Ignition poker games provide hours of daily entertainment, but Ignition poker tournaments take the excitement to a whole new level. Each month, we’ve got a bunch of fun and profitable tournaments that take players from daily grinders to big winners overnight. Every now and then, we also have huge poker events like this one, our first ever Crypto Poker Open.

This event joined our biggest poker tournaments, offering over $5M in total prizes, spread across a multitude of card and chip-stacking events. We had qualifiers, tune ups, and everything that an Ignition poker review would cover in full. Crypto millionaires and crypto newbies were all welcome to join – there were tournaments big and small.

Why Crypto Poker?

Crypto poker enables players to play poker online using cryptocurrencies rather than or alongside traditional currencies. Initially, the number of cryptocurrencies supported and casinos accepting crypto were very few. However, the rising popularity and increased mainstream cryptocurrencies have paved the way for the best crypto poker sites. Players can start playing poker, including cash games, poker tournaments, video poker, and the different poker variants using other crypto.

Even regular traditional poker players are now seeking cryptocurrency-based poker websites like any poker websites. The reason? To avoid the hassles involved in using real money like sharing player’s account details with third-party financial institutions. Also, crypto-only sites of poker facilitate anonymous yet secure transactions with no third-party involvement.

When was Ignition’s First Crypto Event?

June 26th was what we called “Main Event Sunday.” The big Ignition poker games on that day were:

  • CryptoPO Early Bird Main #89 – $10K/.25 BTC Gtd – $75 + $7
  • “Gtd” stands for the guaranteed prize pool available to all players who “cash” and earn some winnings.
  • The last amount you see with the plus sign is the buy-in amount and fee.
  • CryptoPO Mini Main Event #90 – $100K/2.5 BTC Gtd – $100 + $9
  • CryptoPO Main Event #91 – $240K/6 BTC Gtd – $425 + $25
  • CryptoPO Micro Main Event #92 – $30K/.75 BTC Gtd – $35 + $3.50

As you can see, the Main Event offered 6 BTC (around $240K @ $40K/coin) in guaranteed prizes. The first cards will be dealt around 3:10 p.m. EST.

What Tournaments were in the Crypto Poker Open series?

There were a total of 100 numbered Ignition poker tournaments in the whole series. These offered all kinds of different structures, special rules, and interesting variations on tournament play. There was the $40 KO Escalating, which paid you more and more for each player you knocked out in the form of bounties. There were 6-Handed tournaments, which brought your table size down from 9 players to 6. There was the Minor Niner, with 9 chances to rebuy if you got bounced.

There were Unlimited Rebuys, Monster Stacks, and so much more!

We had tournaments built around particular currencies too, like Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

What was the Crypto Poker Open prize pool?

There were 125 Bitcoin in guaranteed prize money. Our early estimates put the value of 1 Bitcoin at $40,000 USD, at the time we planned the tournament. This means that there were around $5M USD in total prize funds spread across all the different Ignition poker games.

What were the buy-ins for the events and tournaments?

Ignition poker tournaments come in all shapes and sizes. For this event, the least expensive buy-in was around $5.50 + .50 for a satellite to one of the events. For more action, there were a bunch of $35 + $3.50 tournaments, too. High roller? You could jump directly to the events and skip the satellites and qualifiers. We had $100 + 9 buy-ins, $500 + 35, and even a $1,000 + 55.

Why a crypto poker tournament? What’s the benefit of betting with crypto?

There’s so many reasons why the world has gone crypto crazy, and casinos are no different. Crypto offers tons of advantages over traditional funding sources.

⦁ Speed. If you’ve ever tried a credit card transfer to an online casino, you know how hard they can be. They’re rife with failures, delays, and outright prohibitions. You might even have read about this in an Ignition poker review. Crypto deposits and withdrawals, in contrast, are much smoother and faster. Deposits hit within minutes, and withdrawals can be out within the hour. And there’s no credit card company telling you that your transaction has been declined.

  •  Bonuses and promotions. We give so many  rewards to crypto and Bitcoin casino players that it’s actually insane. From a generous bonus on your initial deposit match, to refer a friend bonuses that increase with crypto, we’re all over it. It just pays to use crypto at Ignition.
  • Control. Crypto is decentralized, which means there isn’t a central governmental authority in charge of it. This gives you quite a bit more control over your money. If you’re looking for a hedge against traditional currency issues, crypto provides it.
  • Investment possibilities. If crypto is down, getting a bunch of it could pay off massively in the future, if prices increase. Not a bad way to double and triple your gains when things go well!

 Is it too late to get started using crypto?

There’s no better time to get started than now.

We’ve got a step by step guide to get started with crypto. It’s not really hard at all. It’s a simple matter of opening a digital wallet to hold your coins, getting coins off an exchange, and then sending it through your wallet and on to your Ignition account.

Yeah, it’s that easy. That’s why so many players opt for it!

You can pick whatever coin you like. There’s plenty to choose from, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin branches, Litecoin, Ethereum, and lots more. It’s really up to you, because we support a variety of the leading cryptocurrencies.

Get your wallet setup, snag some coin, and get in the game! The Crypto Poker Open is underway and we can’t wait to see you at the Main Event on 6/26. Some folks are going to be swimming in digital riches that day and we’re hoping you’ll be one of them.