The Biggest Jackpots at Ignition Casino

Guys, have we told you how big our online casino is at Ignition? We’ve got dozens and dozens of the best online casino games (like Caribbean Stud Poker, blackjack, craps, and lots more), as well as some of the best online slots with huge gambling payouts. And there, you can get pretty much any theme you like. Be the scourge of the Seven Seas with a crew of pirates, travel back to the glory of Ancient Rome, or just take a bath in diamonds – whatever you’re into, there’s probably a slot game built around it. 

And then there’s the jackpots. Oh baby, that’s a lot of moolah!

Ours are some of the biggest online casino jackpots you can find at any casinos. Depending on your bet, you could be raking in winnings in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Ignition casino also has progressive slot jackpots that climb into the hundreds of thousands and even millions. In fact, at the time of this writing, the Super Diamond Mine slot game is showing a big jackpot of over $500,000 and the Shopping Spree slot game is showing a jackpot of over five million dollars!

Let’s showcase a few of our favorite online casino games.

A Night with Cleo

This one is unique, and one of the best online casino games. While many online casino slot games have you spinning your way to a big payout, the Night with Cleo slot game is paying you off in more ways than one. In the bottom right of the screen is a button that says “Gamble.” After any winning spin, you can choose to play more and start gambling your winnings. When you press the Gamble button, the seductive and mystical Queen Cleo of Egypt appears with hands outstretched, offering you a choice of two flowers. The gambling game is double or nothing, so a wrong pick will lose your winnings. A correct pick, however, will show you why this is one of the best online slots ever. A piece of Cleo’s clothing will vanish into thin air for each correct choice. 

How far will she go? How far will you go? That’s between you and Cleo, but the biggest online casino jackpots sometimes have nothing to do with moolah. 😉

 Woman with cloth covering the bottom half of her face.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Some of the biggest online casino jackpots come when you play games with progressive jackpots, like Caribbean Stud Poker. It’s also one of the best online casino games on its own, too. That’s because it’s a super fast and fun way to get a poker fix. 

You’ll be dealt five cards and you need to make your best poker hand with them. The dealer gets give cards too, but only shows one of them. Now you’ve got a choice. You can raise and bet twice your ante, or fold. 

If you’re gambling and decide to raise, the game gets interesting.

Raising means that the dealer will then reveal their hand. If the dealer doesn’t at least have ace-king, the dealer’s hand doesn’t “qualify.” In that case, your raise is returned to you and your ante pays out 1 to 1. If the dealer’s hand qualifies and the dealer’s hand beats yours, you’re out your ante and raise. If, however, your hand is better, you win and get paid 1 to 1 on your ante and raise as well. 

Boom! A double payout.

As for the progressive jackpot, you get paid a certain big bonus for each poker hand. The table of payouts is found in the information section of text found to the left of the game. For example, a full house win gets you a hundred dollars straight up in our online casino at the time of this writing, if you’ve got the progressive jackpot enabled.

Caribbean Holdem

In Caribbean Holdem, you’re playing holdem heads-up against the dealer at our casino. You’ll get dealt two cards, and so will the dealer. Five community cards then come out on the board, just like when you’re playing Texas Hold’em. Now it’s time to make a choice. If you think you’re going to have a better hand than the dealer at the showdown, it’s time to raise. If not, you can fold. This is one of the best online casino games for quick action, because you’re getting in and out of hands super fast. 

You can also easily land some of the biggest online casino jackpots in the table games section by gambling a bit and enabling the progressive jackpot bonus. Once you’ve got that enabled by making a progressive bet, you can get extra jackpots for each poker hand win listed on the progressive jackpot table. A flush or better gets you more moolah, and a royal flush gets you 100% of the progressive jackpot – over $50,000 at the time of this writing! 

That’s enough to make even the king of the jungle roar.

Lion roaring in the grass.

Let ‘Em Ride

Let ‘Em Ride is another way to play and get an online casino poker fix easily. Ante up your bet, and you’ll see three cards. If it looks like you’ve got a good poker hand taking shape, you can raise. If not, just again. After that, your final hidden card is flipped and your hand is assessed. If you’ve got tens or better, you win, getting paid according to a payout table that rewards you with bigger and bigger winnings for better and better hands. For example, a flush win pays out 8:1. If you’ve got great luck at the poker table, it’s one of the best online casino games to get you paid.

There’s also the big progressive jackpot to keep in mind. As it grows, it can climb to be one of the biggest online casino jackpots in our table games section (or anywhere, for that matter. At the time of this writing, we’re seeing just about $40,000 in the pot). Play and place your bet on the progressive button, and you’ll be eligible for a huge jackpot payout if you land a monster hand. A full house win, for example, puts $100 right into your pocket. Join us at Ignition!

Good luck with the jackpots, and see you at the tables!