Financial FAQ: All About Deposit and withdrawals

Financial FAQ at Ignition Casino Our online casino is loads of fun to play at. We’ve got games galore and it’s all just waiting for you to hop in. But there’s something to do before you can play. You need money to wager. It takes money to make money, after all.

But for those who are new, financial transactions can be confusing. How do I get money to my Ignition Casino account? Where does it go? Can I use my credit card? What’s up with crypto? If I win big, how do I get my money back? All these questions and more are answered below in this general financial FAQ.

If you don’t see a question below, be sure to check our Help Center for more details and information. You can also join our forum and chat with reps and players there for another way to get info.

Ignition Casino frequently asked questions

1.What Is MatchPay?

This is one of our top casino questions. MatchPay is a convenient way to make withdrawals and deposits with the help of other players. The MatchPay platform just uses credits, and no money moves through the platform.

Let’s say you want to withdraw your funds from Ignition Casino using MatchPay. Go to your Ignition profile and click withdraw, and choose MatchPay as the method. You’ll have to create a MP account, and you can then decide how much you’re trying to withdraw. This amount will show up as credits on MatchPay, and be deducted from your Ignition balance.

Now you need to find a transfer partner. To do that, post a MatchPay offer. You’re selling your MatchPay credits. To pay you for these, your partner is going to send you money using your chosen popular payment platform (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp). Once you confirm payment receipt on that platform, your MatchPay credits will transfer to that person. Your withdrawal is then complete.

Matchpay transactions at Ignition Casino

You can do this in reverse to make a deposit. Submit an order on MatchPay to buy some credits. Once you’ve got a transfer partner, send money using the chosen platform. Then, they will confirm that they have funds, and credits will go to your MatchPay account. You can then convert these credits to funds in your Ignition account.

No money goes through MatchPay. Only MatchPay credits are traded there. The purpose of the platform is to match you up with transfer partners and exchange credits. These partners send funds to you on other platforms. You can also send funds to them, depending on what transaction you need.

No more declined transactions. No more delays. It’s a helpful way to move money to and from Ignition. Check our MatchPay FAQ to get more details and info.

2.What are my different balances?

This is an important question to answer in this Ignition Casino FAQ. Let’s look at an example account:

Ignition Casino Account

Available to Withdraw – these funds can be withdrawn. There are no additional restrictions on them.

Bonus Funds – you earned these from a match or cash bonus. This shows you some nice extra coin you made at Ignition!

Locked Funds – some bonuses and matches are subject to playthrough requirements. You have to wager a certain amount to unlock them and make them available for withdrawal. More info on rollover/playthrough is here. You can get more info on these balances in our Help Center.

3. Which crypto is the best currency to play with at Ignition Casino?

cryptocurrency methods at Ignition Casino

Our financial casino FAQ doesn’t have a preferred crypto. That’s up to you! The best crypto is the one you like best, the one that’s most convenient, or the one you’re already familiar with. You don’t have to use a certain type at Ignition.

At the time of this writing, we support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV. If you want to compare them, we’ve got a handy chart up on this page from our crypto section of the Help Center.

To give a little preview, Bitcoin has the fastest deposit speed, but comes with the biggest fees. Please note that none are charged by Ignition. Litecoin and Ethereum are slower for deposits, but carry lower fees. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV are fast and low fee options. Other than that, it also can help to consider investment potential of the cryptocurrency you choose. Some offer huge return multiples if you get in at the right time!

Ignition casino cryptocurrency options

4. What are the best deposit options and why?

This remains one of our top casino questions as players transition from credit cards to crypto. Traditional payment methods like your Visa, Mastercard, or Amex are bound up in a lot of red tape. They take a long time to process, and carry the risk of transfer failure. There might also be surprising fees. That’s why so many players opt for the convenience of crypto.

Crypto transfers like Bitcoin are faster, more reliable, and more secure. A transfer with a credit card could take days. A bitcoin transfer can be done in 15 minutes. And credit cards have you jumping through hoops and trying to figure out how to make a transfer work. Bitcoin deposits> work the same simple way, every time.

5. How long does it take to process a deposit/withdrawal?

As we said above in our Ignition Casino FAQ, crypto deposits are incredibly fast. Withdrawals are similar, although they require a bit more time to confirm. You generally receive your funds within 24-48 hours after you submit your request, if not faster.

6. Is it safe to use my credit/debit card at gambling sites?

While crypto is by far the best option, it may still be possible to use your credit or debit card at our site. If you prefer this method, we will work with you to complete transfers.

Our commitment to player security and privacy remains a top priority. We use state of the art encryption and data security protocols and tools to ensure that your information will remain safe. We know that trust is at the center of online gambling. For that reason, we do all that we can to earn and protect our reputation for reliability.

7. What are the withdrawal/deposit fees and limits?

This is one of our top casino questions from high rollers. The answer is that it depends on the method you choose. If you want to max out a deposit, Bitcoin is best. The limit is $5,000. Credit cards are limited to $1,500 deposits. Additional details can be vouchers, though, you can do transfers as often as you like. Before making deposits or withdrawals, it always helps to visit the Help Center. There, you can get all the info you need to ensure that there are no surprises and everything goes smoothly.

If you have other questions, please check in with our members and community reps in the Ignition Forum. You never know what you might learn there.