Online Video Poker Game Review

Of all video games, online video poker is hands-down our favourite here at Ignition Casino. Not only does it offer all the excitement of traditional poker (with a modern twist, of course) but you’ll also have the chance to win some killer jackpots. So, what Ignition video poker variations do we offer? Which ones should be at the top of your list and why? In this video poker game review, we break down everything you need to know to get in on the action ASAP!

Ignition Video Poker Variations

Here at Ignition, you know we love to spoil you. You’re so welcome for that, by the way. That’s why we provide multiple Ignition video poker variations, all of which pack a punch. Let’s take a look at the different game styles and what makes them unique:


Bonus Deuces Wild 1 Hand – In this style of online video poker, you get a starting five-card hand. Sounds pretty standard, right? But here’s the catch: you’re not stuck with them. Keep the ones you want and discard the ones you don’t (even if it’s all five!). The cards you chuck away get replaced with new ones to create a full five-card hand. Your aim here is to score at least a Three of a Kind to win a payout. The name might’ve given it away but deuces are wild in this game, meaning they can be used to build all kinds of winning hands.

Double Double  Bonus Poker 1 Hand – Offering next-level fun and even better payouts, this variation of online video poker is a guaranteed good time. There are no wilds in this one, making it a little trickier to make a winning hand. Because of that, though, the jackpots are even more rewarding! Your ideal hand is a Four of a Kind; land that and the game will split these into four distinct hands, giving you even more chances to win! But don’t worry – this game operates on a generous pay table, so you can still get paid even if you get an inferior hand.

Jacks or Better (1-hand 3 -hand, and  10-hand variations) – Allow us to introduce the most popular of all Ignition video poker variations: Jacks or Better! This online video poker game is so beloved largely because of its simplicity. Gameplay starts just like the other versions: you’re dealt five cards to create a starting five-card hand. You’ll be paid based on the strength of your final hand in line with the game’s hand rankings (which can be found here). The player must have a minimum of a pair of Jacks (hence the name) to get a payout. But if you’ve got something better, your rewards will increase!

Joker Poker (1 -hand, 3-hand, and 10-hand variations) – Joker Poker is super simple: it’s exactly like Jacks or Better, but the Jokers remain in the deck as wilds. Just like Jacks or Better, you can play Joker Poker in 1-hand, 3-hand, or 10-hand variations.

Why We Love It: Top 5 Features

Awesome Payout Odds

It’s relatively easy to score a payout in online video poker games. Jacks or Better has basically set the standard in terms of pay tables as well as the RTP (which sits at a generous 99.54%). That means that most online video poker variations will pay you very well for a pair of Jacks or stronger. Plus, in online video poker, you’re not facing off against other gamers – it’s just you and the virtual dealer! As a result, your odds of winning some cash are even greater.

Low House Edge

Going hand-in-hand with our previous point, most online video poker games feature crazy low-house edges. And when we say low, we’re talking less than 1% kind of low.


There’s nothing that’ll liven up your daily gaming routine like a little variety. That’s another one of the top perks of online video poker: you’ll get heaps of it. As you’ve already seen, there are eight Ignition video poker variations that are sure to give you some thrills and, if you’re savvy enough, some money!

Easy-to-Learn Gameplay

Sometimes, simplicity is key – especially when it comes to online poker. Luckily, the rules of online video are super simple, so you don’t have to be a poker pro to grasp the concept and reap the rewards.


Sure, online video poker may be simple, but it’s not all about luck! In these games, you’ll be required to use a mix of luck and strategy, making it an awesome option if you’re hoping to boost your strategic gameplay. So, not only can online video poker make you a richer player, but it can make you a better player.

Online Video Poker Q&A

Q: How are poker hands ranked in online video poker?

A: The full list of online video poker hand rankings is included below:

FlushFive same-suit cards, but not in consecutive order

Poker Hand NameCard Rankings
Royal FlushA-K-Q-J-10 (same suit)
Straight FlushAny five same-suit cards in consecutive order
Four of a KindAny four cards featuring the same ranking
Full HouseA Three of a Kind + a pair
 Three of a Kind Any three cards featuring the same ranking
 Two Pair Any two pairs
 One Pair Any single pair
 High Card If you have none of these hands, your highest card is your only chance at winning the hand


Q: Can I play online video poker on mobile?

A: Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. Playing online video poker on your mobile is an awesome way to take the action (and the profits) with you everywhere you go. Check out the benefits of playing video poker on mobile here.

Q: Where can I learn more about improving my online video poker strategy?

A: You’re clearly keen to boost your skills on the virtual felt. And may we just say, we are so stoked to see it. To get the low-down on improving your online video poker strategy, check out our video poker betting guide. And while you’re at it, why not check out the guides we’ve got for our other games? Hint hint: our Baccarat betting guide and Blackjack guide are two awesome places to start.

Rating: 9/10 – Perfect for beginners and pros alike, online video poker requires the perfect mix of skill and luck. Full of endless excitement, ample action, and king-sized jackpots, online video poker is among the best of the best on offer here at Ignition Casino.

Online Video Poker is Ideal for Players Who Want:

  • Incredible Jackpots
  • Low House Edge
  • RTP: 99.54%
  • Easy-to-Learn Rules
  • Strategy
  • Luck
  • Variety
  • Mobile Play

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