From Poker to Casino betting: Make the switch in X easy steps

Are you a poker player limiting yourself by not taking advantage of the huge variety of casino games at Ignition? We get it. Poker players find it tough to break up their gaming. The poker rooms are usually kept apart from the rest in a live casino. And when you’re playing online, you’re using software that has no connection to the rest of the casino games. We do things differently.

Even if money isn’t your number one goal, playing a variety of online games is good for your brain. Some blackjack, an hour of craps, spinning a few slot machines can help take the load off an intense poker session and be enjoyable when we make it easy. The Ignition poker client allows you to access our casino games directly from the poker client, without needing to open your browser.

Transition Seamlessly from Poker to Casino

We believe that poker players want to play more casino games but it has been too easy to get locked in with no easy way to explore the rest of what Ignition has to offer. Poker is still as vibrant and exciting as always, but players sometimes enjoy a break with a few quick visits to other table games and slots. It’s a refreshing change of strategies and thinking that can end up giving your poker chops a tweak when you return to the felt.


We offer a seamless user interface that allows you to easily switch from poker to casino or casino to poker. Our poker software has built in casino games that you can play directly without switching the software.

When you download our poker software and log into your Ignition poker client, a list of available games will appear near the top-left corner, starting with Zone Poker and ending with Casino Games. Simply click on that last button and you can play all the same games you’d find at Ignition Casino. The display will indicate the most popular casino games being played, plus a search bar will help you instantly find your favorites.

We’ve also added a list of available games at Ignition by category: Table Games, Slot Games, Video Poker, Progressives, and Specialty Games. If there’s one game you tend to play more than the others, just go to Recent Games and you’ll find it there.

Back when this new Casino-in-Poker feature wasn’t added, the only other casino game you could play in the Ignition poker client was blackjack. Now you can play all our Ignition Casino games, with exactly the same functionality you’ll find in the Casino client. And as usual, you can choose between the real play or practice play mode when you play at Ignition. Take it for a test drive, tell us what you think. We’re going to keep rolling out new innovations to take your experience to enjoyable new levels.


Take a break from the felt to wander over to the casino side of Ignition gaming, where poker is still revered, but played in different ways. Here are some games we believe poker players will love.

  • PAI GOW POKER: The ancient Chinese card game of pai gow is combined with classic American poker. Pai Gow poker is one of the most exciting games at Ignition. The game is a challenge that keeps things interesting without spoiling the fun. This guide explains all you need to know to play Pai Gow poker games at Ignition Casino including the rules and the best odds online. Bring your poker skills and be ready for some twists and turns.
  • TRI-CARD POKER: This quick and easy game starts with your ante bet before starting the action. You get three face-up cards and the dealer gets three face-down cards. Got the cards to take down the dealer? Raise the stakes with a second bet. If not, you should know what to do. To qualify, the dealer needs to hit a queen or higher, and you need a straight or better to earn an ante bonus. Standard ante and raise wins are even-money.
  • JOKER POKER: In this draw poker game jokers are wild and used to build winning hands. You start with five cards and select the keepers. Discard and replace the rest with new cards by hitting draw. You need a pair of kings minimum to win a payout. If you win, you can move to a double or nothing round. The dealer will pick a card and reveal it to you. Select a card of higher value from the four face-down cards and you’re doubling your winnings. Feeling frisky? Try Joker Poker 3 Hands and Joker Poker 10 Hands.
  • BLACKJACK: Let’s call this a first cousin to poker for players who enjoy quick rounds that can quickly get complicated — and profitable. Play up to three hands competing against the dealer for the higher score. Double, hit, stand, surrender and insurance are all available options in this six-deck version that forces the dealer to hit on soft 17. Perfect scores of 21 in the initial two-hand deal are rewarded with 3:2 payouts, while all other wins are paid even-money.

So, we’ve made a direct connection from your favorite poker games and tournaments to the hottest, most exciting and most generous games online.

Our new poker client software can link you to hundreds of different online slots, along with dozens of table games, video poker and specialty games like Keno. The best news is that you can switch back to poker with ease anytime you like.


We haven’t forgotten our mobile players, either. Now you can poker AND in the casino whenever and wherever you feel like it. Ignition Poker is compatible with mobile gameplay, which means you the action is all in your hands, all the time!

On the mobile Ignition Poker client, you can play on a dynamic, portrait-mode interface. Hold your phone vertically as you would when sending a text or browsing your apps. The mobile function makes it easy to swipe through several interfaces – between poker tables and casino games, for example – for a seamless and exciting experience.

Get more details about Ignition mobile poker and how it can boost your enjoyment of our poker and casino games.


You’ve already won before you started playing because the Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus is the welcome everyone wants — cash! You automatically qualify for this bonus when you make your first deposit.

The Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus comes in two parts: the casino bonus and the poker bonus. Depending on your deposit method, you could earn up to $1,500 in bonus cash to spend in either or both gaming categories.

It gets better. If you make your first deposit with any cryptocurrency, we boost your bonus up to $3,000 ($1,500 for each category). Whether you’re playing poker or casino games, you can take advantage of this incredible offer, making it both easy and enticing to switch back and forth.



Switching from online poker to online casino games couldn’t be easier. Download the Ignition Poker client today to take full advantage of our casino-in-poker software.

Get ready to explore (and maybe dominate?) more than 300 thrilling games, including our growing roster of Hot Drop Jackpots dropping Ignition Casino’s biggest rewards. Our gaming client with friendly interface is waiting for you to take it for a test drive.