Making the Best of the Bad: Ignition’s Top Bad Beat Remedies and Online Poker Bonuses

It’s one of the most iconic poker moments of all time. The year was 2014 and ESPN had broadened their coverage of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) to show the Big One for One Drop. This was an epic No-Limit Hold’em tourney that featured an enormous $1 million buy-in. Yeah, come to think of it, “epic” might even be an understatement. One of the players was Connor Drinan, a seasoned pro from Chicago. Across the table was Founder of Poker Central, Cary Katz. Both players were holding pocket aces, which led to a 96% chance that they’d split the pot once all the money was in the centre. 

But the universe had other plans. The board came out with four hearts, allowing Katz to make a Flush, while Drinan was sent packing. 

Having pocket aces cracked by another pair of pocket aces is one of the worst bad beats imaginable. But believe it or not, if you play online poker long enough, it’ll happen to you at some point. The trick? Don’t let it impact your play. We know, we know – easier said than done, right?

Well, Ignition Casino is here to help you master the art of recovering from a bad beat. In this guide, we give you the can’t-miss tips for handling bad beats, including our one-of-a-kind Bad Beat Bonus that’ll soften the blow when the cards don’t go your way. Before we get into the good stuff, make sure you deposit and play now so you can qualify for all the unreal online poker bonuses on offer here at Ignition Casino.

How Do Bad Beats Even Happen? 

No one likes a bad beat. They incite the same kind of feeling as when an uninvited house guest rocks up to your party with zero warning – you don’t know where they came from or how they got there, you just want them to rack off. 

That said, it’s sometimes helpful to understand how bad beats come to pass. First, let’s break down what a bad beat is. A bad beat is when you lose on a hand that was super unlikely to lose. For example, maybe you’ve got aces against kings when, all of the sudden, your competitor spikes one of those kings on the river. There’s only a 4.55% chance of that happening, but when it does, that’s a hella bad beat. 

It’s All Relative: How to Keep Your Bad Beats in Perspective

Bad beats incite all kinds of feelings. Confusion, disappointment, frustration. Whatever you’re feeling in the heat of the moment, we promise it’s totally normal. But it’s how you handle those emotions that matters. 

Try to prioritise rationality above all else. Remember that you can never take a bad beat personally. The cards aren’t loyal to anybody, so you can’t expect them to be on your side every time. If you’ve just suffered a bad beat, walk away from the table for a bit to cool off. After all, you don’t want to be making any rash decisions and screwing with your bankroll. 

It’s also important to remember that, while bad beats are rare, your odds of experiencing one increase the more you play. But don’t worry, mate, there’s a silver lining. Because they’re so rare, bad beats will easily get cancelled out by sweet victories. So, a higher volume of play is actually in your best interest. Playing Zone Poker online at Ignition Casino is an awesome way to build that volume you’re looking for, increasing your odds of epic wins and cushioning the blow of bad beats.

Refresh and Reset: How to Get Ready for the Next Hand

So, what comes next after the deck does you dirty? How can you recover and come back better than ever for the next round? Let’s explore some strategies. 

If you’re playing a cash game, your next step is simple: stop. Yep, that’s it. Just stop. If you want, complete the orbit and get the full value of the blinds you’ve paid. But trust us, no one will be judging you if you sit out earlier than that. Sometimes, taking a break is the smartest thing to do for both your mental health and your bankroll. 

Now, we’ll admit it – this next tip is going to sound a little loopy to some of you. But believe us, it helps. Take some deep breaths. Yeah, yeah, you can stop your snickering. But humour us and give it a go. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself of the facts. Before you know it, your heart rate will slow, your stress levels will plummet, and you’ll feel like a whole new you. 

Finally, in the wake of a bad beat, play it classy. Wish your competitor good luck and bow out with elegance. You may have to fight your most primal urges to do it, but trust us, it’ll be worth it. This is a sneaky way of tricking your brain into thinking it’s not upset when things don’t go your way.

The Ultimate Recovery Tool: Ignition Casino’s Bad Beat Bonus

We’re not gonna beat around the bush: bad beats are waaay easier to cope with when there’s a little consolation money involved. At Ignition Casino, we proudly offer a special Bad Beat Bonus

So, let’s say you’re playing in a Texas Hold’em cash game and you’re holding at least a Full House with aces and kings (AAAKK). Next thing you know, you lose because your opponent whipped out a Four of a Kind or better. In that case, you’ll walk away with 100x the big blind (to a maximum of $1,000 in bonus cash).

To collect your Bad Beat Bonus, submit your hand number to our team at Ignition Casino within 48 hours of finishing the game. if your hand meets the requirements (hint: you can visit our Promotions page to check these out), you’ll get your bonus money within 48 hours of your claim. Best of all, we don’t attach any rollover.

If you’re hungry for some extra tips and tricks to up your game at the tables, explore our online poker strategy articles at Ignition Casino. With some knowledge under your belt, you’ll be better equipped to handle bad beats with grace, confidence, and most importantly, sanity. 

We’ll save you a seat at the tables, legend!