Matchpay: Trading Your Credits with Ignition Players has never been so easy

Everything you need to know about Matchpay at Ignition Casino

An innovative deposit and withdrawal method for online gaming is available to Ignition Casino players and it’s going to change the way you play. It’s called MatchPay and we’re among the few sites that offer this option. Basically, it lets online players purchase parts of other Ignition members’ account balances and add the money to their own accounts. It’s quick, easy and completely safe.

What is Matchpay?

MatchPay is a peer-to-peer platform designed to allow Ignition members to trade account credits with other members. You can trade all or part of your Ignition Casino account balance through PayPal, Apple Pay, Chime, Zelle, CashApp or Venmo. Once you choose your preferred method, you are instantly matched with other players to initiate a trade.

If you want to make a deposit or withdrawal with MatchPay, you simply need to create an account. Provide and validate your email address and phone number, then create your ID and password. Your account is linked exclusively to your Ignition account and you can’t use it for any other trades.

Fast and Simple Signup

Creating your MatchPay account is done from the Ignition Casino website. Click the icon at the top right-hand corner of the page. Then select Deposit from the pop-up menu. Choose MatchPay from the available payment methods and click Join Now. Enter your name and date of birth, and create a username before entering the email address registered to your Ignition Casino account.

You can increase your chances of finding a match by entering your phone number to receive trade notifications as they come in. Staying on top allows you to reap the benefits. You then activate your account by clicking the link in the MatchPay email sent to you. Now you can start trading.

When you want to purchase a deposit, go your MatchPay account and create an Order that will match you with users who’d like to sell you that amount. An Ignition Casino deposit request is a MatchPay Order and the credit you purchase through MatchPay gets converted to US dollars to play with at Ignition Casino.

If you’re looking to sell a withdrawal, the amount you specify gets removed from your Ignition Casino account balance and, after approval, the funds are made available for you to create an Offer in that amount.

Every trade is guaranteed to be quick and secure, and trades can only be done through PayPal, Apple Pay, Chime, Zelle, CashApp or Venmo. Your credit balance cannot be sent directly to your bank account. It can be found under the withdrawable balance listed on your Ignition Casino account. Just click the profile icon at the top of any page.

Your Matchpay Advantages

Whether you’re looking to purchase a deposit or sell a withdrawal, MatchPay’s peer-to-peer platform connects you with other Ignition Casino players seeking trades, plus a ton of advantages:

  • No fees – every transaction is 100% free
  • No more credit card restrictions – no more unsuccessful deposits
  • Very quick withdrawals – acquire a match and get the money in minutes
  • Using PayPal, Apple Pay, Chime, Zelle, CashApp or Venmo is how you improve your chances of matching with users who are ready to trade – your transaction is instant
  • A safe, encrypted third-party application you can trust

You’ll be matched with thousands of Ignition members who are ready to buy your credits or sell you theirs.

Deposits and Withdrawals Are Easier Than Ever

MatchPay is a revolutionary way to deposit and withdraw at Ignition Casino. It’s quick, easy, safe and 100% free. Other deposit methods vary. But you can also use your credit, debit, a gift card or a voucher code, or you can use cryptocurrency, which is 100% free of additional fees at Ignition.

If you’re using a gift card, make sure it clearly states that it will be good for International and Online Purchases as domestic-use only cards do not work.

Another reason to choose MatchPay is that depositing with a credit, debit or gift card is not 100% guaranteed because some cards are restricted by the issuer or your financial institution.

At Ignition, we also offer a wide range of other payment or withdrawal methods to claim your winnings. The majority of withdrawals can be requested with cryptocurrency, check by courier, bank wire and vouchers. We strongly suggest verifying the following before withdrawing from your account:

  • Your withdrawal method may depend on your deposit method
  • We process large withdrawal requests in the manner we believe is most suitable
  • As stated in our Terms of Service, you may be required to complete a Credit Card Verification Form for one or more credit cards you’ve used to deposit


The one thing we are known for at Ignition Casino is our commitment to making your gaming experience fun, exciting, profitable and, above all, super easy and safe. No fees, no credit card restrictions, instant transactions, quick withdrawals and total security. That how we assure you can play anytime, anywhere, with absolutely zero hassles.