POKER FAQ: Your Top Online Poker Questions Answered

Poker Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do you get started with online poker? Where should you create your account? Is online poker even legal?

We created this top poker FAQ to help answer all your poker frequently asked questions. If you’re wondering how online poker sites work, read on. We’ll also cover profit expectations, tournaments versus live games, and whether you need to download software to play.

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1. What’s the difference between live and online poker?

The main difference online is that you can’t see the other players. When you play poker live, it’s like you’re the police in a crime drama. All the other players are under investigation. You can see player tells like where they look, how they handle their chips, and their posture. You interrogate them with your eyes, and see who’s really holding out on you!

Online, on the other hand, every player is safe behind their screen. You have to rely on more subtle information – things like how fast they click to check, or even where the slider landed when they picked their raise amount. There are some HUGE conveniences, though:

  • You don’t have to drive down to a casino or card room (or pay for gas).
  • You don’t have to put your name on a list and wait and wait for the right table to open up.
  • You’re not restricted to certain hours of play – you can get a full game any time you like.
  • There’s a ton of variety – all game types and ante amounts are there for you.
  • Tournaments are kicking off all the time – there’s no need to schedule anything around them.

2. Can you trust online poker sites?

This is one of the most requested questions in our online poker FAQ. The fact is, modern poker sites like Ignition Casino are fully reliable and stable. Thousands of players come and go each day, smoothly making deposits and getting their withdrawals on time. We are well funded and well managed. We ensure iron clad compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and best practices. We also added Bitcoin and crypto transactions to become even more secure and dependable. You’re in good hands.

3. How does online poker work?

It’s a pretty simple process. A lot of poker frequently asked questions boil down to how exactly you get into a game and get the party started! Here are the steps:

  1. Create your Ignition account
  2. Deposit funds to your account using your desired payment method
  3. Pull up the poker tab on Ignition
  4. Find the type of game you like (low limit cash games, Texas Hold’Em or Omaha, tournaments, etc.)
  5. Select your desired game
  6. You’ll go to your seat at a virtual poker table with other players
  7. After you ante up from your chips, you’ll be dealt into the game
  8. The poker software will prompt you when it’s your turn to act
  9. There are buttons for available actions (check, fold, bet, raise)
  10. If you’re playing a cash game, you can leave whenever you want. For Ignition tournaments, you can play until you win or get eliminated.
  11. You play whenever you want – 24/7!

4. What are the best poker sites?

The best poker sites like Ignition have a few things in common:

  • They have a stable reputation and high ratings on review websites.
  • They weren’t founded yesterday. They’ve operated continuously for years.
  • They run verified fair and accurate software.
  • They follow applicable laws and regulations.
  • Deposit and withdrawal transactions are smooth and reliable.
  • There’s a big player base and a wide variety of games.
  • There are promotions and bonuses. This makes it extra profitable to submit deposits, refer friends, and play games.

5. Is Ignition Casino legal in the US? 

Ignition does not operate in New Jersey, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York and Missouri. Ignition accepts players from all other states as of December 2021. Please refer back to our top poker FAQ for updates as this information may change.

6. Is online poker profitable?

Definitely, if you play your cards right (we couldn’t resist). It could be the most profitable thing you ever do. For the top pros, annuals profits can be in the millions. Many other professional players make a respectable living playing online poker. But they all started somewhere.

First, they read about poker frequently asked questions. Knowing how to get in the game is where it all kicks off.

 7. How can you play online poker with friends?

Tell a friend Poker Promotion at Ignition Casino

Our top poker FAQ would be incomplete if it didn’t talk about how to make poker social! One of our best promotions is the Tell a Friend Bonus. This gets you a whopping 200% of your friend’s first deposit up to $100. You also get an extra $25 when their deposit is made using Crypto. Bring in all the casino, gaming, and poker fans you know – it will get you paid in the shade!

8. Do I have to download a poker software to play?

There’s two main ways to get hot poker action at Ignition Casino:

  1. Mobile poker on your phone. With Ignition mobile poker, you can play poker on the bus, in a doctor’s office waiting room, or even at a bar. Just head to and login. After that, you can play right in your browser – no download needed.
  2. Download the Ignition client for your laptop or desktop. If you want to play on your “big boy/girl” computer, just download Ignition software and get in the game. The mobile URL version has everything you need to play poker. But with the desktop version, you get a faster, smoother, more feature-rich game.

9. What’s the best option: play poker on desktop or on mobile? 

This online poker FAQ isn’t the final word on this point. In reality, it’s up to you. If your best poker time is during lunch break at work, mobile is great. If you’d rather come home and sink into a session after dinner, the desktop version will give you an amazing poker experience. Some poker frequently asked questions are best answered for yourself. Okay time for a few final rapid fire questions and answers to wrap things up:

  • What’s the difference between limit and no limit poker? With no limit, you can bet all the chips you have at any time.
  • What is poker rake? Casinos take a small amount from each poker pot as a fee. This is how poker sites make money and fund operations.
  • What stakes can I play for? You may be able to find poker games with blinds as low as $.01/.02. Or as high as $200/400.
  • What’s the next step for a new player? Join Ignition Casino