Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Poker Players

Stuff They’ll Love Almost As Much as Raking in a Huge Pot!

Online poker players can be hard to buy for. It might seem that their hobby only requires a computer, but that’s thinking small. In fact, there’s tons of stuff that poker players love to find under the Christmas tree, in their Hannukah hoard, or in their Saturnalia stack.

Below, we’ve got a bunch of great ideas for gifts that poker players will love. If you can’t get them a huge tournament win or cash game pot, these are the next best thing!

Gift 1 – Poker Coaching or Classes

There’s quite a few poker learning platforms online nowadays. Here are some of the most popular and well regarded:

Poker Coaching – a great poker learning platform from Jonathan Little, who has won millions in poker tournaments. Resources include classes, quizzes, charts, and more. Memberships available in free, standard, and premium.

Raise Your Edge – a very well-known platform with a healthy video library (hundreds of lessons). RYE was founded by Benjamin Rolle, who has smashed high stakes poker games in ways most people only dream of. There are lots of courses available for specific game types, like 6-handed hyper turbo Sit & Gos.

Masterclasses – these bite-sized lectures are delivered by the best in the business, like Daniel Negreanu. As a bonus, a membership to Masterclass gets you access to tons of other lectures from leaders in a variety of fields. Truly a treasure trove of information and wisdom.

Run It Once – this is one of the oldest poker learning communities. It’s been around for ages. Run It Once is owned by Phil Galfond, a poker champion with 3 WSOP bracelets and dozens of WSOP cashes. The site has a MASSIVE video library – we’re talking thousands of lessons. At $24.99/mo. for the Essential membership, it almost certainly worth it for any player looking to gain an edge.

Upswing. Pricey courses from proven pros (e.g. a course on heads-up poker, a course on cash games, etc.).

Pokercode – a newer platform from European pros, led by Fedor Holz ($50M in tournament cashes). Includes direct support, not just classes and resources. Could be invaluable for someone who wants to learn from up-and-coming poker strategists.

Essentially, you’re giving the gift of making someone better at poker. It’s an investment in your player’s future success.

Gift 2 – A New Throne

Elevate Your Game with the Ultimate Poker Chair and Pro Gaming Mouse.

Poker players sit for hours on end, and they need a comfy seat to do it in. Here’s three options for gaming thrones that make great gifts for poker players:

Low Cost – Corsair TC100

The Corsair TC100 makes poker cozy with lumbar and neck pillows. It also features adjustable arms for ergonomic support. And it fits in with most décor thanks to its sleek black look. It really beats cheapo chairs not made for extended gameplay sessions, yet it doesn’t break the bank. Breathable material also keeps poker players from overheating when they’re on a heater.

Medium – Secretlab TITAN Evo

Okay, we’re stretching the idea of a “medium” cost gift, but for the range of gaming chairs, this is still far from the higher end stuff. Let’s call it a fantastic option that’s medium+. You’re getting a lot of chair for your money, here.

Aside from being insanely comfortable for long poker sessions, the coolest thing might be how customizable these are. You can get the logo of your favorite esports team, choose from a variety of upholstery options, and pick out different armrests.

Be careful, though. Those options quickly take you into a higher prices!

Luxury – Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair

It costs over a grand, but man is this thing nice. Once you sit in it, you won’t want to sit in anything else. It cradles you like nursemaids do a newborn royal princeling. You can always make it to the next break in a tournament – If this is your chariot – and you won’t even want to get up and stretch.

‘Nuff said.

Gift 3 – A Fresh Mouse and Mousepad

These things get grimy over the many hours of poker cash game grinding and tourney sweating. A fresh mouse and mousepad is an easily affordable option for a gift for a poker player.

For the mousepad, check out the offerings on some of the customized product websites like Zazzle. They have tons of creative designs to choose from, and should be able to supply one that fits the vibe of your recipient.

For the mouse, we’ll offer a couple of options. A high-end option that gamers all obsess over is the Razer Viper V2. It could not possibly be lighter or easier to move, which helps with marathon sessions. It’s also super comfortable in hand. For something more affordable, check out the Fantech Aria XD7. A classic look and feel make it a perfect replacement for any tired old mice out there.

Gift 4 – A Hoodie

In or out of the casino, poker gear such as a hoodie makes a dependable gift for poker players.

Teepublic has a fun selection of poker-themed hoodies (e.g. “I don’t even fold my laundry.” “If I win, it’s skill. If you win, it’s luck.”)

Or, you can go for luxury with this ace of hearts hoodie from AMI Paris.

Or, you can get something oversized for maximum coziness and hide-ability.

Or, you can get something minimalist and high quality at Lululemon.

Poker players sit motionless for long stretches at a time. Keep them warm!

Poker Style Hoodie & Lucky Streak Poker Art - Gift Perfection!

Gift 5 – Poker Wall Art

Etsy goes crazy with how cool the wall art offerings are. You can find so many poker-themed pieces to fit a variety of room styles and personalities. There’s neon cards, wire framed suits, golden royal flushes, hanging wall guides, and LOTS more. For someone who has a battle station in need of some style, poker wall art can make an outstanding gift.

Things are available in a wide range of prices, too. Options include posters that are less than ten dollars, installation pieces that are hundreds, and legit paintings in the thousands.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and happy gifting!