Level the Playing Field with Ignition Casino’s Anonymous Tables

Playing poker is all about finding and maintaining an edge on your competitors. When playing in person, this usually means reading your competition and know when to call their bluff. Online, it’s more about your strategy and finding opportunities to exert strength.

As real online poker players know, preparation is the key to success. While you can refer to stats and support materials during a game, it’s better to do your research beforehand. This could be reading up on strategy, looking for lessons from the pros, or simply studying pot odds stats.

But some take this too far, trading intuition for advanced analysis software. These players use special programs (like player tracking software and heads-up displays (HUDs)) to guide every decision. From which table to sit at to the perfect move to make, this tech takes the guesswork out of poker.

While not unbeatable, this software definitely gives a player a serious advantage. What’s more, most casual players aren’t aware that such technology exists. So, not only does player tracking suck the fun out of a poker game, it can make it extremely one-sided.anonymous poker player

At Ignition Casino, we want the playing field to be as level as possible. That’s why we’ve come up with a way to undercut this unfair advantage – our Anonymous Tables

When you play anonymous online poker, you aren’t given a persistent ID or username. This is what most analysis software uses to identify and track you. So, by going without it, players using tracking software or HUDs can’t get any extra insight.

At an anonymous table, there’s no way to know who your opponents are. And no amount of specialist tech can give away your game to your competitors. As such, anonymous tables are one of the fairest ways to play real online poker.

How Do Anonymous Tables Work?

On most online poker sites, players use a name that travels with them from table to table. This is usually tied to their account and identifies them each time they play. Often, sites also use this name to gather stats on player performance and behaviour.

Individual players can also use these names to identify and strategise against their opponents. For example, if you face off against “CardShark89”, you can make a mental note about their playing style. Then, next time you see them at a table, you can plan your moves accordingly.

This is all above board and something every real online poker player does. But most players only have their own memories to rely on.

However, when someone uses software to track CardShark89’s – and every other players’ – every move, this crosses a line. It gives them all kinds of insight, even on players they’ve never played them before.

However, when you play at an anonymous table, you don’t have a persistent ID. Instead, you’ll be given a player number (e.g. Player 1) based on the seat you’re in. This stays with the table and you’ll be assigned a new number every time you take a new seat.

The Benefits of Playing Online Poker Anonymously

Ignition’s anonymous tables have one key advantage over other online poker sites – player data can’t be tracked. This means you can be sure your opponents don’t have any special insight on you. You can also play your own way, knowing your competitors don’t know your playing style or history. 

This really levels out the playing field. Each player only has their cards and their own insights to go on. And isn’t that the way real online poker should be?The Benefits of Playing Online Poker Anonymously

The Best Strategy When Playing at an Anonymous Table 

As all real online poker players know, you should adjust your strategy based on the specific game you’re playing. While your basic approach will generally stay the same, some slight tweaks are usually necessary. 

When playing anonymous online poker, the main change should be an increased focus on strategic play. You need to watch how play pans out and get your measure of the table and individual players. Until then, you should base most of your decisions on the strength of your hand and the pot odds.

This is particularly important if there’s a high turnover of players. Each time a new player joins the table, you should watch the moves they make and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Fight Player Tracking with Anonymous Online Poker

No one wants to give their competition an unfair advantage. If you were at a casino and someone was recording your every move, you’d probably walk away from the table. Why should it be any different when you play online poker?

At Ignition Casino, we’re fighting back against player tracking. Our anonymous tables keep the rules simple and the game fair – just like real online poker ought to be!Ready to play a few hands? Our anonymous tables are waiting