Crypto Poker: Where Gamblers and Crypto Lovers Come Together

Have you ever noticed that crypto lovers and gamblers have a lot in common? Think about it. They’re both risk-takers, rebels, dreamers. They’re both trailblazers, craving more than what the current world can give them. They both thrive on freedom, jeopardy, and the thrill of the play. And of course, they both get right back up after suffering some bad beats and big losses. 

Bitcoin launched on the investor scene in 2010 at a cost of 10 cents. If you had invested $100 at that time, you’d get 1,000 digital coins. By 2021, though, that investment would have grown to a whopping $50 million. Yep, we know you’re gonna have to pick your jaw up off the floor after reading that one. So, how in the world did we get here? And where are we headed next?

Cryptocurrency: Born from Crisis, Breeding Opportunity

Everyone remembers the global financial crisis of 2008. It was a rough and uncertain time. But sometimes, even in the darkest of times, bright ideas can be found. And that’s exactly what happened with cryptocurrency. It emerged after the 2008 crisis to help people take control of their money without the intervention of corporations, governments, and banks. 

Bitcoin is widely considered to be the first form of cryptocurrency. It combined decentralised control, user anonymity, planned scarcity, and blockchain record-keeping. The masterminds behind Bitcoin went by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto – and they’re now worth a cool $35 billion. You know, just some light pocket change.

Around 2015, Bitcoin started to take off. Its rapid growth secured its status as a significant currency, both online and offline. Some businesses even started accepting it as a form of payment. 

Now, in 2021, there’s a host of other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin. There’s Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether – the list goes on and on. Together, these have offered much-needed alternatives to wealth-building and protection. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fair share of risk that comes with crypto.  

So, we know the real question on your mind: is cryptocurrency a worthwhile investment? Well, we hate to break it to ya, but there isn’t one clear answer. If we had to sum it up, the best answer is: it can be. Just like gambling, you have just as much of a shot at getting rich as you do of losing it all. Just like gambling, you create your own limits and choose your own risk level. Just like gambling, the possible rewards are mega enticing. 

Now’s the Time to Play Crypto Poker – Trust Us

In Ignition’s online poker rooms, you’re not only able to play with Bitcoin – you’re encouraged to. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our bonus offers. 

Every time you deposit using digital currency, we hook you up with a sweet little 25% casino match bonus (to a maximum of $1,000). We also offer a Tell-a-Friend Bonus. Invite a friend to deposit with Bitcoin and we’ll match it by 200%, up to $100 with an extra $25.

We really love Bitcoin (if you couldn’t already tell). And we just want you to love as much as we do!

When you play crypto poker, the game gets a whole lot more interesting. We know what you’re thinking: poker can get even more interesting? Hard to believe, we get it, but we’re here to tell you it’s true. 

Crypto poker is way more exciting because your chances of winning grow massively. When you deposit with Bitcoin, we do everything in our power to make that investment pay off for you. Trust us, you’re not gonna find a better deal anywhere else. So, put your foot to the floor, rev up the action, and take your bank account to new heights. 

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency

We know you’re chomping at the bit to pull up a chair in one of our online poker rooms. But let’s slow your roll for a second, mate. Before you dive in, you need to open a Bitcoin account. It grants you anonymity, security, and total privacy – all the things you deserve!

In these four easy steps, you can open your Bitcoin account:

1. Create a free wallet 

Your e-wallet is where you store your cryptocurrency. It also allows you to transfer your Bitcoin safely. You can set it up on a site like in as little as five minutes. The best part? It’s totally free.

2. Create an exchange account with one of the providers listed on

Opening a Bitcoin Exchange is free and only takes a few minutes. This exchange account is what you’ll use to buy Bitcoin and convert withdrawals back to real dollars.

3. Buy Bitcoin on the exchange account with regular money

Once you’ve got your exchange account, it’s time to buy from it. The steps to do this will be outlined in the FAQs section of the site you chose. Purchase limits will vary site to site, usually maxing out at $25,000 daily. 

4. Transfer your Bitcoin from your exchange account into your e-wallet

Transfers usually only take a couple of minutes. You may need to pay a small transaction fee to complete the transfer. That said, transfers between your exchange account and your wallet are unlimited.

And that’s it! Yep, it’s really that simple. With that, you’re ready to play crypto poker with Bitcoin at Ignition Casino online. Your deposit should only take a few minutes and, before you know it, the funds will be right there in your account!

Plus, when you use Bitcoin at Ignition Casino, you can score our Bitcoin Match Bonus with your deposit. Honestly, there’s no two ways about it: the bonuses are bigger, better, and badder with Bitcoin. Learn how to start with Bitcoin with our helpful tips and videos!

Not Sure About Bitcoin? Explore Your Alternatives

Bitcoin might be the most popular player in the crypto world, but it isn’t the only one. You’ve got heaps of other options, including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin – we could go on. So, which is the best for playing crypto poker and other online games? Let’s take a look.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The one that started it all. The crypto to end all cryptos. Bitcoin is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. It’s no shock that every casino operator offering crypto poker accepts Bitcoin (including yours truly). In fact, it’s so dominant that many online casinos automatically convert other cryptocurrencies into Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bear with us – we’re about to get a little technical on ya. Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin, which is a coding term. A fork is what happens when a coder takes an existing piece of code and develops it in a way that varies from its original form. Bitcoin Cash actually came about in 2017 after a heated debate within the Bitcoin community. The disagreement ignited when a Bitcoin blockchain grew so large that transactions were taking too long to complete.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is considered next in line after Bitcoin, making it its greatest competitor. Litecoin is also a fork, but it’s unique to Bitcoin. The main difference between the two? Litecoin is much faster. In the early days, Bitcoin transactions used to take over 10 minutes. Litecoin transactions, on the other hand, could be processed in just 90 seconds. Sure, Bitcoin is faster today, but Litecoin remains quicker.

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Yep, you guessed it – Bitcoin SV is another Bitcoin fork. You’re getting really good at this crypto coding thing. Bitcoin SV is faster than traditional Bitcoin and its transactions aren’t as pricey. That’s because it has a much larger block size, which reduces the number of transactions. As a result, you’re looking at lower fees and a faster processing speed on the network. Bitcoin SV is awesome for buying gift cards for things like food, games, entertainment, clothing, and other merchandise.