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Making it Rain in May: Check out May’s big winners

At Ignition Casino, May 2022 has been a BIG month full of BIG winners. As one of the best jackpot casinos ever (not to toot our own horn or anything), we’re all about serving up online casino big wins. With a killer range of jackpot pokies and other jackpot games, there’s no shortage of ways to score an epic payday.

Don’t believe us? Well, lucky for you, we’ve got some receipts. Let’s check out our Ignition Casino big winners of May, where they’re from, how much they won and more.


Last month, Reels & Wheels XL was one of the most profitable jackpot pokies here at Ignition Casino. And you know what they say: some things never change.

Just ask Morvarid from California, who walked away with a jaw-dropping prize of $657,615. We’ll give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Reels & Wheels XL is a lot like the traditional version of the game, only bigger, badder, and way more profitable (if you’re lucky, of course). It features the same nostalgic, 90s theme complete with fruit and playing card ranking symbols. But this jackpot pokie features five reels and 20 lines, giving you heaps more chances to win.

The best part? You’ll have access to the exact same free spins, Jackpot Wheel, and Bonus Wheel – all of which are key ingredients in skyrocketing that bank balance. The Jackpot Wheel gives you the chance to win one of five prizes, while the Bonus Wheel could score you up to 500x your original bet.

Don’t act so shocked – we told ya we were big wins casino, didn’t we?

David P. from Texas, US Won $266,250 on Reels and Wheels XL

That’s right – another casino big winner won on Reels and Wheels XL! We weren’t exaggerating when we said this game was lucrative.

David P. also saw some mad success on this jackpot pokie during the month of May. After some savvy plays and a little visit from Lady Luck, David managed to score a $266,250 payout. If you ask us, a quarter-of-a-mil payday is not too shabby.

Like we said before, Reels and Wheels XL offers so many chances to win some unreal jackpots. Of all jackpot games, Reels and Wheels XL has some of the best progressive jackpots on the market. Limitless excitement, supersized prizes – what more could you ask for?

Brian C. from OH, US Won $208,578 on Let ‘Em Ride Classic

Over in Ohio, Brian boosted his bankroll with over $200k this month, making him of our Ignition Casino big winners! And what game served him his lucky day? Let ‘Em Ride Classic.

Let ‘Em Ride Classic has “classic” in its name for a reason – it’s a can’t-miss staple in any jackpot casino. So, it should come as no shock that it’s a go-to for many Ignition Casino members, too.

In Let ‘Em Ride Classic, anything above a pair of 10s will score you a payout. Sounds pretty sweet, right? The game kicks off with you receiving three cards face-up before two community cards are thrown on the table face-down. Assess your three cards and decide whether you want to raise or cruise into the next round. Next, the dealer turns over the first community card to reveal its ranking. Another round of betting takes place, giving you another chance to increase your wager. Then, the dealer reveals the second and last community card. If you managed to nab a pair of 10s or higher, all that’s left to do is collect your winnings!

If you get lucky enough, you could be looking at an out-of-this-world payday. We know what you’re wondering: how big are we talking? Well, if you manage to land the ever-elusive Royal Flush, you’ll multiply your wager by 1,000x. But that’s not all – a Straight Flush pays out 200:1, a Four of a Kind pays out 50:1, and a Full House will reward you with an 11:1 payout.

Plus, there’s even a Progressive Jackpot button that lets you chuck an extra side bet of $1 to go in the running for the progressive jackpot. While it’s totally optional, we definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a next-level prize.

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A new month means new winners – and you might be one of ‘em! Of course, the only way to make that dream a reality is to start playing. So, pull up a chair, log into your Ignition Casino account and put your money where your mouth is.

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