How to Improve your mobile gaming setup

Ages ago, people probably thought mobile gaming would never be any good. But now, some people prefer it over any other type. It’s super convenient, simple, and can be just as fun as desktop or console gaming.
For casinos especially, mobile gaming offers a ton of advantages. You don’t have to drive down to a casino and waste time in the car. You don’t have to sit in a cloud of smoke (unless you want to). And you don’t have to even get off the couch! Mobile casino games meet you wherever you are. It’s the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Your favorite chair, couch, or bed is your personal casino.

But how can we make mobile casino gaming even better? Here’s a few of our best tips to boost the experience and take away some of the more annoying things about gaming on mobile.

Add a mobile game controller

Your mobile device has a limited screen size. So putting your fingers in the way reduces the screen even further! Bah to that! Meet the mobile game controller:

Now your hands are out of the way. In fact, they’re quite comfortable resting on the controller. Instead of a rectangle brick, you’ve got something ergonomic. You can really feel the difference when you play. It might seem like overkill for casino games, but some players swear by it.

There’s also controllers that attach to the ends of your phone for a Nintendo Switch-style setup. If you’re tired of dropping the phone, fumbling around, or just aren’t into tapping, look into mobile game controllers.

It could be a game changer!

Get good Wi-Fi

Ok, this sounds ridiculous. No doubt, some of you are rolling your eyes. “Of course you connect to Wi-Fi. Everyone knows that!” But the thing is, some of you just checked your phone and switched Wi-Fi back on. It’s those folks that we’re talking about.

We often toggle Wi-Fi off while we’re out and about. We want to stop getting those annoying notifications while our friendly phone tries to connect to every damn network we pass on the road! When we get home, we forget to turn it back on, and it slows down our game connection. We’re running on data, and even though 5G is next gen, there’s no substitute for a great home Wi-Fi connection. It speeds you up and makes things way smoother and more reliable.

Connect to Wi-Fi for better mobile gaming!

Settings – Refresh, MSAA, and More

There are video settings that can smooth out your game, speed up visuals, and just in general make things nicer.
First, do a settings search for “refresh rate.” Moving to a higher hertz setting will smooth things out. It drains your battery faster, but can totally be worth it for certain visual-heavy games. You might notice a difference with some of those pretty Ignition Casino slots!

Similarly, going into developer options may give you the ability to force 4x MSAA. This is multisample anti-aliasing. No need to sweat the technical details. Just toggle it and see if you get an improvement.

(You’re now officially a l337 hax0r, btw.)

Get rid of clutter

As we use our phones, they tend to become cluttered with various apps and files. By performing some storage and data cleanup, you can improve mobile gaming performance. This may mean simply closing apps that don’t need to run all the time or deleting them off your phone entirely.

Anything that’s taking up processor capacity can be an opportunity for performance. If you haven’t had a look at your phone in ages, there’s probably a bunch of apps you haven’t used in months or years. De-clutter these items and your phone could get a nice boost!

Pick up some decent headphones or pods

Sound can be an overlooked part of the mobile gaming experience. It’s not just bleeps and bloops. The music and sound design is a carefully-worked part of each game. A decent pair of headphones or AirPods can really make a difference in getting immersed into a game. Instead of heading the sounds of your home (or wherever you happen to be), you get to hear the sounds of a new world. This could be relaxing, exciting, or just an escape. Don’t sleep on sound – it can really turn a casino session into a mini-vacation!

Upgrade to the latest model

Hey, put some of those winnings to work and snag an upgrade, if you can! An old phone may not offer great performance. Many phone providers offer trade-in deals, so check with your carrier. You might be able to get the latest phone for free, if you’re lucky.

Once you’re using the latest tech, you get speed, prettier visuals, and can run more complex games. If you’re into other mobile games in addition to casino favorites, this can be a huge plus. Whether you like Apple or Android, using an updated device is the way to go.

Find or buy a comfortable seat

It doesn’t have to be a gaming chair. It doesn’t even have to be fancy. You just need a comfy spot to play casino games from. If you’re stuck in a spot that is uncomfortable, it’s going to affect your experience. Take a moment to find a good place to sit or even lie down when you play.

If you can’t find one, consider buying one! You might be surprised at just how much nicer it is to game from a comfy spot. It doesn’t have to be something new, either. In fact, sometimes used furniture is the most comfortable thing in the world.

Get a long charger cord

It’s super annoying to feel tethered to the outlet. A longer charger cord is a cheap upgrade that you can get and totally free yourself. No more being pressed to the wall or taking an uncomfortable position just because you’re a slave to a short cord. Get a super long one and live in luxury.

Sit in any spot you like with a big mobile cord – just don’t turn it into a tripwire for your family.

9. Play with Crypto

No one likes to wait to get paid—especially after hitting a big jackpot. Crypto makes it possible to get play, deposit and get paid almost instantly once your withdrawal is authorized, making your online casino experience even better. If you don’t already play with crypto, the process is fairly simple.

Crypto Guide

Enjoy amazing mobile games!

We hope these tips give you a great mobile experience. Remember, it’s not just casino games, table games, and slots. You can play mobile poker, too. See you on the little screen!