7 Ways Our Poker Client will enhance your playing experience

If you love playing online poker, you’ve lovecome to the right place. And you’re going to find a home in the Ignition Poker client. The easy-to-use interface opens a world you can explore that features a tremendous selection of online poker features that include crypto betting, customizable setups, anonymous tables plus an awesome portrait mode interface that makes it even easier to play Ignition games on mobile. These first-rate features can increase your playing power, flexibility, and freedom. This guide details the top seven best features and benefits you can expect from the Ignition Poker client. Plus, you will learn about one of our biggest advantages of all (and loaded with bonuses): depositing with crypto.


Sometimes you just feel like playing a few hands of Hold’em or a fast game of Omaha Hi-Lo. But it’s disappointing if you can’t satisfy your desires. The Ignition Poker client ensures you never have to worry about it. With the Ignition Poker client on mobile, it’s super easy to get in on the fun anywhere, anytime. Our mobile poker interface’s convenient portrait mode allows you to simply hold your smartphone or tablet vertically and the tables automatically change to fit your screen. Then you can effortlessly swipe between interfaces to make your gaming experience incredibly convenient.


Value your privacy? Go incognito with Anonymous Tables. This function completely hides your identity when you take your seat at an online poker table. Your opponents won’t know who you are or how you play, nor will they have a clue about how to beat you. Leveling the playing field can improve your chances of taking down your competitors and winning big.


It can really help to refine your strategies by taking a look at your past plays. Our hand history feature reveals everything! It allows you to analyze your past hands across cash games, STTs and MTTs.

And it gets better! With the hand history feature you can download the stories behind all the players who played in an eligible tournament or cash game. Imagine your advantage by being able to see every competitor’s hole cards and watch how the hands were played.


One of our greatest online poker features – because all action and no waiting – at Ignition is Zone Poker. If your poker adrenaline is pumping and you’re looking for some excitement or you need some fast-paced action, Zone Poker is most likely the perfect fit. The instant you fold your hand at a Zone Poker table, you’re redirected to a new table and right back into the action. You now have more volume and more chances to win. Plus, the playing field is leveled to protect you from the circling sharks and giving you the chance to take on greener players.


Poker is a fun game that takes no prisoners so it’s always best to go big or go home. With the Ignition Poker client’s all-in percentage feature, going big to win big is a cinch.

When you go all-in with any of our poker games, a percentage bar will show up on your screen beneath each standing player’s cards. The percentage shows their win probability and keeps updating after every action. You end up staying in the know over the entire game, while your increased playing power leads to bigger and better results.


It’s always more comfortable to play at a poker table that feels familiar… like a comfortable recliner .The Ignition Poker client offers a simple way to introduce your personality into your gameplay.

You begin by personalizing your table’s appearance. Our poker table skins offer you a choice of five distinct colors – magenta, blue, red, orange and green. Make your choice by going over to Settings and clicking Table Settings. Then use the dropdown menu to see your options.


We are big fans of crypto at Ignition. In fact, most of our players have made the switch and no one’s going back to the restrictions, road blocks and fees banks and financial institutions love laying on players like you. Crypto betting is the new norm and now’s the time to take full advantage of all the benefits and bonuses we have for you.

Let’s start with all the cryptocurrencies we accept at Ignition:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • USD Tether (USDT)

Depositing crypto brings you much more freedom and flexibility, and can even bring in some extra cash. Our Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus is the perfect example. Sure, this bonus offers credit card depositors up to $2,000 in extra cash, but that number leaps up to $3,000 when you deposit crypto.


If you’re interested in the world of crypto at Ignition, we can help you get into the world of digital currency and reap some enormous benefits.

Take a few moments to visit our crypto deposit guide and crypto FAQ where you can learn a ton about how to deposit with crypto. We make it easy to open an exchange account, purchase your choice of cryptocurrency and make deposits into your Ignition account by taking you through every step of the process.

Once you have all the information, you’ll feel confident when navigating the world of crypto betting and cashing in on all our other online poker benefits. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Ignition poker tables!