Crypto casino betting : Pros + Cons

If you’re new to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you might be wondering about the good and bad parts of crypto betting. The good news is that playing with crypto has huge benefits like increased Ignition Casino bonuses, fast transfers, lower fees, and reliable convenience. But it’s not without its flaws…Nothing is, right?

In this article, we’ll cover the main benefits of crypto, as well as a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • How crypto gets you bigger bonuses and rewards
  • Crypto transfers are fast
  • Crypto transfers are reliable
  • Fees for crypto transfers are low
  • Downsides of crypto

How crypto gets you bigger bonuses and rewards

Crypto betting at Ignition is a pathway to big bonuses. Many of our programs simply give you more money when you’re playing with crypto. Here’s a few examples:


Welcome Bonus. This match on your first deposit starts at 100% up to $2,000, but that’s for a credit card transfer. You can get $1,000 MORE if you make your first deposit using one of our supported cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum, and USDT at the time of this writing). $3,000 of bonus cash? Yes, please!

Tell a Friend. This 200% match gets you up to 100 bonus dollars when you refer a friend and they open an account and make a deposit. If they make the deposit with a crypto coin, you get an easy extra $25. 

Weekly Boost. Each week, there’s a new deposit match available to players. When you make it with crypto, it’s a 100% match up to $1,000. That’s a lot more free cash for modern crypto casino players!

Crypto transfers are fast

Credit card transfers are notorious for being slow. And not just that. Even after what can sometimes be days of waiting, you get declined at the end! The process can be similar on the back end when it’s time to withdraw your winnings. You hit withdraw and then start refreshing your account over and over as time passes by and you wait for the funds to hit. A crypto deposit is in your account in minutes. For real. You paste the address of your Ignition account into your wallet transfer function, submit it, and a few minutes later, the money is in your account. You’re ready to start crypto betting. There’s no lag. When you want your money back, especially after a big win, it’s smooth to transfer it out.

There is no withdrawal maximum with Bitcoin! If you win the entire progressive jackpot on a slot game like one of our big winners, you can have it all in your crypto wallet within a day or two.

Crypto transfers are reliable

You don’t have to wonder what’s going to happen after you press “submit.” That’s one of the biggest benefits, really. There’s no more headaches and researching workarounds to get money in and out of your Ignition player account. Instead, cryptocurrency just works. You don’t really run into issues like with traditional payment methods. It’s also ready to be moved wherever you want. Once funds are back in your crypto wallet, you can do whatever you like with them – invest in a new crypto, make a purchase around the world, or simply hold your coin as an investment.

Fees for crypto transfers are low

We charge $0 in fees on crypto transfers. Yes, there’s no complexity to that. It’s just not something we do. If you want to move money in or out of Ignition Casino for playing with crypto, you can. We don’t mess with it or invent charges to go along with those transactions. Third parties might. Crypto exchanges, for example, often charge a very small fee on purchases of cryptocurrency. It generally pales in comparison to what you might have to deal with when it comes to credit cards or other payment methods.

Low fees = more money to play with in the casino = more fun = more potential winnings.

At least, that’s how we look at the math.

Downsides of crypto

Ok. So crypto is great, but it isn’t perfect. Perhaps the biggest downside is the volatility of crypto values. Bitcoin in particular has been way up and down in the year prior to this article. For people who bought low and sold high, it’s magnificent. Many, many crypto millionaires were made that way. They’re sitting pretty.


But that isn’t everyone’s experience.

Some folks bought closer to the peak and are wondering what the heck to do now. Well, if possible, the best advice is probably to hold and wait for values to return to previous levels. It may take time, but it beats selling at a loss, if you don’t need the funds immediately.

There’s some good news, though. Crypto is held in USD in your account at Ignition.

You won’t feel the swings in values as the markets surge and recede. Your money is stored in a very stable form as USD while you are “crypto betting” at Ignition. Once it’s time to withdraw your money and convert it back into crypto, you can pick the best time. If coins are lagging in value, it’s a great time to get in. If prices seem to be overinflated, you can take a pause and wait for a good opportunity to invest in the asset class again.

The other downside of playing with crypto is that it takes a few steps to get started. A credit card transfer only requires you to type in your details and then submit the deposit. If you’re new to Bitcoin, it takes a few more steps than that to get your first crypto coins in to your Ignition account. The thing is, it STILL may be faster in the end to do things this way if your traditional payment processor or bank holds things up. And the steps are pretty easy:

  • Open an account at an exchange and buy some crypto
  • Send the crypto to your Ignition account

That’s the basic idea. It may take a little bit of open mindedness, but once you’ve got your first digital currency in hand, you’re going to feel cool. It’s like you’ve finally arrived at that party everyone has been talking about for the past few years. Ready to deposit with crypto? Don’t forget about crypto bonuses that boost up your bankroll and make playing with crypto even more profitable than it already is. Ready to deposit?

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