Top 7 Christmas Gifts for Online Casino and Gaming Fans

We know that all casino players want the same thing: wins, big wins, and jackpots. But if you can’t buy those for the holidays and Christmas, you can get the items below and make someone a happy camper.

Online casinos offer the perfect break when you’re inside in the winter and in need of a little fun. These presents will make the holidays that much merrier and brighter.

Gift 1 – Crypto

Let’s keep it real – people who love casinos are always happy to get some more cash. But in this virtual world, there’s an even better way to top up someone’s account: cryptocurrency!

Many crypto coins are having a nice rally at the moment, so this season could very well be the beginning of a bull run (of course, we can’t predict where prices will go, but it’s a distinct possibility).

You can make a player to player transfer on Ignition, or use our Refer a Friend promo if you want to bring someone into the game here (you also get a bonus this way). Otherwise, you can take your pick of dozens of leading currencies and ship it over to your recipient’s wallet.

There’s no gift quite like money.

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Gift 2 – A High-Quality Poker Chip Set

For home game nights, a custom poker chip set is a fantastic way to add to the fun. This is especially great around the holiday when family and friends gather for beverages and good cheer. You can bust out a HUGE variety of sets thanks to Poker Chip Lounge.

Using the custom chip order function, you can have chips made with your family name across the center, a branch of the military, or another design of your choosing. Pair it with a felt gaming table, and you’ve got half a casino going at your house!

Use the chips to play poker, casino table games, or even to “pitch pennies.”

Gift 3 – A Casino-Themed Coffee Table Book

Home décor is never complete without a good coffee table book (or stack of books). There are tons of gambling and casino-themed titles that offer an intriguing look into the electrifying world of gaming. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Monte Carlo. If your recipient likes the lifestyles of the European jetsetters, this book is perfect. Hot cars, luxury apartments, and unobtainable yachts fill the pages of this gorgeous tome.
  • Poker: The Ultimate Book. It even looks like a deck of cards! This one is full history, stories and legends, championships, famous players, big scores, and more.
  • The Art of Gambling. Gambling has always been with us. This book takes you deep into the past to see how players were getting their game on long before the first electronic device ever got a bell or whistle.
  • Las Vegas Then and Now. How did they turn a desert into an iconic city of glitz and glam? This book shows readers the roots of the place now known as Sin City.
  • Tales from the Felt. Ever wondered what the life of a professional blackjack player is like? This beautifully illustrated book takes you inside the days of those who make the casino their office.

Gift 4 – A Course in Casino Games

Udemy and other platforms offer tons of lessons, coaching, and resources to make players better at their chosen game. Why not make a gift of a course? There are selections on poker, craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and LOTS more. Any gambler can benefit from learning more about the games they’re playing.

This Christmas, give the gift of a stronger year to come, with even better results. (Don’t forget to remind them that a portion of their profits came from you!)

Gift 5 – Gifts for Girl Gamers

There’s a ton of casino jewelry out there. And with the rise of Etsy, there’s a lot of creative stuff you can find. Not every girl loves jewelry, but for those who do, there’s coin and slot machine necklaces, bracelets with suits of cards represented, card earrings, and so much more. We even saw a glittering diamond roulette ring at the link above.

So much fun to be had!

On the less expensive side, there’s pieces of flair like poker nail decals you can have for $5 or less. You don’t have to break the bank to get a cool gift for casino players.

Gift 6 – Casino Wall Art

There’s lots of casino wall art out there, but Elephant Stock has a really cool way of breaking prints up into multiple pieces and shapes for a more engaging effect than just a traditional picture and frame. Casino games, dice, cards, whiskey, Vegas… it’s all there. No matter what kind of game your recipient is into, you can probably find something they’d love. There’s really attractive stuff with a ton of customization options for sizing.

The real question is: will you help them hang it?

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Gift 7 – A Good Gaming Monitor

This one is for the gamers who also love casinos. If you’re looking to spend a bit more, this gift will fit the bill. Get your game lover a nice new gaming monitor.

Rtings does a really good job of reviewing the different options out there, but it all depends on what you’ve got to spend.

Their top option can be had for less than a grand, which is pretty spectacular in the world of high-performance electronics. It’s an Alienware curved monitor that will absolutely bring your gamer into their world of choice like never before. For around $400, Gigabyte offers a fantastic mid-range option with a beautiful ability to handle 4k resolution. They’ll be seeing every detail of their games like never before. For ballin’ on a budget, check out ViewSonic’s monitor, which is available for around $200 and will definitely be good enough to make those casino colors pop when they’re getting in some Hot Drop Jackpot game action over the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

So, there you have it, seven really solid gift options for casino players. Have a great holiday season – we’ll be rocking around the Christmas tree with you every step of the way!