Get into Online Virtual Sports Betting with Ignition Casino’s Virtual Soccer

While we now get almost year-round live soccer action, we know that sometimes it’s just not enough. This is where virtual soccer comes in, letting you get your roundball fix anytime you want. And, with our online virtual sports betting, you can capture all of the fun and excitement of the real thing.

If you’re new to virtual soccer, the game might seem a little intimidating – but it really shouldn’t. Here we look at how it all works and what you should be watching for in our virtual soccer league. We also go over online virtual sports betting, explaining the different markets and how you can win big.

The ins and outs of virtual soccer

In many ways, Ignition Casino’s virtual soccer league is just like the real thing. It has the same structure with different teams and players, all competing for the top prize. It also has some teams that are in form, and others that are struggling, and these change each season.

But the major difference with our virtual soccer league is that it runs all day every day. It’s also all controlled by the computer, which calculates the results and simulates the action. 

Importantly, virtual sports are not the same as esports or video games. Where they allow individual players to control teams and compete for the win, virtual sports are run by an algorithm. This means that each game’s result is the outcome of careful calculations, not an individual’s gaming skills.

How the games go down

Our virtual soccer competition is packed with some of the biggest national teams, like Brazil, Germany, Spain, and England. While Australia doesn’t get a guernsey, you’re sure to find another team to get behind. In fact, without our local heroes involved, you can feel free to throw your support behind whoever tickles your fancy.

And, to make it even more interesting, new games start every few minutes. No more waiting days to see your team play, or months to see how the season plays out. In fact, here’s what the outcome of just half an hour’s action looks like:How the soccer games go down

Just like with the real game, each team has its strengths and goes through patches of good and bad form. When calculating results, our algorithm will these factors into account, along with the output of a random number generator. As is to be expected, this means that the team that starts favourite usually gets up.

But that doesn’t mean upsets don’t happen! Just like in real life, sometimes our leading virtual soccer teams have an off day and get rolled. And sometimes a cellar dweller has a day out and pinches a win.

All of this makes our online virtual sport betting more interesting and realistic. It also means that, by carefully studying the stats, you might be able to find yourself a very handy winner.

How Ignition Casino’s online virtual sports betting works 

There are plenty of ways to get in on our virtual soccer action. One of the easiest is to put on a moneyline bet.How Ignition Casino’s online virtual sports betting works 

In the above picture, you can see the odds for the Nigeria v Italy game. In this showdown, Nigeria is a major underdog, paying out $344 for every $100 you have on them. By contrast, Italy is the hot favourite and you’ll need to put on $116 to win $100. You can also back a draw, which will pay $241 for each $100 you put on.

If you’re after something a little more exotic, try one of our other bet options. We offer a range of markets for each game, like Goal / No Goal and Over / Unders. You can even take a stab at the total number of goals that will be scored.

If you regularly bet on sports – real or virtual – most of these options will be fairly familiar. You’ll also know that they’re a great way to add some extra excitement to a game. And, with new virtual soccer games starting all the time, the fun never stops at Ignition Casino.

To get into our online virtual sports betting, simply click the option you want to throw some money on. This will add it to your bet slip, which you’ll see in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can then add your stake before hitting the “Place Bet” button to confirm your wager.virtual sports betting slip

Tips for winning when betting on Ignition Casino’s virtual soccer

Now you understand how it all works, you just need to find a winner. The good news is, while there are no sure things, there are ways to maximise your winning chances. Some of these are generic good practices and others are specific tricks to get the most from our virtual soccer.

To get the most from your online virtual sports betting, we recommend you:

  • Always think about your bankroll: While the call of a massive payout may make going all in tempting, it’s better to keep your bets smaller. This will mean that, if things do go as planned, you’ll live to punt another day. After all, you can never guarantee a win and you don’t want to be brought undone by one bad call.
  • Be willing to walk away: It can be tempting to chase your losses and try to bet your way out of a bad spell. But it’s not worth pushing through if things just aren’t going your way. Instead, take a moment away from your computer to cool off and come back with a clearer head.
  • Do your research: Ignition Casino’s virtual soccer competitions give you plenty of stats on how each team is performing. And, by analysing these stats, you should be able to spot yourself a winner. And just like with real sports betting, you shouldn’t be afraid to back an underdog that’s looking good. 
  • Remember to have fun: Online virtual sports betting is all about enjoying the thrill of the competition. As such, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and you should always see it as a bit of light entertainment. 

Ready to get in on all the virtual soccer action? Ignition Casino has games starting every few minutes so head over to our virtual sports section and place your bets!