino.

In cash games, you’ll have three games to choose from: Texas Hold’emOmaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo. Texas Hold’em is no doubt the GOAT, with the most around the planet. Omaha is a similar variation, but you get four hole cards rather than two. This makes the game a little trickier but a whole lot more exciting. Want to take it a step further? Try out Omaha Hi/Lo, which awards half the pot to the highest hand and the other half to the lowest hand (if there is one). If no one has a qualifying low hand (aka all five cards having a value of eight or lower), the high hand scores the whole pot.

At Ignition Casino, we also proudly offer other special features, including Zone Poker, which is our fast and flashy version of cash games. When you play Zone Poker, you get automatically seated at a new table every time a hand ends (which happens when you win or when you fold). A new table with new opponents and a new chance to make your mark on the felt. That means you can play roughly twice or thrice as many hands as you normally would at a regular cash game in the same period of time. As if you needed another reason to play poker online, hey?

Online Poker Method #2: Ignition Poker Tournaments 

Ever since the World Series of Poker (WSOP) launched on the scene decades ago, tournaments have been a super popular option for heaps of new players. To enter these tourneys, you need to pay a buy-in and an entry fee. The buy-ins make up the prize pool, which is split among the players who last the longest. Naturally, the winner walks away with the biggest prize of all.

All players in a poker tournament start with the exact same number of chips. The tournament will kick off at its designated start time. As you move through the rounds, your stack will rise or fall, depending on how well you’re playing. Remember – you can’t cash out whenever you want in tournaments. If you want to come out a winner, you better be ready to fight ‘til the very end. 

If you run outta chips, you’re out of the tournament. As the number of players decreases, so does the number of tables. Eventually, there will be one table left. The remaining players will battle it out until there is one lone survivor holding every last chip. While this player will walk away with the biggest prize, you can still earn some cash even if you’re in a lower position. Usually, the top 15-20% of players will walk away with some kind of cash prize.

At Ignition Casino, you know we’re all about nail-biting action. You know, that edge-of-your-seat, holding-your-breath kind of excitement you’ll only find at a poker table. To maintain that sense of anticipation, blinds increase at regular intervals in our tournaments. You might start with 10/20, then move up to 20/40, and so on. Not only does this keep things thrilling, but it ensures that the game doesn’t go on forever. 

Want an example? We’ve got you covered, mate. We recently held a $3,000 Guaranteed tournament with blinds that increased every 15 minutes. That meant that a minimum of $3,000 was up for grabs regardless of the number of entrants. We ended up welcoming 786 players, each of whom paid a $5 buy-in and a 50₵ entry fee. We added it all together and that gave us a sweet prize pot of $3,930.

Those who finished in the top 153 positions lined their pockets with a real money prize, ranging from $9.03 all the way up to $594.34. Not too shabby for someone who threw in $5.50, is it?

In this tournament, every player started off with 10,000 chips, which is a mighty stack when the starting blinds are only 10/20. Some of our tournaments offer big stacks like these, while others feature shorter stacks with longer or shorter blind levels. You can also try Knockout tourneys, where you win a bounty for each player you eliminate. There are even Satellite tournaments, which give you the chance to win a seat at a larger tournament with a pricier buy-in.

 Online Poker Method #3: Anonymous Tables 

Last but certainly not least, we have anonymous tables. This is a killer way of playing poker online because it offers you the stealthy advantage of a hidden identity. Rather than having a username when you sit down at a table, you’ll simply have a number allocated to you. Know what that means? Your competitors have no way of tracking your moves and figuring out how to knock you out – even if they use a head-up display (HUD). No sneaky sharks in this ocean, mate – we’re all about keeping you safe in these murky waters!

And there you have it – three epic and easy ways to play poker online at Ignition Casino! Now that you’ve got these concepts under your belt, you can dive right in and play with all the confidence your little heart can muster. Start with some Play Money games before moving on to the lowest Real Money stakes. As you become more comfortable, work your way up the ladder, heighten those stakes, and show ‘em who’s boss.

We can’t wait to see you dominate those tables.