Omaha Poker

The exact origin of Omaha Hold’em is not known. WSOP winner Robert Turner is thought to have invented the game and brought it to Vegas. It’s grown in casinos and card rooms around the world ever since, and you can play Omaha online right here at Ignition.

When it comes to Ignition poker games, Texas Hold’Em usually hogs the spotlight. But Omaha is a super fun variation that players should give a chance. Some famous players have made their entire reputation playing Omaha poker! When you need a break from the limited possibilities of two-card poker like Texas Hold’Em, Omaha is the perfect poker variation to fire up. Omaha at Ignition includes cash games, tournaments, and special events all year round. With four cards in hand, you can flop a monster more often than ever before!

This section contains everything you need to know about Omaha. Browse through our library of articles and learn about rules, strategy, how to win and more.

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