Beat Lockdown Boredom with These Ignition Online Casino Games

It’s been a looooooong 18 months since the pandemic began. Honestly, it kinda feels like we’ve been (and will be) stuck in this fever dream forever. No haircuts (hello, Shaggy), no pubs, no restaurants, no parties. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been indulging in a whole lot of Uber Eats and Netflix to pass the time. 

But you can only carry on with the same routine for so long. We always say that variety is the spice of life, but how can you spice things up when you’re stuck inside?Beat Lockdown Boredom with These Ignition Online Casino Games

Well, now that you mention it, we’ve actually got the perfect idea. 

At Ignition Casino, you can play online games to not only kill the time but make money as well! We’ve got a massive range of pokies, table games, sports betting games, and so much more. To top it off, we’ve got easy gameplay, quick winnings deposits, bigger jackpots, and endless fun. 

Whether you’re keen to play from home or on the go on your mobile, endless opportunities await at Ignition Casino. We’re open 24/7/365, so it’s never a dull moment. 

Your favourite game? We’ve got it. New to online gaming? We’ll show you the way. Not sure how to gamble? We’ll teach you how to play and win. 

Sorry if we’re sounding salesy. We’ve kinda forgotten how to talk to people normally. Lockdown problems, you know?

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, Ignition Casino has something for everyone. So, let’s get right down to it and explore some of our hottest Ignition gaming options. With these games, you’ll kick that boredom to the curb and win big at the same time!

Spin Your Head Right Round with Ignition Pokies

You know those classic fruit machine games you often see in regular casinos? Well, this is the digital version. We’re living in a digital age, so it seems appropriate, right? These online versions feature icons, scatter symbols, as well as interactive bonus rounds. With all these kickass features, our pokies are the best of the best.

Pokies are also your best option if you want to win real money fast. When you line up winning icons, the games pay you out. You know what that means? That Lady Luck needs to be on your side for you to get the best outcomes. 

Don’t forget that the payouts differ from game to game. Different pokies feature different pay lines and symbol combos that trigger payouts. If you score a line of higher-valued icons, you’ll get a bigger return on your wager.

At Ignition Casino, we have heaps of online pokies with progressive jackpots. In these games, small portions of your wager are added in every round to level up the prize pool. If you’re lucky (and luck is key here), you could land an outstanding jackpot. So, pick your games wisely, try ‘em all, and check out the pokies our members love.

Adult-Only Fun: A Night with CleoAdult-Only Fun: A Night with Cleo Pokie

Keen to try a pokie game with a titillating twist? Well, look no further, mate – you’ve found it here! 

A Night with Cleo is a five-reel, 20-line video pokie game starring the one and only Cleopatra. You’ll get invited into the beautiful pharaoh’s chamber for an exclusive and scandalous show. The more you spin the reels, the more tantalising the game becomes. 

A one-of-a-kind “Pick Me” Double Up feature offers the chance to double your winnings – and your luck with the lovely Cleo. With every accurate guess, Cleopatra starts removing one garment at a time, ramping up the seduction. If you double your winnings five times a total of five times in a row, you’ll get to see her topless. 

Sound like a nice little bonus? Then give it a go with the ever-sexy Cleopatra!

A Stampede of Winnings: Golden BuffaloA Stampede of Winnings: Golden Buffalo Online Pokie

Golden Buffalo is a legendary pokie game – for legends only, of course. The game plays homage to the iconic animal and offers winnings just as big! 

Here’s what you need to know: there are six reels, four lines, and thousands upon thousands of dollars for the taking. At Ignition Casino, you can play on the mobile app or on your desktop. Check out the Golden Buffalo bonus round to unlock 4,096 unique ways to win!

777 Deluxe: Where Fruit Meets Fortune777 Deluxe Pokie: Where Fruit Meets Fortune

Bells, fruits, BARs – 777 Deluxe has everything you could ever want in an online pokie game! Plus, it’s also got bonus rounds and mystery symbols to liven up the game even more!

Spin through the cherries and lemons, as you try to line up matching symbols across 10 pay lines. Combos can start on the left-most reel, the right-most reel, and/or on reels two or four. 

And who doesn’t love a little twist to keep you on your toes? This game includes question marks and mystery symbols that can trigger bonus rounds. These give you a chance at playing for the progressive jackpot.

