Poker Tournaments




People have been playing poker for centuries, and with the Internet explosion, poker reached heights never before dreamed of. Now, with just a computer or mobile device, anyone can play poker online for real money. The game has tons of variations, with Texas Hold’Em as the most popular. If you need tips on how to play or the basic rules, we’ve got you covered. Once you get them down, you’ll be ready for Ignition Poker’s real money tables.

The basic idea is similar to other kinds of poker. You’ll be seated at a virtual table with other players. Each player antes (or bets) money into the central pool called the “pot.” If you’ve got a strong hand, you’ll probably be betting and trying to increase the size of the pot. Have weak cards? You probably don’t want to pay to see more cards on the turn and river (the 4th and 5th community cards dealt out). Then again, poker is all about bluffing. Maybe you’ll do the opposite of what’s expected to throw your opponent off! In the end, if you win the hand, you win the pot and pull a bunch of chips into your personal stack.