Play with the Best Online Poker Software at Ignition Casino

These days, online poker players are spoilt for choice. Whether you’re after real online poker tournaments or a few hands of free online poker, there are several sites you can try. But at Ignition Casino, we’re a little different, and we’re pretty sure you’ll like how we go about things.

As fans of online poker ourselves, we know what players are looking for. We’ve listened to player feedback and tweaked our online poker experience to make it even better. We’ve also worked out a few ways to make playing real online poker with us even more rewarding.

We think we’ve got the best online poker software going around – and we’re sure you will too. Here are just a few of the reasons Ignition Casino should be your #1 choice for real online poker.

We Reward You for Your Loyalty

We know there’s nothing quite like playing with house money. That’s why we give you plenty of opportunities to earn bonus cash.

This starts from the second you join up with Ignition Casino, before you even play your first online poker hand. Just for setting up your account, we’ll reward you by matching your first deposit with a Welcome Bonus. This could be up to $3,000 for a Bitcoin deposit, or up to $2,000 if you use a credit card.

Best of all, you’ll get half of this bonus straight away. As soon as you make your first deposit, it’ll be credited to your account. Then, once you’ve played a few hands of real poker, we’ll send the other half your way.

Talk about coming out of the gates strong! We’re basically paying you to start your online poker journey with us. But that’s just how we roll at Ignition Casino.a car driving to an online casino

Once you’ve signed up, you can earn yourself some extra play money just by letting your mates know about us. In fact, with our Tell a Friend bonus, you could earn up to $100 by simply sharing your referral link. Then, if any of your mates use that to sign up, we’ll pay you 200% of their first deposit (up to $100). 

It gets even better if they make their first deposit by Bitcoin, as that’ll score you a further $25. And, no worries if they’re not into cryptos – all the information they need is in our handy Bitcoin Guide. Besides, Bitcoin’s one of the most secure ways to make online payments, so they really should be getting onto it!

Once you’ve played a bit of online poker with us, you’ll start seeing the benefits of our loyalty program, Ignition Rewards. Every real online poker hand you play earns you Ignition Miles, which can be traded in for cash bonuses. As you play, you’ll also earn status points, which help you work your way through the Ignition Rewards program tiers. 

As you climb the levels of the Ignition Rewards program, you’ll be rewarded each time you hit a milestone. For example, when you move from Steel to Chrome, you’ll get access to weekly freeroll online poker tournaments. Each new level also brings a higher redemption rate for your Ignition Miles, meaning bigger rewards every time you play.

Further proving we have the best online poker software, there are two more bonuses you can earn while you play.

The first is our Bad Beat Bonus. If you land one of the strongest online poker hands and still get done, you could jag yourself this bonus. Worth up to 100x the big blind (up to $1,000), this really helps take the sting out of the loss.

The other is our Royal Flush Bonus. As the name suggests, this one pays out whenever you find yourself with the pinnacle of online poker hands. Available on all our real money Texas Holdem tables, this is worth 50x the big blind (up to $200).real money texas holdem poker

We Protect Your Data

At Ignition Casino, we take the safety of your data very seriously. We know you trust us with some sensitive information, and we want to make sure that’s properly respected. We also know that to be the best online poker site, we have to carefully protect your payout details.

To help with this, our website is built with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts all the data you provide and makes sure no one else can see it. Many websites use this technology – if you see a padlock in your browser’s address bar, you’re on an SSL site. 

We also have a dedicated verification team that makes sure everyone using our site is who they say they are. As part of this, we request all real online poker players submit some proof of their identity. We then use this to make sure that any withdrawal requests for your account actually come from data being protected

We Keep the Game Fair

We know that there are all kinds of technologies designed to give an online poker player the upper hand. From analysis software to heads-up displays, these programs usually gather previous performance data on other players. As such, they provide the user with insight they wouldn’t otherwise have, giving them an unfair advantage.

We believe that these programs can ruin real online poker games and that the best online poker sites should discourage their use. That’s why, at Ignition Casino, we have anonymous online poker tables.

At these tables, you won’t have a persistent ID identifying you. This is what analysis software uses to track you and gather data on your playing preferences. Without one, these systems won’t work, so you can confidently play your game, knowing it’s a truly level playing field.

We Always Have a Seat Waiting

One of the big advantages of free online poker is that you can always find a game whenever you want. But, on most sites, real online poker games are a little harder to come by. But not when you play with Ignition Casino.

We understand that sometimes you have an itch that only a few hands of real poker can scratch. And when you do, you don’t want to wait around until a seat at a cash table opens up. This is where our Quick Seat feature really comes in handy. 

All you need to do is pick the type of online poker your want to play, and your limit amount. Once you have, you’ll be taken straight to a suitable table to start playing. No waiting, no downtime, just some of the best online poker action you’ll ever find.

You Can Play Any Time and Anywhere

At Ignition Casino, we believe that the best online poker software should let you play whenever and wherever you want. That’s why all of our games are mobile compatible.

So, whether you’re kicking back at home or killing time on the ride into work, it’s always online poker time! Just whip out your smartphone, log into your account, and get playing your favourite games.You Can See Your All-In Winning Odds

You Can See Your All-In Winning Odds

When you go all-in, it often becomes a game of percentages. Acknowledging this, when you’re all-in against another player and your hole cards are displayed, we’ll show you your winning odds. In addition to making the game more exciting, this can help you learn about the pot odds of different hands.

There’s no denying that looks matter and we want to make sure you enjoy how our casino appears. That’s why, when you play online poker with Ignition Casino, you can choose from five different table skins. Next time you’re playing, just go to “Settings” and check out your options under “Table Settings”.

You Can Choose Your Favourite Online Poker Game

While Texas Holdem is easily the most popular online poker game, the best online poker sites will offer you other options. At Ignition Casino, you can play several different types of online poker, including Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo.

When you choose Omaha online poker, you will be dealt four hole cards. You will then need to make the strongest five-card hand using two of your cards and the three community cards. In our most popular Omaha version (called “pot-limit”) the maximum bet is also the current value of the pot.

For something a bit different, try one of our Omaha Hi-Lo online poker games. These take the standard Omaha rules and add a twist – the pot is split between the highest and lowest qualifying hands. And remember, you can always try our free online poker version if you don’t want to risk your own money.

In Summation

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe we have the best online poker software going around. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the Ignition Casino difference for yourself!