Discover the Action of Online Bingo at Ignition Casino

What comes to mind when you think of bingo? Probably rows of seniors sitting in a church anxiously waiting for the host to call out N24. But online casino at Ignition Casino is way more exciting. Better prizes, bigger bonuses, and more progressive jackpots. These will score you enough cash for a new car for you AND your bingo-loving grandma.

Now, you and grandma aren’t getting any younger, so let’s get right into it. We’ll start by going over the basics followed by our specialty games guide, which is great if you’re keen to check out other games.

Introduction to Online Bingo: How It Works

Online bingo is super simple, so you’ll get the hang of it in no time – trust us. First things first, you’ll need to go to the bingo section on our site. Launch the Ignition Casino app, then click the Casino Games tab in the top section. On the right side, click the More button and then click Specialty Games. From there, you should see heaps of bingo games pop up. 

Now, this may come as a shock, but when you play bingo online, you’ll use bingo cards to play the game. Certain games let you choose how many cards to play and you can also pick how much you want to bet per card. From there, though, the game unfolds automatically. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the money fly your way.

Numbers get chosen at random and your bingo cards will automatically be marked with any matches. As in traditional bingo, a complete line secures a win and gets you paid. Special patterns will also land you some extra cash. After the bingo balls roll out, you may also get the chance to buy some extra balls. Stop snickering, we’re trying to help you here! Extra balls give you the chance to secure big wins and throw your hat into fun bonus rounds, which feature bonus mini-games.

One of our favourite parts of online bingo, though, is the variety of games. We don’t like to brag (well okay, maybe a little), but we’ve got a stellar selection. Let’s start with the basics: standard bingo.

Back to Basics: Standard European/American Bingo

This style of bingo is probably the most familiar. The cards are super easy to read and the balls look super lifelike. There are a couple key differences between European and American bingo. In European bingo, you’ll be playing with 90 balls; on the other hand, in American bingo, you’ll be playing with 75. Similarly, European bingo features a 9×3 grid card while American bingo features a 5×5. When you play bingo online, choose whichever style you’re most comfortable with. From there, you can dive right in to get the ball rolling!

It’s Go Time: Go-Go Bingo

Looking for a chill style of bingo? You’ve found it here, my friend. When you play Go-Go Bingo on mobile, you’ll enjoy relaxing music and a laid-back playstyle. Here’s how it works: you’ll get four 3×5 online bingo cards, with 12 possible winning patterns. Next, the system will automatically draw 30 winning numbers. With a sleek interface, you’ll have no trouble spotting your real money wins. If you need a little extra help to complete your pay lines, you can buy up to 9 extra balls. It’s a fun, low-key way to kick back and stack your cash all at once.

Go Under the Sea with Pesca Bingo

It’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from us. Head down to the depths of the sea and fish for big cash bonuses with Pesca online bingo. This game gives you four 3×5 cards to mark off your wins. You’ve gotta watch for 12 special patterns. If you’re lucky enough to get a full card, you’ll win a sweet $7,500! Not a shabby payout, is it? When you play casino bingo Pesca style, you’ll also have the chance to get 13 extra balls to finish off your cards. These extra balls could be just enough to bring Lady Luck over to your side

If you win the Pesca bonus, guess what, mate? You’re going fishing! Pick fish until you get three matching values. This will pay you out whatever amount your bonus cash prize is.

Score Big Bonuses in Bingo Cataratas

It’s a waterfall of cash, baby! We don’t know about you, but that sounds like the ultimate dream to us. That dream gets a whole lot closer to reality when you play Bingo Cataratas. It’s an online bingo game that’s very similar to Pesca Bingo. The main difference is in the bonus game. Rather than fishing by the waterside, you get to spin the wheel for a sweet bonus payout of up to $500. When you play bingo online, these kinds of wins set the game on fire. And not that we’re biased or anything, but we think it makes the game way more exciting than the in=-person version!Score Big Bonuses in Bingo Cataratas

A Minimalist’s Dream: 30-Ball Bingo

If you’re a fan of traditional bingo, you’ll probably recognise 30-Ball Bingo. It’s super simple, making it perfect for an everyday minimalist. You simply pick your cards, place your bets per card, and watch as the balls roll out. Your online bingo wins will rack up automatically as the game unfolds. Keen to see how much money you’re making? Click over into the paytable to find out!

Explore the Exotics with Amazonia Bingo

Venture into the depths of the Amazonian rainforest. Feel the scorching heat of the Brazilian sun. Immerse yourself in the land of toucans, sloths, butterflies, and more!

That’s right, mate. It’s all possible in Amazonia Bingo. This exotically themed game features a progressive jackpot that happens to be in the thousands at the time of this writing. Hot game, hotter cash prizes. 

If you make the serpent pattern, you’ll enter a bonus game where you can choose six rainforest creatures and uncover major cash bonuses. Take your pick between parrots, anteaters, tree frogs, and so much more to discover the cash lurking behind each animal! Which one is hiding the biggest bonus? There’s only one way to find out: play casino bingo and head to the Amazon! Good luck and remember – choose wisely!

Going Tribal: Tribo Bingo

Don’t be fooled by the humble appearance of the tropical tribespeople in Tribo Bingo. They’ve got incredible riches for the luckiest online bingo players from across the globe. If you score the special pattern in this game, you’ll head to the Archery Bonus round. There, you’ll click on targets for the chance to win hundreds of dollars in prize money. With killer fun and unreal cash prizes, Tribo Bingo is one of the most fun ways to play bingo online. 

See? We told you online bingo was way more fun than you imagined! 

Balls in the Air: 80-Ball Bingo

All right, we’ll give you three guesses: what’s the difference between 80-Ball Bingo and other styles? Yep, you got it – it’s the number of balls! This kind of online bingo allows you to play casino bingo and get the odds you want. At Ignition Casino, we believe that online bingo is all about freedom of choice. That’s why we offer you crazy variety – to make your choices a little easier and a whole lot more fun. You’re so welcome for that, by the way. 

The cards, the balls, the huge cash prizes – it all awaits! Play around and find your favourite bingo type at this link. Good luck and don’t forget to spoil grandma with your winnings!