Ignition Casino’s Top 5 Sport-Themed Online Pokies

The excitement of a roaring crowd, coming together for a united purpose. The camaraderie and sportsmanship. The sheer skill, force, and precision of your favourite players. 

There’s so much to love about sports of all kinds. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to replicate that same vibrant energy here at Ignition Casino. How? In the form of sport-themed online pokies! Here are our top five sport-themed online pokies to get you started in winning real money. 

Gridiron Glory

Gearing up for the Super Bowl? There’s no better way to do it than with a few rounds of Gridiron Glory, which takes you into the heart of a packed football stadium. With five reels and 243 ways to win, you might just be the next Tom Brady of online pokies with this epic game. Play through the sounds of cheering fans and lively cheerleaders, who give you heaps of chances to trigger bonus features. 

Score three or more cheerleader symbols on consecutive reels and you’ll trigger a payout. Land a pom pom and unleash the tumbling reels feature. This effect, also known as cascading reels, sees winning symbols disappear before being replaced by new icons. The cycle continues until you’re out of wins.

Football is crazy unpredictable IRL – and so is Gridiron Glory. A maximum of two reels can become wild at any point, with the running back trying to fill it. These come as an addition to the game’s standard wild, which subs in for more chances at victories and infinite glory!

Streetball Star

If basketball is more your thing, try a few rounds of Streetball Star. Rivals gather on the outdoor street court to duke it out. You’ll start with the first reel, where matching symbols need to land on consecutive reels to trigger a win. That creates 243 ways to win every single time you spin. Yep. Every. Single. Time. Whether you’re wagering 50₵ or $100, you’re looking at some sweet potential profits. Plus, thanks to the cascading reels feature, you’ll enjoy even more chances at some extra wins

You’ll also notice heaps of wild icons in this game, with some stacked on Reels 3-5. There’s also a “Wild Event” feature, which transforms entire reels into wild icons at random stages. With these wilds come a higher volume of victories, especially since you don’t have to worry about pay lines here.

Just remember that there’s one symbol that the wild can’t sub in for: the scatters. These are your secret key to unlocking free spins. You can earn anywhere from 15 to 25 spins (depending on the number of scatters you get). Plus, payouts are boosted by a generous multiplier, which creates a scoring frenzy that won’t disappoint.

Hockey Enforcers

In this sport-themed online pokie game, it’s all about the goons. And no, we’re not talking about goon bags – keep your head in the game, mate.

The goons in Hockey Enforcers are the players themselves, who might just break out into a brawl before you know it. Watch in awe as symbols of hockey players, flaming pucks, and goal sirens spin around the reels, potentially triggering free spins and progressive multipliers. The pucks, for example, unlock 15-25 free spins and a progressive multiplier (up to 10x). 

The red goal siren acts as a wild, blaring loudly when it lands you a winning line. Those wins – and all wins, actually – are only further boosted by the game’s cascading reels feature. 

Cricket Legends

Of course, this list of Ignition sport-themed online pokies wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention Australia’s beloved national sport. That’s right, mate, it’s time to talk about Cricket Legends. Featuring five reels and 243 paying combos, Cricket Legends brings you to the pitch for an exciting (and hopefully profitable) experience.

Like the rest of our sport-themed online pokies, you’ll enjoy the bonus cascading reels feature. With all these extra chances to win, you could find your pockets growing fatter than you ever imagined. 

Wilds are also abundant here in Cricket Legends. You’ve got the standard wild, which you see often on the reels, as well as expanding wilds. These bad boys tend to pop out at random, offering you a good chance of landing several wins. That said, most of the wins come from the free spins feature, which includes an increasing multiplier bonus.

Zombie FC

The beautiful game just got a whole lot deadlier. In Zombie FC, you’ll watch as undead players and referees take to the soccer pitch. Like a regular game, you’ll see epic plays, yellow cards, and bad-mouthing managers. Except, you know, the players are flesh-eating zombies. Small difference, though.

Zombie FC boasts some sweet bonus features, as well as 243 ways to get paid. Again, you’ll enjoy tumbling reels, expanding wilds, stacked wilds, free spins, and crazy progressive multipliers. The tumbling reels follow the exact same rules as the sport-themed pokies we mentioned before. Winning symbols will disappear, making room for new icons, which cascade from up above. When it comes to wilds, you’ll likely see a decent mix of ‘em, both stacked and expanding. They show up unexpectedly, substituting for regular game icons (excluding scatters).

If you happen to land three or more scatters, that’s when the game gets really interesting (and eerie). In this situation, you’ll get a free spin session. With each winning spin, you’ll have the chance to race with a multiplier. Every time you get a losing spin, the whole thing resets. At the end of the free spins round, you’ll have a multiplier level – that’s the multiplier that will be applied to your winnings. 

Now, will that help you outrun the zombies who are trying to eat your guts? Maybe not. But at least you’ll go out with a killer reputation and an unreal bank balance.