Best Ignition Poker Tournaments for Real Money – June Edition

Sure, we might be in the dead of winter here in Australia. But at Ignition Poker, it’s nothing but red-hot action throughout the month of June! If you’re keen to restart your engine and light up your nights with some much-needed excitement, Ignition Poker tournaments are the perfect place to start.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you already know how epic these competitions can get. If you’re new here, we’re so stoked to have you – now strap in for some next-level action! With some of the best poker tournaments available, Ignition Poker has everything you could ever want as an online gamer.

Small buy-ins? You’ve got ‘em. Satellite tournaments to win your seat in larger competitions? You know you’ll find ‘em here. Jaw-dropping jackpots? Duh – that’s what Ignition Poker is known for! From the Ignition Monthly Milly poker tournament to the Black Diamond Poker Open 2022, we’ve got something to satisfy every craving

In June 2022, we’ve got some epic tourneys in the pipeline for you. Whether you’re mad for our Mad Monday tournaments or you’re a crypto connoisseur, this month is sure to be an awesome one.

Legends, it’s time to dust off your Ignition poker strategy guide. Who knows? It might just be the secret ingredient to scoring your next big payday (hint: when we say big, we’re talking six figures.). Here are the best poker tournaments at Ignition you can’t miss in the month of June.

Crypto Poker Open

Look, we don’t like to toot our own horns…well, maybe a little bit. But here at Ignition, you can always rely on us to not only bring you the best poker tournaments but the most cutting-edge ones, too. You might even consider us online poker pioneers.

Are you going to join our ranks?

Well, the first-ever Crypto Poker Open is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that! Running from May 31 to June 28, 2022, the Crypto Poker Open is our hottest new annual competition. With 125 BTC in guaranteed prize money, it’s a unique, can’t-miss tourney for anyone who’s keen on crypto. Not only that, but you’ll also have the chance to win one of 10 NFTs from the Goobers Collection (valued at $5,000 in total). Oh, and there’s one last prize up for grabs we almost forgot to mention: limitless glory.

Use USD or crypto to throw your hat in the ring and take your shot at an incredible payout. We can’t wait to see you stack those (Bit)coins!

Don’t forget to check out our top-tier Bitcoin promotions to see how you land some extra cash to bet with.

 Special $500,000 (12.5 BTC) Guaranteed

Now, we’re not in the business of breaking hearts, but you may want to brace yourself for this one: we’re not running an Ignition Monthly Milly poker tournament in June 2022.

We know, we know – wipe your tears and bear with us. There’s a silver lining in store!

In its place, we’ll be hosting the Special $500,000 (12.5 BTC) Guaranteed tournament on June 19, 2022. To ramp up to the fun, we’re also hosting qualifiers right up until the late registration stages of the event (just like we do for the Monthly Milly!).

With a buy-in of $500 + $35, you’ll have heaps of opportunities to win all that back and then some. But the best part? If you’ve got Monthly Milly or Crypto Poker Open tournament tickets, you can use ‘em to partake in the event (as long as they’ve got the same buy-ins).

So, no need to mourn the loss of the Monthly Milly too much, legends – we always have your back with something just as epic. You can learn more about the Special $500,000 (12.5 BTC) Guaranteed here.

H2 July’s Mad Monday – Qualifiers Kick Off on June 29

Who doesn’t feel a little mad on Mondays, are we right? Well, you’re about to be feeling mad in a whole new way, thanks to Ignition Poker!
Qualifiers for one of our most beloved tournaments, Mad Monday, begin on June 29, 2022, with the actual competition taking place on July 4, 2022.

Mad Monday tournaments are widely known as some of the best poker tournaments available here at Ignition. And honestly, as soon as you play, it’s easy to see why. With action-packed events taking place throughout the competition, you’ll have so many chances to land some unbelievable jackpots.

What’re you waiting for? Now’s the time to claim your spot as an Ignition Poker alpha. Download our poker software or log in to your Ignition Poker account to get started today!