Play Virtual Races Online with Ignition Casino’s Motorsports Betting Online

At Ignition Casino, we’re proud to offer a wide range of virtual sports for our players to get into. From virtual soccer to virtual camel racing, we have something for every taste. But the fastest-paced, most high-octane option has to be our virtual supercars and motorsports betting online.Play Virtual Races Online with Ignition Casino’s Motorsports Betting Online

As the home of the Supercars Championship, Australia is known for its love of high-speed motorsport action. We’re also fairly spoilt for choice when it comes to watching live supercars, with regular racing throughout the country. But, if that’s just not enough supercars action for you, we’ve got you covered virtual races starting every few minutes.

The ins and outs of virtual motorsport betting online

In many ways, virtual racing betting is just like betting on real supercars events. You can still look into which drivers are in which cars and choose the one you like. You can also go over the odds to see who’s the hot favourite and who’s a real underdog.The ins and outs of virtual motorsport betting online

You can also look into each driver’s form by clicking on the “Results” tab. This will show you the outcomes of the previous races, including how each car to bet on motorsports online

Once you’ve gone over the odds and recent results, you’ll be ready to place your bets. Just make sure you get on before the start of the race!ignition casino virtual sports betting

Once the race has started, you can sit back and enjoy the action. You’ll get to watch the drivers as they battle it out, speeding through the turns and fighting for pole position. And the accompanying commentary will help you keep up on what’s happening and who’s in the lead.

It’s important to note here that our virtual motorsport betting uses simulated racing, not real racing or computer games. This means that the results are determined by a computer algorithm that analyses each driver’s winning chances. To keep things interesting, a random number generator also plays a role in working out race results.

The best part of all of this is, because it’s all simulated, the action never stops. That’s right! We have races starting every couple of minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, if you want to get into some virtual racing betting, Ignition Casino is the place to head!

Doing your virtual racing betting

A big part of motorsports betting online is knowing how to read the odds. This will help you to plan your bets and work out your potential payouts.Doing your virtual racing betting

In the above example, #1 (James Morgan) is the favourite, paying +398 (or $398 for every $100 on) for the win. It’s an even firmer favourite to finish in the top 3 (or “show”), paying -159. This means that, if you back #1 to show, you’d need to put $159 on it to win $100.

As you’ve probably worked out, if the odds start with a plus, that’s how much you’ll win for a $100 bet. And, if they start with a minus, that’s how much you’ll need to put on to win $100.

But win, place, and show bets are just the start when you play virtual races online at Ignition Casino. We also offer a range of exotics for you to get to bet on virtual sports

When motorsports betting online, an exacta is a great way to boost your potential returns. It involves choosing both the 1st and 2nd placed drivers, in the exact order they finish.motorsports types of bets online

In the above example, if you put $100 on a 1-2 exacta, you’d be in for a payout of $12,300. Sure, it’s a long shot, but if it comes off, it’ll definitely be worth it! 

We also offer trifectas on all our virtual supercar races. These require you to pick the first three cars across the line, in exactly the order they finish.trifecta betting ignition

While trifectas are a lot tougher to land, their odds reflect their difficulty. For example, in the above example, a winning $100 bet on a 6-1-2 trifecta would earn you a payout of $77,900. Can you imagine scoring yourself that bad boy?

If you’re after something a little more straightforward, try an over/under bet. This is where you take a stab at guessing the winning margin.Tips for winning when betting on virtual supercars

In the above example, we’re backing that the distance between 1st and 2nd will be 5 or more. In fact, this is the hot favourite, requiring you to put $294 on Over 4.5 to win $100. If you think it’ll be a tighter race, you can back Unders and potentially win $146 for every $100 on.

Just to clarify, bets don’t need to be in multiples of $100. We just state our odds in these amounts because they are easy to understand and use in calculations. If you bet more – or less – than $100, your payout will be adjusted accordingly.

Tips for winning when betting on virtual supercars

Want to maximise your chances of finding a winner when virtual racing betting? Just follow these simple tips:

  • Remember to manage your bankroll: As with any casino game, you should take a longer-term view of your bets. Avoid going all in and only put a fraction of your total balance on each bet. This will mean that, no matter the outcome, you’ll still be in the game when the next race rolls around.
  • Stick with what you know and enjoy: If you prefer just trying to pick winners, go with that. And, if you’re just starting out, following favourites should see you land a few easy winners.
  • Don’t be afraid of a longshot: If you’re all about the big payouts, try chasing the exotics. And remember, while favourites usually win, there are always going to be upsets. So, if there’s an outsider you like, back your instincts and get behind them.

Has all this talk of virtual racing betting got your motor running? Head over to Ignition Casino’s virtual sports section – the next race is starting soon.