Crypto FAQ: Top 10 Crypto Questions Answered

Crypto is all the rage these days. But if you haven’t used it before, it can all be a little confusing. The concept of digital money is still relatively new. The blockchain… wallets… conversion rates – it might seem like there’s a lot to know. But if you can handle website logins and credit card transfers, you can totally handle Bitcoin and the rest.

And at Ignition, thanks to crypto casino promotions, it’s way more profitable than using traditional methods!

Just by using crypto, you boost your Welcome Bonus deposit match from 200% to 300%. You bump your referral bonus by an easy $25. You can even go crypto-exclusive and get a bunch more benefits!

But if you’re just thinking of becoming a Bitcoin casino player, you probably have a load of questions. Naturally, we’ve got answers! In this FAQ, we answer some of the most common questions players have about crypto. By the end of this article, you’ll have the basics down pat and you’ll be ready to boost all your benefits and bonuses.

1-Why use crypto at all?

This is the question that rules them all. Why bother with crypto? Isn’t a credit card transfer good enough? Well, if you’ve ever tried to make a deposit at an online casino site with your credit card, you may already have some feelings about this one. Delays, ridiculous requirements, jumping through hoops, red tape… and at the end of it all, a denial! Traditional payment systems just haven’t kept up with modern international customer needs.

And then Bitcoin came along.

Right away, we got lightning-fast transfers. Bitcoin transactions are simple, smooth, and easy. Things were different than ever before. Gone were the delays, lack of transparency, and extra requirements. There was no need for a workaround. You can use your money the way you want!

That’s the huge crypto difference.

2-Is there any bonus for using crypto?

This is the second part of the answer. Crypto is way faster and more convenient than a credit card transfer, but there’s plenty of players who are still new to it. To boost adoption and get everyone on the crypto train, we offer bigger and better bonuses for our Bitcoin casino players.

  1. The Welcome Bonus goes from a limit of $2,000 to $3,000.
  2. The Referral Bonus goes from $100 to $125.
  3. The Weekly Boost goes from a $100 cap to $1,000!
  4. And crypto-exclusive members are getting nice benefits to sweeten the pot.

If you’re not making your transfers with crypto, you’re leaving bonus money on the table when it comes to crypto casino promotions. Turning down free money? Couldn’t be you, could it?

3-How do you play with crypto at an online casino?

The same way you play with normal funds! Once your Bitcoin or other crypto is transferred into your Ignition Casino account, you can wager it anywhere on our site. The funds show in your account balance just like any other kind of transfer.

Put another way, money is money. Play normally. There’s nothing extra to do once the crypto funds are deposited at Ignition.

4-Is a Bitcoin casino regulated?

For the most part, specific regulations about Bitcoin are not yet available. The regulations governing online casinos like Ignition mainly relate to online gambling itself. There are also gaming organizations like Curacao Gaming that issue licenses for online casinos. The best approach is to focus on casino sites with stable, longstanding reputations.

Ignition Casino has a spotless record for fair play and smooth, efficient money transfers. This commitment is one of our core values, and always will be.

5-How do you get started with Bitcoin casino play?

We’ve got a step-by-step guide that lays out the five key steps to start playing with crypto. There’s more detail at the link, but the steps are:

  1. Get a digital wallet to hold Bitcoin.
  2. Get an exchange wallet for converting dollars to Bitcoin.
  3. Buy crypto.
  4. Transfer your crypto to your digital wallet.
  5. Transfer your crypto from your digital wallet to your Ignition account.

Secure, fast, and anonymous – the way players’ personal payments should be. Why should anyone tell you how you can use your own money? Bitcoin definitely wins in the freedom category.

6-Can you play any game with crypto?

There’s no restrictions on what games you can play. The hottest new slots, classic table games, and every poker table are all open and waiting for you. Cryptocurrency works just like any other kind of money for our Bitcoin casino players.

Here, crypto is king!

7-Which is better: crypto or credit cards?

Crypto wins, hands down. Credit cards have extra requirements for transfers, take days to complete, and are often simply denied. Crypto, on the other hand, takes only a few minutes to move. It goes through like clockwork every time.

J.G. Wentworth was right: it’s your money and you need it now!

There’s no need for complicated workarounds or winding your way through red tape with Bitcoin. Instead, you’re in total control with a secure, transparent payment method. Cut the cards and earn bigger bonuses than ever before.

The winner, by knockout, is crypto.

8-How do you withdraw money you get from crypto casino promotions?

It’s pretty simple. Your digital wallet has a “Receive” button. Once you click that, it generates an address. Copy that.

Now, back over at your Ignition account, click on Withdrawal. When it asks for the wallet address, paste the one you generated moments ago. Choose the amount you want to withdraw, and submit your transaction. Within 24-48 hours (at the most), your transfer will be complete.

To review these steps in detail and to see helpful videos, click here for a link to our Help Center.

9-Where are my Bitcoin casino funds?

When you transfer funds to Ignition, the funds stay in our client account. The amounts are securely tracked and always viewable in your Ignition login. This is true no matter how you deposit funds, whether you use credit cards or cryptocurrency. Your own funds are always available for withdrawal at your demand, subject to normal processing times.

After a withdrawal, your funds are back in your digital wallet, available only to you. Crypto puts the power back in your hands completely.

10-Can I make money on my crypto?

You can! Cryptocurrency has appreciated in value for years, and has made some people millionaires with almost no effort. The value of a Bitcoin on Jan 6, 2017 was $909. On the same date in 2022 the value is over $40,000. Simply having crypto gives you the chance to enjoy the potentially massive returns of one of the world’s hottest asset classes.

Any investment portfolio should have a percentage devoted to crypto holdings, at this point. The opportunity is too good to pass up!

Getting Your First Bitcoin

We hope that answers most of your big questions about crypto. You could have your first Bitcoin today, if you like. After that, you can start earning Ignitions best bonuses and rewards. Don’t leave a single dollar on the table – maximize those gains!

Follow our step by step guide and start profiting from Bitcoin today!