The online pokies here at Ignition got extra hot this past July for several players. Did they choose the right games? Did they get lucky? Did they pocket some cash? Well, yes, yes and OMG yes! The story of their online casino big wins is all about the jackpots. When you hit them, they can hit back to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars! We’re talking about quarter of a million territory. In fact, our big winners were even more than successful jackpot hunters, because they all landed Hot Drop Jackpots!

Our Hot Drop Jackpots are new and our competitors want ‘em, too. From the first introduction, they immediately set our pokies on fire. They come in three varieties: hourly jackpot, daily jackpot, and super jackpot. You’ve probably already figured out that the hourly prize is generous and must drop every hour (for you math geeks, that’s 24 sizeable jackpots every day). The daily jackpot is hefty (like 5 figures) and has to be won before the end of each day (7 days a week!). And the super jackpot must grow to a certain amount before just about drowning a lucky player in a downpour of cool cash – we’re talking a torrential monsoon.

The thing is that they must drop. Someone must win. No questions. So, if the end of an hour is in sight and you can see the hourly Hot Drop Jackpot glowing – keep spinning! That jackpot is ready to fall from heaven and you want to be directly under it!

To prove our point, check out our biggest July winners. Every one of them hit six-figure pay days by playing our Hot Drop Jackpot games. There’s nothing stopping you from being next!

Sirae K. won $239,714 playing Reels of Fortune Hot Drop Jackpot

Reels of Fortune sounds like the old TV gameshow last hosted by Tim Campbell and Kelly Landry, but we just shamelessly bastardized the name. Clever, right? Maybe not. It’s simply a classic pokie with the familiar cherries, BARs, lucky sevens, and wilds. With its old-school Las Vegas slot style, perhaps Sirae may have thought it looked kind of dirty, because this winner really cleaned up!

Sirae won our Hot Drop Super Jackpot and took home nearly $240,000 dollorydoos. The super is the jackpot that grows and grows until just before it reaches the maximum. This player was spinning the reels at exactly the right time when suddenly the heavens opened up and out poured 239 gorillas!

It’s quite simple how our Hot Drop Jackpots work. Just look for the three HDJ crowns to land on the reels. In Reels of Fortune, it only requires three crowns to land anywhere on the reels to reveal the Hot Drop Jackpot wheel. You spin that wheel and it pays out whatever jackpot that lands: daily, hourly, or the Godzilla city-destroyer super.

You’re probably wondering if we can provide a few tips. Keep reading:

  • You increase your chance of winning with bigger bets. Your chance of being a big winner by landing a Hot Drop Jackpot increases with your wager amount. The more you bet, the more likely you’re could land a Hot Drop Jackpot. Go boldly forth and come in first!
  • Closer to the deadline jacks up your chance of winning. Near the end of each hour – if the hourly jackpot hasn’t been awarded – your chances get red hot. It could reach 100% for a lucky player spinning for one of the must-win jackpots. It’s exactly the same for the daily and super jackpots. Watch for the Hot Drop crowns.

Sirae may have felt the Super Jackpot total rising, but anytime the Hot Drop wheel appears, knowing what’s next is impossible. Everyone loves to relax, play the pokies, and zone out. But when a Hot Drop Jackpot wheel suddenly appears, no one imagines that it will lead to such a huge payout.

Imagine the look on Sirae’s face when seeing the $239,714 winning jackpot! Now imagine your face when it happens to you!

Christopher B. won $243,812 playing Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpot

In some small town like so many small towns, Christopher B. played our Golden Buffalo game. Maybe there was country music in the background. Or reggae. Or grunge. Or Beethoven. Whatever sets the mood. Perhaps he was fantasizing about being a singer or a dancer. We have no way of knowing. But something happened to make him sit up straight and rub his non-believing eyes.

Chris was about to enter jackpot casino nirvana!

Like Sirae’s experience with Reels of Fortune, Christopher landed a super Hot Drop Jackpot. All he needed was for the Hot Drop Jackpot crowns to land anywhere on the reels – like a usual bonus feature. And OMG, mate. They showed up! He spun the Hot Drop Jackpot wheel, watched the wedges blur by… hourly, daily, super, hourly, daily, super… when suddenly it stopped on the Super and more than two hundred and forty thousand dollars were his! Nearly a quarter of a million!

You know that good luck feeling you sometimes get playing the pokies? Yeah, that. Only with a big payout. Trust your feelings and it may be returned by the hundreds of thousands!

Samantha D. won $247,246 playing 777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpot

Samantha (can we call you Sammy?) played a pokie that’s renowned for being one of the most generous on our site. 777 Deluxe’s reputation for paying out oodles of cash started the day we launched it. That’s due to the progressive jackpot that pays out when you land three golden 7s in the bonus round.

However, this month it was the fault of the Hot Drop Jackpot feature that other casinos fear, because it pays off regularly!

Samantha must have been leisurely watching the classic neon symbols spinning around, before fate suddenly changed her entire life. The Hot Drop symbols blessed her game, then the HDJ wheel blew up her Ignition account with crazy amounts of money! We like to imagine that Sam is going to have a lot of fun days coming with all that extra cashing floating around… and around.

Let’s get your name in here!

Our Ignition Casino pokies and table games regularly award huge payouts and gigantic jackpots. But when we put Hot Drop Jackpots on the menu, everything went absolutely wild here at Ignition. If you’re looking for life-changing money, come to Ignition, put down your wagers, and spin the reels for great times and good fortune! We’d love to see you become one of our big winners!

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