Bonuses FAQ: How to Maximize Your Casino Play with Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions at Ignition Casino

This Ignition Casino FAQ is for all those people confused by bonuses and promotions. We offer lots of them: the Welcome Bonus, Tell a Friend Bonus, Ignition Rewards, the Weekly Boost… it can be hard to figure out all the details. We’re going to break down the answers to some of the most common questions to help you get the most out of your Ignition experience. There’s free bonus money on the table. Let’s talk about how to grab it!

1. Can you combine promos or use multiple bonuses at once?

There are some bonuses that can be combined and some that can’t. Let’s take an average player as an example. Our example player, “Jackpot Jake,” makes a Welcome Deposit. While that bonus is active, he refers two friends in and gets two $125 Tell a Friend bonuses. Meanwhile, while he plays, his Ignition Rewards are adding up. So far, so good. All of those bonuses can be combined. He almost nails a Royal Flush bonus, but couldn’t pick up the card he needed on the river and his hand was busted, sadly. The rarest big hand in poker is a tough one to land.

If there are other bonuses he wants, all he needs to do is check out the Rewards section of his Ignition Casino account information dashboard.

Ignition Casino account dashboard

If a bonus cannot be activated with the Claim button, he may need to forfeit or complete an earlier bonus to become eligible to claim it.

The best thing to do if you’re confused in a situation like this is to check in with Ignition support. They’ll be happy to let you know which bonuses can be combined and which don’t go together. Most can, but not all.

2.  What makes a good casino bonus?

The best Ignition Casino bonuses are easy to get and generous. The Welcome Deposit bonus might be the best of all since the match is a whopping 300% funds match, up to $3,000! Depositing $1,000 in Bitcoin gets you an extra $2,000 to play with. That’s a huge reward.

Another factor in what makes a good bonus is that it’s straightforward to understand. Ignition bonuses usually work this way. Deposit bonuses match the funds you transfer to your account. Referral bonuses are triggered when a friend signs up and makes a deposit. Ignition Miles add up when you play games (the only complication is that some games give you more miles). The last thing to think about is any rollover or play through requirement there might be. Not all bonuses are available for withdrawal right away. Some are subject to a player wagering a certain amount. Once this amount has been wagered, the bonus is ready.

You can check on play through status for a bonus in the Rewards section of your dashboard. A progress bar will show how close you are to completion. Clicking the little “i” in the circle tool tip will tell you more details about play through for a particular bonus.

3. Do return players get bonuses?

Return players absolutely get Ignition Casino bonuses! The Welcome Bonus is a one-time deal, but other bonuses remain active. This is especially true of the Weekly Boost, which rewards you with offers every single week: reload bonuses, free spins, tournament tickets, ignition miles, you name it. Simply head over to your Rewards section to see what’s in store for you.

4. What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are what we refer to as “rollover” or “play through.” Not all bonuses are immediately available for withdrawal. Some are subject to a requirement that you wager a certain amount on your favorite games before you can withdraw. Each type of game has a different wagering multiplier. This handy reference chart shows how it all breaks down:wagering requirements at Ignition Casino As you can see, slots are king. Every dollar you wager on slots is 100% contributed to your play through requirement. Table games are decent, and video poker helps you make progress too. Craps and Live Dealer games will not contribute to your rollover needs. Be aware and keep an eye on what games you’re playing if you’re trying to clear a bonus.

Please check your Ignition Casino account information under Rewards to see the status of any wagering requirement active on your Ignition Casino bonuses.

5. How can I earn more bonuses?

The Promotions tab is your best friend here. It lists lots of available promotions, even some you may not find in this Ignition Casino FAQ. Check there to see any bonuses you might be missing. We’ve got crypto bonuses, poker bonuses, bonus bonuses – Wait. We don’t have that last one… yet. Maybe we’ll be the first online casino site to offer a bonus on bonuses. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Ignition Casino Promotions

6. How do I redeem bonuses for cash?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of bonus you’re redeeming. Cash bonuses are simple. Just go to your Ignition Casino account information dashboard and click Rewards. Then, under the cash bonus you want, click the Claim button.

Deposit bonuses will show up with orange Deposit buttons underneath them. After you make your deposit, your bonus amount will appear under Active Bonuses. You will see play through progress tracked there as well. Once that requirement is complete, the money will automatically be deposited into your account. Whether it becomes part of your Ignition stack or heads out to be used in the real world is up to you.

7. Where can I use my bonuses?

This question about Ignition Casino bonuses comes up a lot, so we integrated it right into bonus info. If there are restrictions on where you can use a bonus, the icons for those games will appear under the Active Rewards section of your account’s Rewards tab. Here’s an example:

Active Bonuses - Ignition Casino account

If you need more info about what the icons mean in your account, hover over them or click on them.

8. Are crypto promotions better?

Hopefully you are totally clear on the answer to this question after reading the whole Ignition Casino FAQ. If not, though, the answer is yes. Crypto is king at Ignition and your bonuses and rewards always go way farther when you use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin variants and now Tether.

Your Welcome deposit bonuses are way bigger, your Tell a Friend bonuses are bigger. Crypto just gets you more Ignition Casino bonuses, so it totally pays to use it.

Are you a Bitcoin newbie? No problem. We have everything broken down into super simple steps to help you deposit and withdraw with crypto. If our grandparents figured out credit cards, we can figure out crypto.

The basics are:

  1. Get a digital wallet.
  2. Open an exchange wallet.
  3. Purchase some crypto using your credit card and deposit it to your exchange wallet.
  4. Send it to your digital wallet (why two wallets? That’s just how it is. We all juggle like a half dozen accounts these days so a couple of wallets shouldn’t be a big deal).
  5. Send it to your Ignition account.

Got more questions about Ignition Casino bonuses? Head to the Help Center for more detailed answers.