Crypto Casino: Ignition now accepting USDT!

Ignition Casino Withdrawals/Deposits: We’re Big on Crypto

In an effort to offer as many crypto alternatives as we can, we are now happy to announce the inclusion of USDT! USDT joins our existing list of cryptocurrencies that players can use at Ignition Casino. You can now make an Ignition crypto deposit using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, USDT, and Ethereum.

We know that players come from all around the world to play at our casino and we’re always striving to make it easier and more convenient to deposit with crypto using whatever cryptocurrency you’re used to.

If you’re new to crypto or have never heard of USDT, don’t sweat it. Here’s a breakdown of what it’s all about:

What is USDT?

USDT is a cryptocurrency created by Tether. The concept behind it was to create what crypto geeks call a “stablecoin.” One of the issues that people have recognized with certain cryptocurrencies is their volatility. The value of Bitcoin, for example, can sometimes vary rapidly from one time to the next – going sky high, dropping low, and back again. This is not something most coin users or investors enjoy (unless they’re on the receiving end of a huge gain). Instead, most folks want to see a coin hold fairly stable value, which makes it a lot easier to understand and anticipate what you really have. It also helps reduce the risk of using a coin, which increases adoption.

How does Tether ensure the stability of USDT?

USDT, like Tether’s other stablecoins, is “pegged” to the value of the dollar. One USDT is always worth one U.S. dollar. No matter what, that’s the price. It can’t shoot up or down unless the dollar does. And the dollar is by far a more stable medium of exchange. From day to day, dollars are generally worth about the same amount, although inflation has been slowly creeping along for many years.

When you have USDT, you never have to wonder what the value is. You don’t need to look up a chart any more than our American users would look up a chart to find the value of the dollars in their pocket. This makes it ideal for an Ignition crypto deposit currency.

How Can I Make a USDT Deposit at Ignition?

Just like other currencies in our crypto casino offerings, your deposit with USDT is done the same way.

  1. Buy some USDT. A USDT deposit starts with buying some USDT at an exchange. Here’s our list of recommended exchanges.
  2. Transfer it to your digital wallet. If you’re new to crypto, you’ll need to create one. Instructions are here.
  3. Make your Ignition crypto deposit. From your Ignition account, click deposit. This creates an address and scannable QR code. Then, in your digital wallet, press Send. Scan the Ignition QR code or paste the address generated at Ignition. After that, select the amount of your USDT deposit and submit it.
  4. Play in our crypto casino! Play any game you like, and enjoy a wealth of bonuses and promotional benefits just for our crypto players.

Is USDT available for withdrawals?

Absolutely! Just reverse the process you used to make your USDT deposit. All the steps can be found here.

  1. First, open your digital wallet and click Receive. This will generate a wallet address to use at Ignition.
  2. Next, initiate your withdrawal in your Ignition account. Choose USDT as the currency, and then paste your digital wallet ID in the appropriate field and submit your request. Our team will review the transaction to ensure security, and you can expect approval in 24-48 hours.

We know that delays can be annoying, but to ensure that your account stays fraud free, we review each transaction individually.

Is USDT safe?

Tether offers a number of reasons to rely on their coin. One of these is its dedication to transparency. Tether publishes the authorized and existing amounts of each coin it creates, as well as the Tether reserves backing it up. These levels are often quite high, although users should check this information independently at the time of their transactions (and routinely, if you’re a USDT holder).

Another feature of Tether’s coin design is the use of multiple blockchain networks and asset protocols. This won’t be of interest to most players, but for crypto geeks, it’s good to know that a coin is fully built out and can be traded in a variety of ways. This makes for a more robust coin.

Lastly, the coin is controlled by the owners of Bitfinex, and has been operative since 2014.

You’ve got options!

The main goal of our crypto offerings is to make it more convenient for players to use whatever currency they’re comfortable with. To learn more about all things crypto at Ignition, click here to review our crypto FAQ.