Out with the Old, In with the New: What’s New at Ignition Casino

You know how you’ll sometimes see the “BREAKING NEWS” headline and get a jolt, thinking it’s some kind of major event? And you click into it only to discover it’s a clickbait piece about some celebrity getting a DUI? 

Well, this is nothing like that. We promise.

At Ignition Casino, we’re always finding new and cool ways to up our (and your) game. We’re always finding ways of boosting the stakes, the thrills, the jackpots, the challenges, the graphics – the list goes on! Why do we do it? Because in our books, there’s only one cardinal sin: boredom. We hate boring our members more than we hate being bored… which is a lot.

That’s why we’re bringing you breaking news that doesn’t fall flat – and is definitely never fake. Each month, we’ll give you the low-down on what’s new at Ignition Casino; whether it’s new Ignition pokies or a new way to play the classic Ignition Blackjack, we’ll give you all the information you need to know. With our help, you’ll keep your gameplay as interesting and exciting as can be.

With such a wide range of Ignition pokies and table games, it’s hard to imagine a dull moment at Ignition Casino. You could play every day and find something new at every turn. But we always want to ensure that you find whatever game you want to play and always come back to uncover new thrills in the improved details. That’s right – we’re always updating our games with fresh graphics, major bonuses, and generous winnings. So the game you played last month may not be the game you play today!

Of course, as always, you can enjoy your new and old faves on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet. No matter where you go, you’ll can take the nonstop action with you! 

So, without further ado, let’s check out the newest games coming to Ignition Casino next month. Buckle up, mate, because you’re in for an exciting ride!

Become the Poker King in Knockout Tournaments 

Just can’t wait to be king? Well, you don’t have to wait much longer thanks to our new Knockout poker tournaments at Ignition Casino.

Now, don’t start sending us your crown measurements just yet. To claim your throne, you’ve gotta play some poker. Here’s how it’ll work:

In Knockout poker tournaments, each player has a cash bounty assigned to them. When you knock out a competitor, their bounty goes straight into your account. At Ignition Casino, we also have Knockout Sit-and-Go tournaments, which offer fast-paced fun at its finest. High speed, high stakes, high intensity – it’s fast and furious from start to finish. But who knows? It could lead you to a happy ending – if you play your cards right.

Knockout Sit-and-Go tournaments range from six to 18 players.  The buy-in could be as little as $3.30 all the way up to $162. As an example, let’s say the buy-in is $25 (with an added $2.50 fee). We’ll chuck $20 in the prize pool along with a $5 bounty on every player’s head. If you win the tournament, you get to reap all the rewards. Simple and sweet, isn’t it?

Of course, when it comes to Ignition Casino poker, we like to make things as interesting as possible. To add a little bit of spice, we’re also introducing Progressive Knockout tournaments. In these competitions, each player’s stash expands as they eliminate their competitors; every time you knock out a player, you grab their winnings and the same amount gets added to your own stack.

Our first-ever Progressive Knockout tournament featured 100 daily events and over $4.5 million in the prize pools.

Become poker royalty and show the plebs no mercy!

Calling All Bitcoin Depositors! Get in on the Freeroll Action

Are you playing with Bitcoin yet? No? Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor. If you haven’t, our message to you is simple: start now. If you have, then boy do we have great news for you. We’re gifting our members with a digital delight in the form of a weekly $2,500 Bitcoin Depositor’s Freeroll!

Here’s how it works: every week, from Friday to Thursday, when you deposit a minimum of $20 in Bitcoin, you’ll receive a ticket to the Sunday Bitcoin Depositor’s Freeroll. In this freeroll, you’ll have the chance to win your portion of $2,500.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: it seems too good to be true, right? Bitcoin has attracted its fair share of sceptics, but free entry to a weekly poker tourney for real money just for using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Vouchers (aka any non-credit card deposit)? That’s an opportunity you just can’t pass up. As long as you make your deposit within the seven days leading up to the Friday deadline, you’ll score your ticket to Sunday’s competition. 

New to Bitcoin? No dramas! Get started by following our five-step guide. There’s a brave new world of mega bonuses and crazy generous offers that await you!

You’ll Be Burnin’ Up with Instant Inferno

Not that we need it with our blazing Aussie sun, but if you’re keen to heat things up, we’ve got just the thing. One of our new Ignition pokies, Instant Inferno is hot, hot, hot! Featuring five reels, 30 lines, sizzling bonuses, heaps of wilds, and free spins, you’ll be a hot streak like you’ve never experienced! 

Like all Ignition pokies, you can fire up the game on your mobile, desktop, or tablet. Explore the Inferno Scatters, a Pick Me Bonus, and 20 tiles that are hiding a sweet prize. Uncover three tiles showing the same symbol and you can score 20 free spins with a multiplier.

Fiery graphics, feisty reels, and flaming-hot chances to win big make – what more could you want? Check out Instant Inferno to get your game on! 

Super Wilds: The Battle of the Superheroes

We’d like to introduce you to some new friends of ours: Multiplier Men (the Tripler and the Doubler), Expando Man, the Spin Twins – these crazy characters make up the wildest team of superheroes the world has ever seen. Although they’re quirky, their mission is clear; save the city that’s under attack.

The threats may seem intimidating, but your team is ready for anything that comes its way! 

One of our newest Ignition pokies, Super Wilds, features five reels, three lines, as well as 25 pay lines. Help your fellow civilians and score some sweet rewards in exchange for your bravery!

With this team, you’ll have heaps of options. Each hero has a unique superpower they use to rescue the city – and boost your winnings. As their name suggests, the Multiplier Men can double or triple your winnings with the help of free spins. Meanwhile, Expando Man can swell to every position on the reel and the Spin Twins score you an extra five free spins.

The adrenaline is pumping, the stakes are high, and the team is in formation. It’s go time, mate!

Conquer, Pillage, and Take What’s Yours in Viking Treasures

Believe it or not, the Vikings were kinda the ultimate gamblers. Think about it: they risked everything to set sail from Scandinavia, not knowing what awaited them. They went on to raid, trade, plunder, and settle across many corners of the earth. Europe, North Africa, the Middle East – they even discovered North America before Columbus!

So, how can you commemorate their skills and courage? By playing one of the newest Ignition pokies, Viking Treasures! In this game, it’s your turn to do the pillaging! You’ll experience four rows, five reels, and 50 pay lines as you battle it out with your enemies for bounty and riches. Free spins, Treasure Chest Scatters, Locked Wilds – you’ll find ‘em all in this one-of-a-kind game!

Uncover symbols like treasure chests, shields, and axes to score winning combos that guide you on your journey to instant wealth. Get three or more and you’ll trigger the Wild Free Spin, which grants you a whopping 10 free spins.

Ready to fill up your treasure chest? Hop on your chosen device (mobile, desktop, or tablet) and plunder all the live-long day!

At Ignition Casino, All News Is Great News

Craving more newness already? Keep an eye out for our monthly updates on Ignition poker, Ignition Blackjack, Ignition pokies, and much more! Always exciting and always changing, there’s never a dull moment at Ignition Casino.

See you next month, legends!