Is Reels of Fortune worth a spin or two? Only if you like jackpots!

Your grandparents may be into Wheel of Fortune, but around here, Reels of Fortune reigns supreme. This classic slot will bring you right to a Vegas casino. But instead of keeping things traditional, this one amps it up with an electrified golden bonus wheel that offers up to 500x multipliers! And with Hot Drop Jackpots going off every hour, day, and more, you’ll have all the action you can handle!

3 reasons why you’ll love playing Reels of Fortune

#1 – The Bonus Wheel – solid gold and ready to make you rich!

A Reels of Fortune jackpot can be won right through the game’s normal bonus feature. It isn’t a scatter because this is a straightforward slot. Instead, all you need to do is get ONE shiny Bonus symbol, and you’re off and spinning. The wheel is super generous, with multipliers up to 500x. If your win was a modest $5 payout, you could be sending it into the stratosphere with a $2,500 mega win. You spin the reels, you just might get the fortune, you dig?


#2 – Ignition Hot Drop Jackpots guaranteed to drop and pay out on the regular

Reels of Fortune features new must drop jackpots called Hot Drop Jackpots. One drops every hour on participating slot games. Another drops on the daily. And a huge Epic Jackpot that can drop at any minute! Just get Hot Drop symbols and you’ll see the Hot Drop Wheel appear.

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#3 – The jazzy, snazzy, look and feel

Right from the get-go, the soundtrack grabs you and puts you in the mood to bop your way to a win. It feels like that Reels of Fortune jackpot is right around the corner. Snap your fingers with one hand, spin the reels with the other. You’re on your way to a big win and don’t let anything rain on your parade!

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Reels of Fortune Game Review

People really need to stop sleeping on old-school slots! The modern video slots are fun, but there’s nothing like the simple fun of trying to get those lucky 7s to line up. Before we get to the experience, let’s talk first about some basic features:

Reels of Fortune features

  • 3 reels, one payline
  • Max win is 500 times your original bet
  • RTP 96%
  • Wilds multiply your win by 2x or 5x
  • Bonus wheel can multiply a win by up to 500x
  • Bet size – $0.20 – $100

The vibe is totally fun with this game. Instead of having to track lots of paylines and complex ideas, you just look at the center line. That’s it! It’s the ultimate way to relax and unwind without having to think about hundreds of different combos. The soundtrack just carries you along and you can spin the reels as much as you like.

For some players, we know that the classic style may not be your cup of “free cocktail brought to you on the house by a cocktail waiter/waitress.” However, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. There’s a reason these type of slot games are still in use around the world today.

Reels of Fortune FAQ

Q: What’s the best payout on the paytable?
A: 3 wilds gets you a 500x payout. It’s ten times more than the next best payout: Three 7s gets you 50x.

Q: What if symbols match up and line up, but aren’t on the center line?
A: The center horizontal line is the only payline in Reels of Fortune. If you’re getting paid, that’s the only way.

Q: How do I unlock the bonus feature?
A: Just a single Bonus symbol lining up on the center line will do it. Then you spin the wheel to find your multiplier. If you didn’t win anything on your original line, you still win the multiplier times your bet. So if you hit a 500x multiplier on a $2 bet, you win $1000 even if the activating original payline had just the bonus symbol and nothing else.

Q: What happened to Reels and Wheels?
A: Nothing! This is a different game with a similar name.

Rating: 8/10

The game may be somewhat basic, but we look at that as a nice minimalist break from busy games. There’s nothing too crazy going on here, so it’s perfect for relaxing. The Hot Drop Jackpots and bonus wheel help improve the score, though. With so many jackpots available, how could you not get some excitement (and maybe profit) out of the game?

Oh and by the way, here’s what the bonus wheel looks like:

H3: Reels of Fortune is perfect for players who

  • Are jackpot chasers
  • Love a classic look and feel
  • Just want to zone out and keep it simple

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