Craps etiquette rules you don’t need to follow when playing online

Online Craps Etiquette and Rules Craps Etiquette You don’t need to follow online Play Online Craps at Ignition Casino
The craps table can be one of the most perplex at the casino. If you’ve never played it before, you’ll find that there are lots of moving parts to the game. The basic play is simple: roll two dice to get a “point” (a number that is the sum of both dice) and then roll that point again before you roll a seven.

But there’s that complex wagering grid there on the felt: Don’t Come, Pass, Horn—all those are in the dictionary, but how they apply to rolling the dice is a mystery. And naturally, this somewhat complex game would have equally confusing and complicated rules and etiquette governing the behavior of the shooters and gamblers – but not online.

If you’re new to craps, here’s a link to an article with our craps betting guide. And below are the top craps rules that don’t or can’t exist online casinos:

1. Don’t say “Seven”

This one is just so simple. You don’t say “Macbeth” when you’re about to go onstage in a theater.  You don’t say “Bloody Mary” into the mirror at midnight. And you don’t say “seven” at the craps table. It’s a superstition. It’s thought to bring bad luck. We don’t speak of the number that ends the hot run. Lots of people bet the pass, root for the dice, and want shooters to hit their number.

2.Keep your hands out of the way

Once the dealer says “dice are out,” you need to make sure you’re not dangling those floppy flippers of yours onto the game board. The dice need a clear path to travel, and if they knock into someone’s hand, it’s going to ruin the roll. If you’re someone who needs to grab something while the dice are in the air and the anticipation is killing you, hold on to your drink because another rule is…

3.No drinks on the top rail

Unless you’re at a place that has some seriously secure cupholders, keep those cocktails and beers off the top/padded rail. Just like a pool table, felt and liquid don’t mix. People tend to get caught up in the excitement of craps. If a big win comes in, people are going to fling their arms up, pump their fists, and are guaranteed to send a rail drink flying. Don’t let it be yours. There’s usually a drinks rail if you look under the edge of the table. Stash the beverages there, where they can be protected.

Of course, when playing online at Ignition, you can do what you want. At these online craps tables, there’s no etiquette. Your home is your castle.

4.Don’t cup the dice with both hands

This one surprises people. We’re all used to shaking up the dice in both our hands during family game night, right? Well, in the casino, it’s too easy to swap in loaded dice that way. The only way to roll is with a single-handed toss. The dice roll is the controlling element of the whole game, so it is carefully watched by players and casino employees alike.

Online, of course, this rule is unnecessary. The dice are handled only by the dealer and the mechanical dice-rolling machine.

Online Craps Etiquette and Rules Craps Etiquette You don’t need to follow online Play Online Craps at Ignition Casino

5.If you’re the shooter, hit the back wall

This one isn’t always a hard-set rule, but many croupiers will warn players who consistently don’t make contact with the wall. The jagged cubes of the wall are meant to help randomize dice rolls, and it’s good etiquette to roll in a way that connects with the back wall. This validates the throw. However, another of the craps dos and don’ts is important to remember, here. Don’t hit the chips when you’re rolling. You need a landing spot that isn’t going to crash into anyone’s chips. Maybe there is a skill component to craps games after all…

Want to learn more about how to throw the dice? Here’s a helpful explanatory video.

6.Don’t hand money to the casino staff

There are some bets you can make yourself, like pass, don’t pass, and odds. But the numbers bets are not self-service. Most casinos’ craps rules require that you ask a dealer to place those bets for you. When the time comes, don’t hand the money to the dealer. Place your money on the “apron” (the area outside the border of play on the felt) and say how many chips you want. Then say you want a numbers bet. This one isn’t really even etiquette, it’s a rule. Most casinos simply prohibit putting money in dealers’ hands.

This craps etiquette is not relevant online because every transaction is handled electronically.

Online Craps Etiquette and Rules Craps Etiquette You don’t need to follow online Play Online Craps at Ignition Casino

7.Don’t disrespect other players

Craps etiquette is like the etiquette for pretty much any game, in this regard. Don’t talk trash to the other players. If they’re losing, the last thing they want is to hear you make them feel bad. If a shooter rolls a number you don’t like, remember: it’s not their fault. They don’t control the dice.

Make your bets, enjoy the hot runs, and be a part of the fun.

If you’re playing online at Ignition, you can say whatever you like, because no one can hear you.

8.Don’t buy in during a roll

While someone is on a roll, it’s kind of a sacred time. Everyone is awaiting the result of the toss. It’s a great time to observe and take in the vibes of the crowd and game. Once the roll is over, you can buy in. But don’t mess with things when the dice are in the shooters hand. Hold your breath like a normal human being and get ready for the excitement.

It’s also good to avoid cashing out until the shooter has made their point. There’s a flow to the game and you want to have a feel for it. People don’t like disruption of the expected norms. It’s kind of like making the “correct” choices during blackjack. Folks will get irritable if you go against the grain.

This craps rule is superfluous online since the dice roll is accomplished with a mechanical device. Buy-ins and wagers are all handled by the casino’s server.