Top Games with Huge Progressive Jackpots

Play progressive jackpot games at Ignition Casino

There’s nothing like the feeling of winning a huge jackpot. It’s something that many players are chasing when spinning the reels. Each one of our Ignition big winners has nailed a sizeable prize, with many earning life-changing six-figure amounts. For example, we’ve got a player who scored a whopping $293,000 playing live dealer blackjack thanks to the 777 Super Jackpot!

In this article, we’ll cover some of the games with our biggest jackpots. There’s not just slots below, but also table games and our newest type of guaranteed jackpot: Hot Drop jackpots.

Progressive jackpots game to try out

1. Shopping Spree Slot Game

Play progressive jackpot games at Ignition Casino

Somehow, this is the queen of them all, even if it doesn’t look that advanced graphically. It’s easily one of the best jackpot slots Ignition Casino has to offer, primarily because of the MONSTER jackpots that this one seems to always grow. Check out our top jackpots games, and this one is almost always showing the largest prize pool. In the screenshot above, the jackpot is over $1.4 million! If you take that one down, you could redefine the phrase “shopping spree,” right?

The Sex and the City salsa music is on, the department store symbols are spinning, and you’re in the market for a diamond ring (or five) if you want to win the big one. There’s a catch, though. You need to be on max bet. We know that there are people out there who have missed out on the million-dollar payday because of that one. Don’t let it be you! Come ready to play and see if Lady Luck wants to be your newest shopping buddy for life.

2. Reels and Wheels XL Slot

Play progressive jackpot games at Ignition Casino

Colorful and classic, this is another one of our biggest jackpot slots games that always draws a crowd. The old-Vegas diamonds, cherries, and lucky 7s are there to make you feel right at home, but don’t get fooled – this one makes new money all-stars all the time! It’s all about the wheels, naturally.

Get Bonus, Bonus, and Wheel symbols on reels 1,3, and 5, and you trigger the bonus wheel. Mostly, it has multipliers. They range from 5x to 500x – which is huge! Anyone running ten dollar spins is taking home $5,000 off that max multiplier. But one slice of the bonus wheel pie is devoted to the jackpot wheel. Nail that, and you’re into a whole new ballgame.

The jackpot wheel offers jackpots of different sizes: mini, minor, major, mega, and VEGAS. That last one is the one you want. It awards you one of the top progressive jackpots at Ignition. Many of our big winners have gotten their names in the hall of fame thanks to those reels of wheels.

3. Mystic Elements Slot

Play progressive jackpot games at Ignition Casino

This game is more chill, with a zen vibe. It’s like you’re on a distant moon in the far-flung reaches of the solar system. As you look out at the stars, the primal elements of the cosmos spin by. Keep an eye out for Free Spins symbols, though!

Get 3, 4, or 5 of those to trigger the free spins bonus round. Once that’s going on, you’ll notice a new symbol – not Haley’s Comet, but the Light Symbol. 3 or 4 get you a nice little payday, but 5 of them gets you the game’s whole progressive jackpot. When we checked it to snag the screenshot above, it was sitting at about $44K. That would get you a nice telescope for stargazing, wouldn’t it?

4. Gold Rush Gus Slot

Play progressive jackpot games at Ignition Casino

Sitting at $254,000 and climbing at the time of this writing, Gold Rush Gus is the slot game that almost always has a huge progressive jackpot going at Ignition. Gus is an old-timey prospector in search of gold, gems, jewels, and all kinds of riches. Whatever he finds, he shares with you. The trick to the jackpot is the key scatter symbol. When you get them on reels 1 and 3, it brings up the treasure chest. The chest can have a few prizes in it: Instant Win, Bonus Game, Mini Jackpot, and the Progressive Jackpot. You’ll know you’ve hit it when you see that diamond come out!

5. Lawless Ladies Slot

Another Western-themed slot offers the chance at one of our top progressive jackpots: Lawless Ladies.

These femme fatales might steal your heart, your wallet, or your life. You never know just what they’re after. The whistling soundtrack, complete with bells and rattlesnakes, will set the mood for a day in the saloon. But you’ve got to keep your head on a swivel – it’s not a safe place to be. There’s riches, sure. But it’s impossible to say when they’re going to be awarded. That’s because the jackpot on this one is totally random. It could come on any spin! Your first or your hundredth could be the one. No one knows. But on the day we wrote this article, there were 76,725 (and counting) reasons to give it a shot.

6. Let ‘Em Ride Table Game

This poker-style casino classic offers a chance at a massive progressive jackpot, if you’re not in the mood for slots. You’ve got to make a side bet to be in the running, though.

The game gives you five cards to make the best poker hand you can. If you make the best one of all, the royal flush, you get 100% of the progressive jackpot. The only trick is that you need to click the star button at the top right of the game screen. This lays down a $1 wager so that you can be eligible for the progressive jackpot. $124K+ at the time of writing!

7. Hot Drop Jackpots

Don’t forget about these games! A bunch of Ignition slot games feature must-drop Hot Drop Jackpots. There’s one that is awarded every hour (Hourly), one for every day (Daily), and an Epic Jackpot that can drop at any time. We have a bunch of participating games, so check out Ignition Hot Drop Jackpots to find one that suits your fancy. Jackpots await!