So, what are you waiting for? Try your hand at 777 Deluxe and boost that bankroll!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is with Table Games

Once you’ve dominated the online pokies, you can move on to the next level of Ignition gaming: table games.

Ignition Casino offers four types of table games: card games (excluding poker), poker games, dice games, and roulette. Your competitors are fellow players and/or casino dealers. Your chances of winning are awesome because the house edge usually tips in your favour.

We’ve got heaps of table games at Ignition Casino, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to our top three member favourites. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Nine Ways to Win with Blackjack

We have several variations of Ignition Casino Blackjack that you can play for cold, hard cash. Or if you wanna practise for free, you can do that too! Of course, we’ve got the classic version, as well as two single-deck games, a double-deck game, and two basic six-deck games. We also have European Blackjack, European Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, and Zappit Blackjack.

We told ya that Ignition Casino Blackjack was lit, didn’t we?Nine Ways to Win with Blackjack

We’re pretty sure you know the rules already, but we’ll go over ‘em again. Beat the dealer’s hand by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over. At Ignition Casino, the dealer has to hit on a soft 17 (a 17 that includes an 11-point ace). On all other 17s and above, the dealer is required to stand. This gives you the chance to adjust your strategy based on the dealer’s hand and their actions.

In all Ignition Casino Blackjack games, a Blackjack (an ace and a 10, for instance) pays at a rate of 3:2. Like most rules, this one has an exception: if you get a Blackjack after splitting, you get even money. You get to split up to three hands, which means you might have three hands going at the same time. You also have the ability to double any two cards for a higher payout. 

You in? Let’s get in on the action now!

European Roulette: A Never-Ending Revolution at Ignition Casino

We don’t know about you, but the sound of a roulette wheel gets us going. The anticipation, the thrill – you can’t find it anywhere else. 

European Roulette includes a wheel with 37 stops and a ball. This ball has equal odds of landing on any one of the stops. All the stops are numbered in a non-consecutive order starting at 0 (which is coloured green), then 1-36, which are coloured black or red. 

Your job? Bet on where you reckon the ball will end up by placing chips on that number on the roulette table. Winnings get paid out on a multiplier of the wager you put down. European Roulette: A Never-Ending Revolution at Ignition Casino

You have the choice to bet any of the following: $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500. Place your wagers by clicking any of the various spots on the table. You can wager a maximum of $1,000 by betting $500 on inside bets and $500 on outside bets. 

Once you’ve placed your bet, spin that wheel. If the ball lands on the colour or number you wagered on, then we have good news: you’re a winner, baby!

Got a lucky number? A lucky colour? Place your bets now in a round of European Roulette.

Tri Card Poker: Simple to Learn, Easy to Win

Tri Card Poker launched onto the scene in 1994 to create a variation of poker that you could play at the same speed as other table games. 

The rules? Super simple. The payouts? Unreal. The house edge? Desirably low. 

It’s no wonder so many casino owners – including us – were keen to adopt the game!

Play against the dealer by wagering in the ante-betting circle. If you have the stronger hand, you’ll walk away with some easy winnings. Or you can play solo if that’s more your thing. All you need to do is place a wager in the Pair Plus betting circle and try to pick up at least a single pair in your hand. If you like the sounds of both play options, then bet on both like the true poker pro you were born to be!Tri Card Poker: Simple to Learn, Easy to Win

In Tri Card Poker, wagers don’t need to be equal. After throwing in the ante, you get three cards face-up and the dealer gets three cards face-down. When you think you’ve got the better hand,  you can either fold or raise. The dealer then shows their hand (if they have a queen or higher). Whoever has the highest hand is the winner.  

If the dealer has the higher hand, you’ll lose your ante and the raise. If the dealer fails to qualify, you get paid 1:1 on the ante and the raise gets returned as a push. If you have a straight or higher, you’ll get paid out accordingly. 

You can also get in on the Pair Plus, which is a separate bet that you can win if your hand includes a pair or higher. 

It’s time to get your head in the game, mate! 

Outta Lockdown? Keep the Fun Going!

It’s a long time inside. We all know it. But eventually (eventually), it will end. And when it does, we’ll re-enter society – a scary thought, we know. 

But that doesn’t mean your online gambling fun has to end!

Even once you’re outta lockdown, Ignition Casino will be here to scratch your online gambling itch. Best of all, even when we get back into the real world, you can play from anywhere on our mobile app. Wherever you go, the fun can come with you!

As always, we’re here 24/7/365 – no matter what!