What are The Best Specialty Games to Play for Real Money?

Feeling lucky?

True story: after surviving a train disaster, a bus crash, driving his car off a 300-foot cliff, and falling out of an airplane and landing in a haystack, a lucky Eastern European man bought a lottery ticket and won more than $1 million. It happens.

How about the guy who paid $5 for an abstract painting at a thrift store? His wife thought the artwork was so ugly she wanted use it for target practice. Instead, she put it in a garage sale. A neighbor, who was an art teacher, thought the painting looked familiar. It certainly was. An original Jackson Pollock valued at more than $2 million.

In a real casino, an elderly gentleman was celebrating his wife’s cancer-free diagnosis. While playing his first ever game of three-card poker, he bet $5 on a 6-card bonus, immediately hit a royal flush and won $1 million. “Must be the luck of the Irish,” he said. Yeah, must be.

What is luck exactly? Magic? Voodoo? A gift from the luck gods? A quantum physics formula involving Schrödinger’s cat? Or is luck one of those things everyone seems to have except you?What are The Best Specialty Games to Play for Real Money?Luck is a positive, negative, or improbable experience. We all know that positive and negative events happen all the time by random chance. Then there are supernatural interpretations of luck often attributed to a special person, a particular object, or a mysterious deity. Which explains why some folks carry a lucky charm like a rabbit’s foot, without thinking that it wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit. Maybe you were born lucky – at the right time, into a good family or advantageous situation. No? Moving on…

Some gamblers seek luck through their superstitions. Pro poker player, Sammy Farha, keeps an unlit cigarette in his mouth the entire time he plays. Jonny Chan, WSOP champion, always has an orange on the table in front of him. Some carry all sorts of paraphernalia they’re sure will affect their chances. Luck can be a gambler’s curse. It’s truly all about chance, a synonym for opportunity.

Most online gamblers go for the classics such as blackjack and craps, but specialty games here at Ignition Casino also offer big bangs for your bucks with no need for skill or strategy. Try a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe if you like.
At Ignition Casino, we’ve got more than two dozen specialty games of chance such as bingo, keno, roulette, scratch cards, dice games, and jackpot games. When you’re looking to turn a small bet into a small fortune, our specialty games are it. We’re quite sure you won’t find the same level of variety and creativity anywhere else.

And as luck would have it, we can offer you the opportunity to tap into your luck by playing specialty games here at Ignition. They’re perfect for when you want to play games based on luck rather than skill. We have many, many games like that, but these four are, without doubt, the absolute best choices for when you want to reap the rewards of sheer luck.

Keno Draw is the numbers game everyone loves

This may be the simplest game to play here at Ignition. No skills, no strategies, no tricks, no helmet, no training wheels. You can bet as little as 1¢ for your chance at enormous payouts.
Keno Draw is the numbers game everyone lovesSimply open your Keno card, indicate your bet, pick up to 15 numbers from 1 to 80 and press “GO!” Like a lottery, you can choose random numbers, significant numbers or lucky numbers, or let the game populate your choices by clicking “Quick Pick.”

Your payout is based on how many numbers match the randomly selected winners. If you feel you’re having luck with certain numbers, you can add them to “My Numbers” for future plays. The game’s intuitive interface makes it perfect for mobile play wherever you go and whenever you want to test your luck.

When you’ve successfully predicted a number, it’s highlighted and the other rolled numbers will be crossed off your Keno card. Once all 20 numbers have been rolled out, you’re paid according to the pay table. Keno Draw’s payouts table shows you how many numbers you predicted right and how much money you’ve won.

It’s fast, fun, and easy to turn a penny bet into thousands of dollars. Let loose and win big right now!

Go-Go Bingo is bingo on steroids

This is not your grandma’s bingo night in a church basement filled with chatty seniors happily dotting their cards for cash and dollar-store prizes. Go-Go Bingo is turbo charged for fast play with big payouts. The best part is you’ve got control. You can shuffle the numbers on your bingo card, set the bet from $1 to $100 – the higher the bet, the higher the payout – and simply press play. The goal is to match any of twelve winning number patterns on your four 15-number cards.
Go-Go Bingo is bingo on steroidsThirty numbers (from 1 to 60) are drawn every round. When each round ends, if you come up short, you get another chance. And when you’re feeling extra lucky, you can purchase up to nine additional balls for as little as 25¢ each. That’s nine more chances to win big.

Unless you’re psychic, or blessed with ESP, your luck may make you a bingo winner. Try it now!

Bingo Goal scores big with soccer fans

Bingo and soccer seem to be a mismatch. What has one got to do with the other? Nothing really, but the colorful graphics and animations are truly dynamic and you have a front row seat for all the action!
Bingo Goal scores big with soccer fansYou get up to four bingo cards in a stadium filled with fans. If you trigger the Penalty Kick Bonus, you’re the star who takes the kick. Aim for a target and shoot to win high-value payouts. Win a progressive jackpot and buy your own Golden Boot trophy. Congratulations champ!

Remember: you’re in control. You can play one, two, three or four cards and set your bet from 10¢ to $10. Once the 30 random balls are released, you can buy up to 12 more balls or end the round. There’s a progressive jackpot that pays when you hit bingo with the first 30 balls.

Without the sweat, tears and tackles, Go-Go Bingo is a whole lot of good, profitable fun!

Roll the Dice is rich in history and jackpots

The Greek poet Sophocles said that the Greeks invented dice in 400 BC. But archeologists exploring Egyptian tombs have found dice dating back to 2,000 BC. And some archaeological digs have carbon dated them back to 6,000 BC.

Dice games were traditionally played in China, which has a 4,000-year history of gambling, which is illegal throughout most of China.
Roll the Dice is rich in history and jackpotsRoll the Dice is based on the classic Chinese game known as Hoo Hey How and Fish-Prawn-Crab. This simple yet fascinating game features seven betting squares each with an animation: a fish, a prawn, a crab, a coin, a rooster, a calabash (a gourd) and a three-dice triple.

Start the game by selecting your bet amount from $1 to $500 for each of your choice of 6 icons you want to see come up. Press roll and three dice are covered by a traditional Chinese bowl, which shakes up the dice underneath before revealing your total roll. You are paid when your choices turn up on any of the three dice. To make it really interesting, bet the triple and land three matching icons for a 30:1 payday.

Step back into Chinese history with an added modern touch and give your gaming a uniquely exotic flavor.

What’s so special about specialty games?

Our online casino members like to play games they’ve enjoyed at physical establishments – slots, bingo, and keno are the most popular specialty games. The one thing all these games offer is simplicity. Perfect for helping inexperienced or low experienced players to get in on the action.

How to win in online specialty games

Knowing the odds and probabilities is the key. Focus on low house-edge-based bets, which gamblers prefer.

If you like to play online bingo, check the card count and expected return link. As you’ll see, bingo players benefit tremendously with more than one card to count on. Remember: common sense and caution are the most profitable strategies.

Skill-based games rely on strategy and specialty games are all random chance – in other words, luck. So, your most effective strategy is careful bankroll management. Always play within your means. Try to take advantage of low-risk, high-reward – bet the odds in craps, go for 8-number keno cards, or roulette column bets.

We have more specialty games plus more tips and advice at Ignition Casino. Check it out!

And… good luck!