Your Go-To Video Poker Betting Guide

Grand Theft Auto, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda – these are all legendary video games by anyone’s standards, including ours here at Ignition Casino. But believe it or not, there’s one game that trumps ‘em all: Ignition Casino video poker.

Okay, we’ll admit it: they don’t exactly fall into the same category. But we can’t resist a good pun. Sue us.

Of all Ignition table games, online video poker has to be one of our top faves. Dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-exciting, it offers a rush like no other.

Keen to explore this side of the casino for yourself? That’s what we like to hear. Let’s dive into this online video poker guide to make sure you’ve got all the details you need to kick ass at this game.

The Basics: Video Poker Rules & How to Play Video Poker

At its core, video poker is five-card stud poker. Y’know, the game people played looong before Texas Hold’em came on the scene and took the world by storm. If you ask us, the best part about five-card stud – and therefore online video poker – is how quick n’ easy it is.

At the start of every online video poker game, you’ll kick things off by placing a bet. Next, you’ll get five cards from a standard 52-card deck. From there, you need to decide which cards you want to keep and which ones you want to throw away. Don’t forget: this is a single-draw game, so you have the opportunity to ditch every single one of your cards and replace them if you want. Once you’ve made your chosen swaps, the automated dealer shows their cards, and you find out who has the winning hand.

Poker vs. Video Poker: Understanding the Differences

If you’re not super familiar with video poker, you’re probably wondering: how is it different from traditional online poker? Well, you’ve got the questions and we’ve got the answers!

Video poker combines elements of online poker and pokies; in fact, you can kinda think of it as a poker-themed pokie. In video poker, the games are automated and you’re playing against the machine. On the other hand, in traditional online poker, you’re facing off with other real-life players who are vying for the pot. So, in short, video poker is essentially a one-player game, while online table poker typically features several opponents.

Because you’re not going head-to-head with other players, you’ll also be paid out differently when you win. In online table poker, you get paid depending on what you and your competitors are wagering. In video poker, though, you simply place your bet at the beginning and then play out the game. In the end, if you’ve got the stronger hand, you’ll be paid according to a pay table.

Video Poker Hand Rankings

If you’ve played traditional poker, then you’re already familiar with the video poker hand rankings. But don’t stress – if you’re new here or you’ve forgotten ‘em, you can the full list of online video poker hand rankings below:

Poker Hand NameCard Rankings
Royal FlushA-K-Q-J-10 (same suit)
Straight FlushAny five same-suit cards in
Four of a KindAny four cards featuring the same ranking
Full HouseA three of a kind + a pair
FlushFive same-suit cards, but not in consecutive order
StraightFive cards in consecutive order (not the same suit)
Three of a KindAny three cards featuring the same ranking
Two PairAny two pairs
One PairAny single pair
High CardIf you have none of these hands, your highest card is your only chance at winning the hand

Why Video Poker is Popular & What is the Most Popular Form of Video Poker?

Heaps of people have jumped on the video poker bandwagon – and for good reason! A big part of the appeal of video poker is its simplicity. Sure, it might challenge you to advance your strategy, but the gameplay interface itself is actually super simple. Like we said, the game is nothing more than five-card stud – easy, right? Even if you’re a poker novice, you’ll be able to enjoy the fun.

Of course, the main motivation for playing any kind of online poker is the payouts – and video poker doesn’t disappoint on that front. As you play, you can expect to score some big hands and some massive paydays to match. Plus, since many video poker games are known for having killer RTPs, you can expect to win a lot.

Now, onto the second question: what is the most popular form of video poker? At Ignition Casino, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the games on offer. We have a whopping 11 video poker games that offer ample opportunities to crush the dealer and boost your bankroll.

Jacks or Better is a wildly popular game largely because of how simple it is. It’s an awesome starting point for novices and still offers some good fun to expert players. There are also heaps of variations you can play, including a one-hand version, a three-hand version, and a 10-hand version.

Joker Poker is another awesome option that’s beloved among our members. You might’ve guessed what it’s all about from the name, but we’ll tell ya anyway. Jokers stay in the deck in this game, and you can use ‘em to build winning hands. Just like Jacks or Better, Joker Poker comes in three variations at Ignition Casino: one-hand, three-hand, and ten-hand.

Video Poker Betting Strategy

Thanks to our uber-handy online video poker guide, you should now understand the basics of this iconic game. And what do you do with a strong foundation? You build on it! So, let’s start stacking those bricks with some killer video poker strategy tips to keep in mind as you play.

Get Familiar with Your Pay Tables

As we said before, video poker pays you out based on pay tables, so it’s important to know ‘em and know ‘em well. Lucky for you, this step is heaps easy – the pay tables at Ignition Casino are displayed on the screen as you play.

Keep Your Bankroll Healthy

Maintaining a healthy bankroll is key to success in any casino game, including Ignition Casino video poker. Now, don’t get us wrong – that doesn’t mean you need to have hundreds of thousands in your account. You simply need to have enough for the stakes you want to play (ideally a few hundred bets). Because video poker is a low-edge game, you don’t need to worry about seeing huge variations in your bank balance most of the time. That said, it never hurts to be extra cautious!

Opt for Pairs Instead of High Cards

We’ve all been there: you get a low pair along with some high-ranking standalone cards. You think you’ve got a solid chance of scoring a higher pair or maybe even a Three of a Kind. So, you toss out the pair…only to be left with five unique cards. Oops.

Avoid this rookie mistake in online video poker. At the end of the day, a low pair is still a stronger hand than a high card, so don’t get cocky or overly ambitious. Play smart and win big.

Be Wary of Low Straights

Let’s walk you through a hypothetical five-card hand: J-Q-6s-5s-4s. In this situation, you might be tempted to shoot for the Straight (either 2s-3s-4s-5s-6s or 4s-5s-6s-7s-8). If you land it, it’s a great hand – but it’s tough to get. What’s wiser is chucking those three cards in the hopes of getting another Jack, Queen, or even getting cards that will lead to a higher Straight.